MRT2 review welcomed; review Penang’s RM46bn transport proposal too

The RM46bn SRS rojak

You’ve got to applaud the federal government for reviewing the MRT2 contract in seeking the best possible deal for the people.

You can see how billions of ringgit can be saved through this exercise, especially when the government enlisted the help of a competent independent firm to assist in the review.

In doing so, the government has had to contend with a slick public relations/corporate propaganda effort put up by the consortium. I thought Tony Pua did a good job in responding to it.

Over in Penang, civil society groups have been persistently calling for a review of the RM46bn transport infrastructure put forward by SRS Consortium, which is 60% owned by Gamuda. (This includes the environmentally damaging RM8bn Pan Island Link ‘monster’ highway and the expensive RM8bn elevated LRT that was chosen over much more cost-effective alternatives.)

The infrastructure rojak cost of RM46bn is much higher than the RM27bn that transport planning experts Halcrow had proposed in its masterplan (and that RM27bn includes RM6bn for the controversial RM6bn tunnel-and-three highways that the state government badly wants).

NGOs, residents associations and the public have campaigned strongly against the RM46bn mega transport project in Penang – but they too have to contend with a slick corporate propaganda effort, using print and social media, to rally support for the exorbitant plan.

Surely the federal government should heed the clamour in Penang for a review to be undertaken by an independent body of sustainable transport experts. What’s wrong with that? We simply can’t afford to squander money raised from selling public land in Penang just like that.

Why should Penang be exempt from the ongoing nationwide review of mega contracts?

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M Pillay

The alternative must be convincing and cost saving otherwise mere protest waste of time


Free bus service is a good alternative. The CAT bus now good response, can extend coverage with more routes eg Bayan Baru to Komtar foc.


Indiscriminate development? Come clean on mangrove forest clearing in Juru, authorities told JURU: A swathe of the last remaining mangrove forest here is allegedly being cleared indiscriminately, believed to be for the development of aquaculture ponds. The location is accessible via a bund road that starts at the Sungai Belanak Fisherman Jetty towards the Permanent Food Production Park (TKPM). Machineries were spotted at the site recently to clear the 0.9ha mangrove forest and level the muddy soil. Checks by NSTP at the area today showed the entrance had been cordoned off with a black trawler net. Next to it… Read more »


Build cheap, build good, build sustainable PTMP of solving moving people. We don’t need a skewed swap-deal that apparently favours more towards the developers’ fantasies – build expensive, build extensive, build just for the next 20 years (?) + build high end (properties) for maxi-profiteering in return for swapping deal (to justify build expensive + extensive PTMP of moving cars). The harsh reality is: Malaysia is on the verge of bankruptcy which requires prudence, financial sensibility & ego-sacrifices. Not the right time for show-off projects just to justify political portfolio (Penang the best developed state in the whole fo Malaysia!)… Read more »


Hopefully Gamuda have pissed off the Harapan government with their propaganda jab, enough to jeopardize the PIL project viability.

Ismet Ulam Raja

@The_UglyOrgan We do need them ‘savings’.


Malaysia is practically “Phor-kai”- bankrupt and why must it keeps all the useless plans ??? Get that big-mouth finance minister out once and for all ~


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Same as ah pek. Only kau beh kau bu