Prioritising people over cars: The Curitiba story (Video)


Watch what happens when a visionary mayor, Jaime Lerner (now retired), sets about transforming the city of Curitiba, Brazil, into a model of sustainable development and urban planning.

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Thanks. I learn a lot. Thumbs up to you.


From Wikipedia : “During summertime, the average temperature is around 18 °C (64 °F)”.

Ong Eu Soon

Tram will solve the problem. The tram that move at 1km/hour is Anil’s best solution for Penangites. An open bribery by cocky arrogant tokong.


Nobel idea but malaysians are lazy they would not walk in the hot weather and most penangnites would drive right to the door of the shop if they can. Needs a leader with a vision to create this and change the way people think and the way they live before this could happen in malaysia. Weather is a major factor in malaysia!!! We are tropical !!!!rain daily and heat over 30degrees daily.


You are right but we cannot blame them at this stage because the public transport is terrible. Once you implement an efficient, comprehensive and user friendly system in place then you can encourage ppl to use it. If they do not comply then you raise parking charges in the city. Also, buck up on enforcement. Do not allow ppl to park on the road or as you said in front of the shop and block the flow of traffic. Tow their cars away and fine them heavily before releasing it. We have to first offer people the carrot and then… Read more »

SL Wong (@wong8898)

Talking easier than doing. If every leader in this world is so visonary like the Brazil fella, no doubt all those big guns like GM, Toyota, VW & many others might have closed shop before u were borned.

Why ppl are so relying on cars especially in Malaysia & who should be blamed? Over 50 yrs, did the BN government sincerely improve transportation system (public transport) for the ease & convenience for the Rakyat?

Hope the new government can do something for the sake of its ppl.



Nope, this will not happen in near future in Bolehland(TM) at the moment. First, use of articulated bus is brilliant idea( ). But it will be a no go for Bolehland. It has nothing to do with the road, but how the Mahathirism-Jibjib way of cronies running the public transport business. Bare in mind that, the cronies control Rapid-whatever, is using inferior bus that bought cheaply(but appear expensive in account) from China. And um-nor cronies just tell everyone it is not making (much?) money, after pocket millions of public transport subsidies from the government. Second , the articulated bus is… Read more »


Penang desperately needs a mayor or in our case a municipal president like that. Also to make things more efficient and sensible, the local councils have to be given more power in running a city. Malaysia must be the only place in the world where the bus system is run by the federal govt, roads, drains and roadside trees are under federal control. How is anything supposed to get done?

Gerakan K

Vote LGE out because of his stupid actions. Penangites have to vote in BN plus a strong majority for Teng. Only a resounding defeat for LGE can solve Penang problems.

Only then the federal gomen BN will allocate BILLIONS to solve Penang traffic congestion and low cost housing problems. Trust me, 1Malaysia PM Najib is real for improving everything as long as we are giving BN the strong mandate.

‘I love PM’ !!!

‘You love PM’ !!!

‘Penangites love PM’ !!!

BN [x] – Pakatan [ ]

SL Wong (@wong8898)

Your Najib PM is goyang now. Anytime can tumbang lah. … boleh caya lagi kah?

Only … will vote for BN.


Anil this comment is irrelevant, off topic and sheer propanganda. Please delete it

Andrew I

Desperation a la Gherkin.


Think this through. How would you implement a bus-lane on Gurney Drive or pretty much on most lanes in Penang? -The roads at best are 3 lanes one side, most just 2-lane – look at Curitiba they are at least 4 or even 6 lanes aside – its a legacy of their horse-carriage system and Benjamin Franklin inspired city-design in the first place. Also listen properly – he CREATED the NEW BIG ROADS.. The Curitiba story is known – its why Jakarta has the bus lanes and express bus service. China has also been implementing it all along for a… Read more »


Now I understand the importance of building more highways in pg. We should follow Curitiba and have 6 lane roads so that 2 can be dedicated for bus.