Moscow mulls closure of troubled monorail


There aren’t that many monorail systems in Europe. One of the few is in Moscow – and it is bleeding red ink, burdening taxpayers.

This is Vukan R Vuchic, a public transport expert, professor of the University of Pennsylvania, and former consultant for the US Department of Transportation on planning, design and operations of transport systems. Notice that he says the best tried and tested modes are buses, trams and metros.

In 2012, it was announced that the Moscow monorail would be dismantled after eight years of unprofitable operations. And last September, another report surfaced that said Moscow city officials were mulling the closure of part or all of the Moscow monorail and replacing it with other modes of transport, including trams.

Let’s take a look at some basic data for the Moscow monorail:

Built: Early 2000s.

Length: 5km (six stations) connecting two metro stations.

Cost: US$240m (RM977m) or RM195m/km (SRS Consortium says it can build monorail in Penang for RM170m/km, which is much higher than building tramways, which cost just RM40m-80m/km)

Ridership: 19,000 passengers per day, well short of their target of 50,000. (Is Penang coming up with a similar monorail ridership target that a great city like Moscow could not achieve?)

Fare: 50 rubles – not enough to cover operating costs of 200 rubles per passenger.

Loss: US$14.7m/year or RM60m/year. (Penang’s annual revenue is just over RM600m. How is it going to cover elevated LRT and monorail operating losses?)

So why does Penang want monorail?

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David Loman

Skim Perkongsian Basikal (M Bike) in Taiping.

Perak dipilih sebagai negeri pertama untuk pelaksanaan Sistem Perkongsian Basikal hujung tahun ini dikenali sebagai ‘M Bike’ yang merupakan satu cara untuk menangani masalah kesesakan lalulintas.

Ipoh: 40 hingga 60 stesen basikal dengan jumlah basikal sebanyak 1,500.
Taiping: 30 hingga 40 buah stesen basikal serta 1,000 basikal.


Most vocal in Malaysia often says this or that; cannot work here or there. They always criticise and see needles in people’s eyes and not rafters in their eyes. Very good move by komtar. now is the reverse role. They re given the task to perform. We the public are the judge to rate them. After all they kau beh and kau bu. Now we can always throw cheap shots for any slight mistake. Tit for tat for wat they have done in the past.


Remember Mahathir’s opinion of as PM of the importance of the Parliamentary Senate.


Why the name is not called Penang transport advisory council?

David Loman

Lantikan 24 ahli baru PTC tunjuk komitmen KN kpd CAT


too bad. komtar really miss out the most vocal person here. better be an action man go and clamp of his or any excc if they park their cars illegally. bn boleh tutup mata and pass GO


Major issues of public transport in Bolehland: – Destruction of existing competition – shooting from the hip. – Lack of enforcement – corruption and dereliction of duty. – Bureaucracy – partly coruption. – Gigantism: opting for the biggest, most inflexible, most failure-prone and most expensive options – corruption. – Placement of routes and stations for the benefit of cronies and political supporters rather than the bulk of users – corruption. – Severe exploitation of staff, partly through the use of foreigners. – Capitalism: ever more devious means to increase private and public debt and to hide corrupt wealth. When even… Read more »


Vocal critics get seats in Penang Transport Council

Penang Island City Council member Dr Lim Mah Hui, Penang Consumers Association president S.M. Mohamed Idris and blogger Anil Netto, who all have been vocal critics of the Penang Transport Master Plan, have also been included in the 46-member council.

David Loman

One step forward for Anil, to represent the voice of Rakyat towards sustainable development.


Congrats Anil for being a member in the Penang Transport Council !
Please recommend the Council to seek more public (and modern) opinions instead of those silly one from politicians.
Ah, my mama told me : – Never trust those with self interest eg. politicians !


Cheers Kopi-O kau kau to Anil & his mighty river.
Help these wayward politicians to think out of the CAT Pandora’s Box.
And remind them Penang doesn’t belong to these public servants who are voted (for a 4-year short term) to serve responsibly.
Remember to wear you iconic hat to remind them of down-to-earth living.

David Loman

Anil can initiate a Lawatan sambil Belajar to Singapore to benchmark how Singapore could appoint a UK company to jointly run its bus service.

SIngapore’s third bus operator Tower Transit has launched its first batch of bus services on Sunday (May 29), covering nine routes. The UK-based bus operator, which took over 68 buses from SMRT on Saturday, will launch bus services in two more tranches, covering 26 routes in total.


The “Servant” after appointed by voters had to be call as YB.

rajraman. The servant make a move and decide on his own although adviser advised.Good to cool down the heat for now.Over 300 millions spend and paid.Now after much heat he cool it down by appointing adviser.

Anyway do you get any allowance Anil? What do you think? Will LGE listen to the adviser advised?
I think he will listen for a while but won’t accept the advised.


If Anil as advisor tells pg Gomen and rakyat to walk more and take kereta lembu we rakyat will orso listen but will we accept the advice and give up our cars and kapcais?


walk? disable, wheel chairs, blind are discriminated. better get pasar mlm traders to offer PROFESSIONAL consultancy. no need pommies if soln is to walk. how to let ambulances yi pass GO and save lives. hope advisors are not like low LOW. just cheap talk but expensive salary and perks.


public oso must listen. no more 4wds with monkey bars. take bus 11, bicycle or trishaws.


u mean a politician and role of husband need not to provide roof for his children and wife. best his house is in public housing and take public bus. vocal then says cheap publicity like taking air asia.

Lord Jim

How come no discussion on the 2 coming by elections? Triple threat fights or Fatal 4 Way fights?
MCA should now know that Umno is paving way for PAS hudud via Azalina.

gk ong

MCA & Gerakan are both bypassed by Umno, no misunderstanding here. Umno courts PAS to get more malay support, dismissing chinese support? MCA & Gerakan should not lend support to the BN candidates in the by-elections, if they dare to stand up against Umno/PAS.


KL Monorail is always packed


jalan all mati. road also packed. kapcai has to master like mat rempit and soon beome like one. roads only free after 12 malam and mat rempit on kapcais can perform sat mid night shows. passengers no choice. go up in the sky. but tony dont operate air asia from chow kit road to golden river. last choice kl mono rail or lrt.


Alternative to LRT, another views :