London’s new Mayor Sadiq Khan takes the bus to work

LONDON, ENGLAND - 9 MAY: London Mayor Sadiq Khan (R) waits at a bus stop after leaving his home in Tooting on May 9, 2016 in London, England. Mr Khan begins his first day at his City Hall office after winning the race to become London's Mayor with 56.8% of the vote. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

A fine example to set on his first day in office. The son of a bus driver, Sadiq Khan is seen here using the bus and the underground to get to work, something other leaders should emulate to encourage others to do like likewise.

Sadiq has pledged to make public transport more affordable. He promptly announced that he was going to introduce a new 1.50-pound ‘hopper’ fare to make it cheaper for those who needed to use more than one bus within an hour, instead of having to pay multiple fares. (From the above photo, it looks like he will also need to look into what’s happening to the road-sweepers in Tooting!)

Unfortunately, local mayors in Malaysia can’t do much about bus fares or even bus routes because public transport comes under Putrajaya, not even the state governments, let alone local councils! Time for a decentralisation of powers in our heavily centralised federation.

But, in the meantime, they can encourage others by setting the tone and using public transport to work, at least periodically. It would allow them to experience first-hand what other public transport users – including senior citizens and people with disabilities – and pedestrians experience every day.

For a start, how about dedicated lanes for buses and high-occupancy vehicles? And can we look at how central London restricted its streets to just buses and taxis?

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If you have watched ‘London Has Fallen’, you must remember how a ‘certain group’ has infiltrated MI5 causing mayhem to London. This is just the beginning.


You are right. Islamic radicals are beginning to infiltrate Europe, thanks to the pity of human rights groups on the plight of the Syrian refugees. Utusan once reported that Islam will dominate Europe one day.


Christianity’s ancient stronghold on the European continent is rapidly giving way to the ambitious and assertive religion of Islam. Analysts estimate that in Britain, for example, Islamic mosques host more worshippers each week than the Church of England! Filling the void of traditional Christianity is a robust, energetic and youthful movement afoot in Europe. If this continues at the present rate, cathedrals will appear as vestiges of a civilization of times past. The great national cultures of Italians, French, Germans and others may be replaced by a new transnational Muslim identity. This is not a new 21st century prediction, but… Read more »


Will the Flood of Muslim Immigrants spell the End of Europe? If so, could this be divine judgment from God on a continent who largely turned its back on God? While France has promised a “merciless response” to the Paris terror attacks, closing its borders and declaring martial law, Poland has refused to accept EU-mandated refugee quotas following large scale rioting in the nation against Muslim immigration. Even Sweden, previously a bastion of acceptance for refugees, has had enough and has begun instituting border controls, refusing any asylum-seeker who has come from another European country. The leader of the center-right… Read more »


The deliberate acceleration of income inequality (poverty) is part of the strategy. How can some grow fantastically rich from private cars, private (toll) highways, petroleum, remote and grandiose townships and housing estates, non-stop construction, poisonous industries, etc. if everyone has an effective politcal voice and economic stake?


I think you have to seek answers from socialism, if you are disillusioned with capitalism. Go refer to parti socialist malaysia:


No way will PutraJaya agree to allow local authorities to run their own public transport services. Licensing means political patronage and money. The minister and his party are not going to surrender that enormous power without a fight. I help you, you help me. Hopefully, Uber will crush them.


end of the day will penang lang ride on lrt or tram? the consortium has to get licence from armno. good luck to anil’s dream. pg gomen has. no choice. built more roads for 4wds with monkey bars.


Be careful of what you say. You could be spied on:

Richard Chin

KL mayor cycles also. Well done to both.


cycle to work for himself only?? he does not paint a drop of cycle lane for the city. expect klites to ride horses as there dbkl has horse troop.
many traffic schemes but fsiled like sydney scheme which is green ligjt all the way if one travels travel at certain speed.
kl expenditure is mountain times than pg.


What about his bodyguards?


Usual OS. Outriders honking give wat to ybs. Outriders on kapcai like tour of langkawi

long fong yee

@rudylian our transport minister in Malaysia does that too, just for one day, and just for show.


Many other VVIPs too. We are world champions for hypocrisy.

johan Khun Pana

His neighbourhood (Thrale Rd)is littered with rubbish on the road.
A dark colour car is parked on a corner. ( a real hazard there)
More than half of the vehicle is on top of the pedestrian sidewalk.

Private Eye

You mean Sadiq Khan’s?


The public transport It hasn’t well connected You have to wait for hours Until you get fed up with it The buses don’t drive on time It waits for the drivers Sometimes they take a while Those days of my time I used to climb through the windows Fed up to wait in the long queue I did the easy way out to climb in Monkey saw monkey did! The bus management didn’t see They only wanted to see profits Forgetting the passengers comfort Everybody complained Of course the government ministers will say “If you can afford it, go buy… Read more »

William Leong

KohTK also took a bus to work on his 1st day as CM of Pg. nothing happened to improve the public transport system in particular and the rest of Penang during his tenure.

Anil Netto

Not the full picture. A concerted citizens campaign Citizens for Public Transport (Cepat) pressured Koh to get rid of the terrible though quite well patronised privatised ‘cowboy’ mini buses. This prompted Koh to try and set up a state bus corporation. But the federal guys under Badawi got wind of it and moved in to set up RapidPenang under federal control. The new buses were then bought from Scomi..


now the cat is out of the bag. all transport and vehicle is controlled by amno. even the ferry is under federal gomen. as for mca minister of transport, he has no say.
if you want mrt or development in public transport you have to vote the party in federal power


And this Transport Minister does not control SPAD which coontrols MRT etc?


Its like the claim that Teregganu is getting oil royalty indirectly. The allocation for Penang may be channeled through more “friendly” channels.

William Leong

Thanks. There is so much federal interference in state affairs and to some great extent the state govt is fettered. And Not to mention the self interest of unscrupulous Politicians . All these rendered the CM “redundant” who was supposedly a scholar.


Shed the Penang Bin Chooi factor, take public transport e.g. RapidPenang to prevent traffic congestion and more importantly the environment as your RON95/97 is carbon choking air quality.

May be Anil’s readers can pose Selfie photos at bus stands do that we can encourage our YBs to take bus to work.


Why poor rakyat have to spend our own out of pocket money to promote the use of ah jib bus when money are thrown to buy votes?

Guan Chiang

YBs must take buses in order to empathise with the commoners who have to put up with our poor and inefficient bus services.


What about our roads? Very efficient and free flow all the way? Lucky all armno and BN ministers. They have federal agencies like mata2 with outrider escorts. What about our pg cm?:


lky dump the yankee transport master plan using all bus and opt for mrt. how to improve productivity if one spend his time caught in the traffic where one has to get up early and come home late caught in the traffic jam wasting his time. worst he could not find a seat and have to stand all the way. lky wants mrt is to increase singland productivity. no wonder someone complain singland is buying up penang because penang productivity is below par.


Lu eh chui kap seow ah?


Why allow gibberish talk?


Anil, no need to censor.
Translation is for the benefit of that kap seow below.


talk bangla and 5354 jerk language


Ya, tunglang uses too much of 543 jerk language !!!

Private Eye

When I used to live in London, senior civil servants, senior managers, lawyers, doctors, accountants all used public transport to get around as it was well connected, regular and cheap, plus there was no necessity to look for scarce and very cosly car park space. The same cannot be said of the situation here. Our public transport is generally not well connected and irregular, and car park charges are relatively cheap, especially in George Town. There is no politcal will to “force” the populace to use public transport or car pool (as in Singapore) as the dominant group actually want… Read more »


first thing we do not have a relative good transport and interconnection services in place. many tried public transport but crowded, long travelling time and shared with public road. worst run by federal gomen so attitude take it or leave it. one has to say tuan. how to encourage others to take public transport. kapcai best if cannot afford car.