Live – Reclaiming our streets: Towards public transport


The forum is from 2.30pm to 5.00pm at the Caring Society Complex in Penang.

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Do you know Penang weather is getting hotter by the months?
Even my car radiator is boiling mad with aircon on.
When the hills are botak-ed, the seasides are concretised, the trees are cut down, the rivers & water channels are diverted, the streets are jammed pack with more vehicles.
We Asked For Change. Not these.


Anil and gang

Please support the worldwide World Car-Free Day campaign to leave your cars at home and board public transport this Sunday.

roger leong

Penang government should just go to Singapore to benchmark the best practices of Singapore Bus Service (SBS).


After 50 years, I think it is about time for Malaysians to swallow their pride and learn from Singapore. Public transportation in one area we can seek Singapore for help to leverage their knowledge and experience.


Thank you very much for the detailed live reporting, and apologies in advance for the rambling that will follow! About public buses — Rapid Penang bus fares are very reasonable, but using public buses in Penang is costly in terms of time and uncertainty, since it’s difficult to anticipate when the next bus will arrive. (My mother, who has been using Rapid Penang buses on the island regularly for the last few years, typically leaves an hour’s buffer time for any bus trip she has to make. And it’s certainly been a frustration in my limited experience with Rapid Penang.)… Read more »


What’s the point of having endless forums when the Dear Leader and his regime just using these events to merely maintain the veneer of “public consultations” and “listening to people”. Ever since LGE ascended the throne, he has consistently and steadily introduced policies that favored the developers and enriching the politically connected rather than focusing on holistic development or environmental and heritage preservation. The Transport Masterplan is a sham, affordable housing has been forgotten while Local Plan just swept under the carpet. The state is gridlocked in traffic, trees felled and villages destroyed, hills denuded and populated with super condos.… Read more »


You are very naïve in your political understanding.
All politicians (whether in ruling government or opposition parties) need funding from 3rd parties (businessmen generally).
Else do not get involve in politics.


Well said, Phyllis.

Plain Truth

The vast majority of cyclists cycle for pleasure. They won’t cycle to work. The weather is simply too hot and when it is not hot, it probably rains. So how to cycle ?

Batu Ferringhian

As a kid growing up in Minden Heights, I cycled everywhere…to the mini mart, to my friend’s house, to USM. Then I moved to Pulau Tikus and I continued to cycle. I cycled to work, I cycled to Youth Park, Esplanade, etc. Then I moved to Batu Ferringhi and tried to cycle to work (from Miami Beach to Golden Sands Resort). Twice I was nearly ran over by a car. The second time, I nearly fell off the cliff. I got mugged once while cycling and when I tried to lodge a report to IPD Batu Ferringhi, the officers scoffed… Read more »


Our leaders @ Komtar Tower should set an example: Wear normal office attires or everyday wear to launch bicycle dedicated lanes instead of outfitting in a ‘Lance Armstrong’ Bing Chui attire of expensive lifestyle proportion. Are they sending the right message that Penang cycling is a ‘normal’ everyday habit economically fit for everybody? NO. Cosmopolitan Stylish? YES. It seems some cyclists in pro-outfits are only interested b’cos it is a weekend trend to show-off oneself & acquisition (thousand ringgits bikes & accessories) to thy ‘poor’ neighbours or gawking cycling enthusiasts. The more expensive & gear-ish, the better. Yet, the personal… Read more »


True that those ‘weekend cyclists’ are actually ‘weekend stylists’ showing off their latest cycling gear. What about those 1Malaysia bicycles that are given away after ‘Najib Cycling’ session in Penang?


Good forum to address public transportation issue. How I wish such forum could take place in JB to bring an end to the BAs Pajak system.

Anyway, today Penang Gerakan delegates votied Teng Chang Yeow as the new party state chief. Another example of BN recycling old candidates, how to have reform?


This is my vision of a liveable & commuter-friendly inner-city George Town: 1) Tram transport plying the streets of old world charm GT. 2) Rapid buses serving the main artillery roads (not competing with trams along heritage routes). 3) Pedal-powered trishaws (@ premium fees) serving the tourists, motorised trishaws (@ standardised fees) serving Penangites. 4) Bicycles as convenient inner city transportation. We have many streets connected by lorongs – back lanes which can also serve as networks of safe bicycle routes instead of cyclists competing for tight road space with Speedy Gonzales MyVis+Kenaris. Bicycle rental can be a public facility… Read more »


Respond to commenter about “feasibility of cycling”. I assure that people that NEVER OWN A BICYCLE, will continue to give absurd critics. Even scientific show bicycle move at least 4 times faster(6-8 times faster for a better shape rider) than walking for a casual rider, and sweat LESS than the walk, people that refuse to change their mindset will continue to denied that they don’t need to WALK to the parking, perhaps claim that they don’t give a drop of sweat when walking. An initial cranking of minimum 12km/h(16km/h for rider in better shape) on flat road will have natural… Read more »


Hmmmm, It seems the whole forum missed the whole forest. Here and there, many people seems keep lock into those narrow view, everyone keep thinking a SILVER bullet will solved all the problem : “If so and so ready, then it will become better”. Sorry, it is not going to happens. Think out of context is complicated, but it is path that society must not avoid. Getting more bus? That will be issue of getting bus, bus driver quality and welfare, profitability, accessibility and AIR POLLUTION. More roads? More congestion, air pollution, increase fuel cost, increase parking cost, hot island… Read more »


I for one would like to ride if safe bicycle lanes are provided. Safe meaning good safety measures and not just shoddy ones. Some were concerned about how to cycle in such hot weather and especially for the ladies who wear skirts and high heels. I guess if there’s a will, there’s a way. Google you tube on Copenhagen and you can see how they cycle in the winter too.


Ahmad Chik asks for a show of hands, how many will cycle if there are safe bicycle lanes. A large majority of the participants raise their hands.

Frankly I don`t believed those who show their hand are really sincere. Would they cycle to work everyday, cycle to the supermarket, cycle to the govt office or to do errand. Yes maybe cycle for pleasure or for exercise or to a nearby store to buy some thing. Thats the most they will do.


Us, they I’ll soon complain that bicycle lane would narrow the road for their cars, causing more congestion.