Link public transport with no car-zones


The MPPP is looking into extending its trial no-car zone at the Esplanade sea-front promenade to other areas.

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This is a move in the right direction. It should go hand-in-hand with improved public transport such as buses and trams and the provision of bus and cycling lanes.

Carnavon Street - Photo credit: The Star
It’s also time to plant more trees, especially to provide shade for pavements, along our streets like what is being done in Carnavon Street in Penang under a Khazanah-MPPP project.

I was surprised that trees were not planted along the divider of the Jelutong Expressway when it was built. Very poor planning. If land-scarce Singapore can plant trees in the middle and along its roads, why can’t we do that for our streets with all the land we have?

This excerpt from a Star report:

THE Penang Municipal Council is now looking at introducing more areas under the proposed “no-car zone” within the heritage enclave. This is following the success of a recent trial run at the Esplanade.

The council’s Infrastructure and Transport committee alternate chairman Ramlah Bee Asiahoo when contacted, said the trial run at Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah, which was introduced three Sundays ago between 8am and 5pm had received positive feedback from the public.

“Families, tourists and the senior citizens visiting the area were happy with the campaign since they were able to walk around freely and take in the fresh air since there was no high level emission of carbon monoxide.

“Tourists had also commented that they could explore the heritage enclave better by riding on trishaws to admire the scenery of places such as Fort Cornwallis,” she said recently.

She said the proposed move was also introduced as part of the state’s ‘Cleaner, Greener’ campaign initiative.

Ramlah said the committee would hold a meeting today to discuss and study the results of the trial run and whether to expand the campaign to restrict the movement of cars to other areas within the enclave.

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whilst it would be great that that the federal govt or the state govt is able to plant more trees, hv more bike lanes etc, to wait for them is like to wait for the other shoe to drop. Pg ppl has always been resourceful and innovative & resilient, not relying on the govt for all matters. e.g the hills up bukit jambul, rifle range were not cleared by the govt. no doubt that to plant a tree would be expensive, there are ways to reclaim back the community by having social initiative of planting our own flowers / gardens… Read more »


Could the state government also do something to curb the construction of high-rise buildings? Or were these projects that are sprouting everywhere approved by the former government?


Sometimes i find it so strange, people spend hundreds of Ringgit or even thousands dining in restaurants (no problems) but they just refuse to pay a Ringgit or two to the poor jaga kereta. As for me, i normally ask the MPPP jaga kereta boys to keep the change of the balance and what i get in return is “Thank you”. Just a few coins la, does it hurt? What is more strange is, billions of Ringgit for the past 53 years had been gone missing, and we dont seem to bother much and keep voting for the thieves to… Read more »

Pretty Obvious

Bowing to the jaga kereta extortionists and (dumping) politicians who see connive to (dispose) state assets a al Pulau Jerejak are two separate issues.


i mean the jaga kereta they have to makan nasi as opposed to BN politicians makan into the tax payers’ pockets, that is a crime.

they didnt poke a knife into me and demand me to pay (what crime? is being poor a crime?) but i give them willingly… they did jaga my kereta afterall, i have no problem with them but i do have problems with BN politicians.


I was in Penang for 10 years, I know this illegal “jaga” will scratch you bike or car if you refuse to pay.

No license to operate business is a crime in Malaysia. It’s hard to understand this?

People pay the jaga not because they are voluntarily to pay out, but is under the threat. A threat does not necessary to poke a knife.

You can donate all your money to a poor man robber, that is your choice.

Pretty Obvious

I beg to differ. These jaga kereta boys are extortionists, period.

If we don’t pay up, they will scratch our cars. I even have encounters with the official MPPP jaga kereta boys who refused to issue receipts and simply pocket the money.


The trees at Carnavon Street (allegedly) cost more than RM 1,200 each


That is correct, the tree planting project cost over RM100K, and many of the trees already died in the first few weeks. You can see they are planted in sand because the Carnavon Street area used to be a swamp along the sea. The intention of the project was good, but as usual, it was rushed into without much thought, wasting the taxpayers’ money.


I do not know a tree costs RM1,200 until now.

Did any open tender for this project?


In fact, planting the extreme resilient native breadfruit(Pokok Sukun) will save Malaysian many millions on the township tree caring. However, it is not Malaysia municipal council favorite tree. Because it is not money making plant for elected government servant. Malaysian are not surprise local municipal council develop a taste on non-native exotic and expensive tree. Kuala Lumpur city councils just lead by example , show the way how to make one rich by planting short-lived/trouble prone plant around the city. From the photo, you don’t need a botanist to advise that leave dropping tree are not suitable for Carnavon Street… Read more »


Taiping City Council only paid RM500 per tree. As bad as MPPP, all trees have to removed after protests from residents for taking up parking lots.


Sorry, no editing is allowed. Correction, is Taiping Town Council.


Few Malaysian belief this is tens or perhaps hundred millions businesses. RM 500! Oh dear. Breadfruit will growth ~ 0.5m–1.5 m per annum and little care is needed. So it will cost no more RM50 if just planting 1 meter tall young Breadfruit tree.


Honestly, i have no problem with jaga kereta… i always think they need to makan too… if they can find a proper job, they wont be jaga kereta la under the hot sun… afterall they did jaga our kereta la. I normally tip jaga kereta (to me they are poor people). Once, i gave some tips to this jaga kereta and i came back the next day to park my car and i wanted to pay him but he said to me, “You still have balance with me, you dont have to pay today”. I got a shock, you see,… Read more »


By your logic, the poor man robbers have to “makan” too, what they do is a small matter compared to our politician.

A wrong is a wrong regardless the magnitude of a crime.


Hi Anil, on a related issue, you didn’t mention the controversy between the MPPP and the hired botanist to assist them. The MPPP refused to listen to the botanist and as you can see now on Carnavon Street, a third of the trees are already dead.


Now I know why there is always a traffic jam behind Dewan Sri Pinang every sunday. Problem is that motorists have to make a u turn there as Lebuh Duke (the road beside Dewan Sri Pinang) is a no through road.

The jaga keretas have a field day every sunday. They collect RM 1 per car. I estimate they can collect at least RM 100 per sunday.


If I am not mistaken, electric bicycle is not allowed to be imported to Malaysia.


Please cite your source.
From my source, Malaysia government NEVER ban import of electric bicycle. The truth is, BN pass a law ban individual from riding electric bicycle on the motor vehicle road. But the law ambiguously allow “limited use within town”. Making dedicate bicycle lane should override this draconian law.

Now Modenas has make a modded electric motorbike, now they asking parliament to change the law.


The BN government banned it first (allegedly) because non-Malay businessmen monopolized the E-bicycle imports.


That is the false impression that BN want people to think perhaps. E-bicycle biggest threat are towards motorcycle businesses : Modenas and Honda, then it will eat into national car business.

E-bicycle are cheap to buy, also cheap and easy to maintain, and just 1/3,1/5 of the motorcycle price, and no license required. I wouldn’t say it will happen overnight, but Shanghai e-bicycle lesson are something a true caring government should learn.


Malaysian Official Warns Electric Bikes Disallowed on Roads.


When I was back to Penang from Singapore for a new job, I was in cultural shock to see Georgetown is a “botak” city without a single tree unlike Singapore.


Malaysian always ready cope for changes, but are government fast enough to make the changes? Take the cycling to work as example. Few people commute using bicycle because they stay far away from working place and cycling sweat a lot, due to Malaysia high humidity weather. It is good news that electrical bicycle become affordable. A electric bicycle with a price tag around RM1800-RM2500, per charge will travel around 40–50 km, with max speed of 20-25km/h. Run out of electric ? Just go pedal. The light weight and low speed make it less lethal during impact.(This sounds like a jokes?… Read more »


I’m not sure about the quality, specification,warranty ,etc. Most are Taiwanese design, made in China product. The market will sort it out anyway. Nevertheless, this machine has a catch : it use battery to operate, the charge is lost over time, and battery have a lifespan of ~2-3years. As long as consumer are well informed, this should be ok. The government just need to put out safety regulation rather than taking care of the market issue. FYI Modenas just mod existing model and create electric motorcycle. That 120kg machine going to sell, ahem, under RM5000, travel range ~65km. And the… Read more »


Electric bicycle – what about the used batteries? Lead poisoning and disposal problem. One solution leads to another problem. Cycle or tricycle is the best – good for bones and heart. China tricycle is the workshop of the country!


In China, most of the simple E-bikes (electric bicycles) are selling between RMB 1,300 ~ RMB 1,600.

Some time back, I asked a local supplier about locally made E bikes.
I was told they were priced at more than RM2,000.


Shipment and Malaysia absurd tax play a big part of the price hike. Malaysia just entering trade agreement with China recently. Product brought in prior agreement suffered. The road ban are the worst blow to the electric bicycle market.

BTW, steel frame vs alloy frame make a huge impact on price and cruising distance. I afraid Malaysia failed to build up such industrial even after mahathir fooling around with his national car and national steel project.

Malaysia gunboat building scandal might have something to do with the metal manufacturing ability.


Sweeting is a good exercise for your body. Singaporean come out a new service called bicycle parking shop with bathing facility in the downtown to serve bicycle users.

Change your mindset first before any cycling plan can work.


Just my 2 cents. If possible, Penang state government should start thinking taking gradual step to take back Penang state road and transportation control/management from federal government. E.g. Passing law and regulation i. Remove one car lane and dedicated for bicycle lanes, promote bicycle usage ii. All cyclist must wear helmet iii. regulation to make electric bicycle safe : limit the speed to 40km/h and electrical output. iv. Gradually shrunk the parking lot in exchange of bicycle stand. And tender it out for business think of how to secure park the bicycle. I call this bicycle economy. Because Penang state… Read more »