Let Penang government take over Rapid Penang


It is time for the federal government to let the Penang government take over Rapid Penang.

Similarly, all decisions pertaining to Penang public transport should be transferred from the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board to the Penang government. Check out this report in Kwong Wah.

A Penang Public Transport Commission must be set up to oversee the development of public transport infrastructure in the state.

Rapid Penang suffered a loss of RM10.5m in 2009 (The Star). While public transport is a social obligation and should not be viewed as a profit-seeking venture, there is a lot of room for improvement in Rapid Penang, as pointed out in the Auditor General’s report (The Star).

For one thing, effectiveness could be improved if routes were modified and more feeder buses and transit stations implemented. An integrated ticketing system could work wonders.

One of the ways forward to dramatically increase ridership would be to slash the monthly season ticket fare. These season tickets should be made widely available at restaurants, convenience stores, phone top-up outlets and mini-markets. As far as possible, most tickets should be paid for by passengers even before they board the bus via prepaid season tickets or turnstiles at major bus-stops.

Rapid Penang should also work with the numerous private factory bus transport operators to maximise efficiency and streamline routes.

The Penang Bridge too should be given to the Penang government to manage and the surplus from toll collections used to finance and subsidise public transport in the state.

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i think the bus driver is sleeping’at morning and afternoon no bus in paya terubong.2/04/2012.(201,502)total no bus at the time’

khanghung tan

Subway on the ground
Streetfilms-BRT Transmilenio (Bogotá, Colombia)


Do not be surprised if RapidPenang could end up in the hands of (a crony), as he extends his conglomerate to cover every aspects of his business with the blessing of his mentor ….


Penang under Pakatan is marching towards sustainable growth to benefit the rakyat. I believe RapidPenang should be run by local gomen who will be able to balance profit and services to the people. No more who you know (but what you know) and no more commision-based masuk masuk culture so prevalent because of apanama quick rich apartheid policies, PLS Coming election just use your conscience to vote for the future of your children n grandchildren. Otherwise, beware of bankcrupt nation which has been stressed by Idris Jala again yesterday. READ : http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/malaysia-could-still-face-bankruptcy-idris-jala-warns/ Jangan main-main lah denagan regime yang berslogan tapi… Read more »

Bonceng Mutiara

Quite a number of RapidPenang staff are from “Bus Pajak” system introduced by patronage system adopted by Gelakan-amno folks for their cronies.
So no surprise reported for 3 years RapidPenang lost over RM1 million when receipt do not tally with operation revenues (leakages ?).
It’s time to get rid of such practices so that Penangites can actually make Bersih Cekap Amanah (btw who apanama said that ?) if CAT not the flavours among those rent seekers !!!!!!!


I believe Penang Pakatan government should take over Rapid Penang in order to turn it around and to serve rakyat better with less wastage and better administration.

It is very dangerous for such company to fall under the hand of BN crony, who has controlled everything from bookstore to sugar to ….


Actually it makes little sense to have non-local municipal bus companies. Municipal buses are very local operation – you need very hands on, on the ground management to make it work well. Only scalability from a large operation is supply chain mainly buses and parts. The inefficiency of out-of-state provider easily outweigh any efficiency of supply chain from the marginal scale of a bigger operation. Those who cooked up this idea of having an out of state provider is just …..


I wonder if the AG had looked into the manner in which the buses of Rapid Penang were procured and why are there so many different models of buses on the road.

Gerakan K

The current state admin is not capable to manage Rapid Penang if you look at huge amount of compensation being offered due to mistakes and stupidity.


Whose … mistakes?
Why not chip in by making your convenient stores avail of Rapid Penang Season tickets. Not a high-end ticket business unlike Gravy Train Commission Plus-Plus-Plus?
If LGE doesn’t fill up ostrich head’s holes, someone might fall into one of them one moonless night!
Paham Kah?

Kong Kek Kuat

Hallo! K stands for Kambing, Kuda, Kotex, or what? Luckily, Penangnites are smart to realize that UMNO is the real master in Penang, not Gerakan or MCA. They were quick to dump GELAKAN and MCA, as they do not want a de facto Government with UMNO the undisputed leader, and let GELAKAN/MCA syiok sendiri to have the CM’s post, and how many years had such arrangements been made? And just how badly Penang, once a thriving port was made to be an economic backwater in Malaysia? Today, DAP and Lim Guan Eng calls the shot, and are totally answerable to… Read more »

Andrew I

K stands for kotor.

Gerakan K

Hmmm, personal attack again ~

Kong Kek Kuat

Apa personal attack? You can call people all sorts of name and when people just check out with you what K stands for, you said it is personal attack! Porah! …


When the current state govt could manage the state into a surplus and reduce the loan by 95% it is most suitable for them to take over. When the bus service was managed by the previous and early govt under Gerakan and Zero KPI KTK, it incurred losses every year which make it one of the most inefficient bus service in the whole country. Compared to UMNO BN, which incurred losses up to billions, the current govt losses is sap sap soi which they could immediately rectify it. In the case of UMNO BN they don’t rectify, they masuk again… Read more »

Asam Garam

Federal government linked Gelakan Hock None last time when was in charge of penang transport could not even handle Pajak Bus, so now you think masak masak now Penang government pasti can make RapidPenang a profitable operation with cash surplus earned able to reduce monthly pass from RM75 now to RM45.


I was once told that it was the collection from the Penang Bridge that help Renong Bhd out when it was in financial …!
So do you think they would give up their cash cow so easily?