Leading questions in Penang LRT questionnaire result in inflated 97% approval rate


The latest statement by Penang Forum:

Penang Forum is alarmed that the Penang government could claim that 97% of close to 3,000 respondents had indicated support for the proposed elevated light rail system (LRT) going by the responses to a questionnaire at several booths around the state.

Many of those who have seen the questionnaire are aware it contains three laughably ludicrous and leading questions. These questions trick people into answering that they support the project based on one-sided “facts” provided by officers at the various booths.

Most respondents – and the public at large – have not been shown the pros and cons of the LRT without bias – nor have they been made aware of better, cheaper, quicker alternatives.

Instead, they are offered biased “facts” by personnel at the various display booths.

Let’s look at the three questions in the questionnaire:

Question 1: ‘Do you support the PTMP as a means of reducing traffic congestion in Penang Island?’

Of course, everyone would support a Penang transport masterplan if they were told it would reduce congestion. But most people would not know which transport masterplan this question is referring to nor what it entails.

Does “PTMP” refer to the cheaper Halcrow plan, which put forward bus rapid transit, ferries and modern trams, which would be largely elevated or segregated from traffic except in the heritage area?

Or the bloated RM50bn SRS proposal, which came up with expensive options that would require massive land reclamation to finance it, while jeopardising our fisheries and putting state finances in a precarious position?

And what about mainland Penang? Has it been forgotten for the next five to 10 years?

Question 2: ‘The priority public transport to be built under PTMP is the Bayan Lepas LRT. Will you be using it upon completion?’

This question does not tell respondents where the light rail transit is going to from Bayan Lepas. So how are respondents going to know if they will be using it if they do not where it is going? If a resident from Tanjung Tokong fills up the questionnaire, would she know that the “Bayan Lepas LRT” is going to Komtar and not to Tanjung Tokong? Neither does the question ask how often respondents will be using the LRT.

The question also fails to mention the SRS plan for a RM9bn Pan Island Link from the north to the south of the island. Wouldn’t many respondents prefer to drive along this new expensive highway (for the few years before it gets congested) instead of taking the fixed Komtar-to-Bayan Lepas LRT route?

The question fails to mention that the cost of the LRT has been rising to a staggering “more than RM10bn” now. Now, RM10bn would have been enough to put in decent public transport across the entire state including mainland Penang (under the Halcrow plan) – but respondents are not aware of this alternative.

There is also no mention in this question about the bloated projected LRT ridership figure (originally 42 million per year or 115,000 daily in an island with about 700,000 residents) put up under the SRS plan, which critics have panned. The ridership has since been reduced to 29.5 million per year (or 81,000 daily) – but only by 2038.

The public display booths do not show any financial projections to the public. Instead, only technical details of the construction are shown.

Are respondents aware of the financial implications if this LRT ridership figure is not met? Where will the Penang state government find the money if ticket sales are unable to cover operational and maintenance costs of about RM170m a year? Will quit rent and assessment rates then be hiked again? The public is in the dark about this.

The public has also never been shown what data have been used to conclude that the LRT and its alignment is the right choice for Penang.

Without all this information, respondents would be unable to provide an informed answer. This question preys on public ignorance of these all-important details.

Question 3 – ‘Do you support/agree that Penangites should look at public transport as a greener and cheaper way of getting around?’

This is a blindingly obvious question which hoodwinks Penangites into associating the extravagant PTMP as “a greener, cheaper way of getting around”. But the reality is that other more affordable and efficient options can be built more quickly at a fraction of the cost.

The question does not mention other more affordable alternatives – an efficient bus system, modern trams and autonomous rail rapid transit (ART) are available.

This LRT questionnaire is reminiscent of all those top-down largely one-way “consultation sessions” with the fishermen and “public briefings” on the “PTMP”. At those sessions, ordinary people were not provided with real alternatives to the bloated RM50bn SRS transport proposal, which entails massive ecologically damaging land reclamation to finance it.

Will the government next say that the LRT survey shows that 97% of the people support the three-island reclamation scheme since it is supposed to finance the LRT?

Penang Forum steering committee
8 October 2019

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The problem of rising cost of living is due to our poor Ringgit. Success can best be judged by the result when in 1969 our Ringgit Value was Rm0.90sen to S$1 but 50 years later in 2019 our Ringgit value is Rm3 to S$1. What has gone so wrong with our Ringgit value when Malaysia produces rubber, palm-oil, tin etc.etc and Singapore was a mud-flat island? The main reasons that come to mind is the lacking of meritocracy and the abundance of Corruptions in Malaysia, with the global award going to the 1MDB scandal under Maluapa Bossku. Abandoning English as… Read more »


Repeating an action that was unsucessful, beacuse you expect a different result, is one definition of insanity.


The Shared Prosperity Vision is yet another paroxym of double-talk propaganda. At whose expense? Kangkung universities — that produce unemployable illiterates having a sense of entitlement — organised the “unity” (hate) “congress”. At whose expense?

“When asked to comment on the speakers’ racist remarks, the PM said he did not hear them. When UM students protested the vice-chancellor’s racist remarks, education minister Maszlee Malik tried to wash his hands, telling them to talk to the vice-chancellor.” – mysinchew 10/10/19

Kent Shuang

Singapore has climbed to the top of the annual world rankings for competitiveness by the World Economic Forum (WEF), beating the United States, Hong Kong and the Netherlands to the spot.


Malaysia is 27 places behind. Where is the dignity?


We should be more concerned about our competitiveness. When we are competitive, our dignity will be augmented naturally.

But those living on NEP mentality will never get it. What a shame!


The majority good Malays are all victims of an unjust and discriminatory NEP policy perpetuated by a supremacist DICTATOR for 60 long years under a racist and corrupt regime. The Malays in your country Malaya, and the Malays in Singapore have the same DNA, but are moving in different paths, why?? SINGAPORE MALAYS HAVE A SUPER STRONG SP$1= US$ 0.72cts in his pocket, while a supremacist Malaya Malay has a (almost) worthless … note of RM$1.00 = US$0.22!! WHY, MAHATHIR??? The only difference and reason is the good and hard-working, educated & English speaking Malays in Singapore was inspired and… Read more »


Ummah chairperson Aminuddin Yahaya said 1 week ago that Buy Muslim First campaign is a huge success. Look what has happened to Utusan today (official closing ceremony 1pm), following the footstep of Mara Digital.

Milk Tea

Majority of Penangites do not know about PTMP…the government do what they like to do…the kajian is not a kajian, probably filled up by their own party members…

Kim Poh Poh

Anil should go to Sunshine Sq ground floor where there is a booth set up to rally support for LRT on island.
Go there and posd your probing questions to the personnels there about the financing of this project; and they can tell you it is possible now with just one made island as trade off.


If I were a Penang-lang, I would have answered “Yes” to all three questions, provided that the Bayan Lepas LRT stops at Permatang Damar Laut and that the three reclaimed islands are not built. I would also object the highways and tunnels being built. Looking at the Penang Transport Masterplan, I am all for LRT, the Tanjong Tokong and Ayer Itam monorail lines, tram line and the Seberang Jaya to Permatang Tinggi BRT on the mainland. http://pgmasterplan.penang.gov.my/en/2019/07/bayan-lepas-lrt/ The Bayan Lepas LRT line, the two monorail lines and the tram line serve most of the inhabited areas of Penang island, with… Read more »

Kim Poh Poh

Question 4 : Do you agree LRT beung financed via artificial islands by Developers?

Not sure whats the result?

Blame it on Bolehland education being exam smart but no probing minds.


Gerakan state chairman Oh Tong Keong claimed the state government is capable of financing the PPR housing scheme as it has been collecting development charges from developers.

“What happened to all these development charges and contributions the state has been collecting from developers for every project? They can use the funds to build PPR,” he said.


Pg state government has been collecting development charges from developers.
No wonder it has all the while (since 308) refused to intervene in the proliferation of high priced properties which not many Penangites can afford.
There’s money to be reaped in high priced properties mah! Wrong?, Niao Kong?


Dude if gomen don’t collect from developers the developers will be richer. If not from developers then from who? From those drive 4wds? From those staying in Wong fei Hoong shophouse?


The former thief-in-chief engaged foreign con-sultants to provide PR such as this. The foreign manipulators incl. WB will provide such “geniuses” to parachute in as long as you splurge public wealth by borrowing (a) from the right banks (b) at high interest rates (c) for long periods.

Most of the “polls” concerning politics are similar fakes. This is why the “experts” are always surprised by an upset result.


hehe…can’t face the truth? better ask why petition against PTMP failed to get 260k signature..97% fair reflection of public opinion in favor of PTMP…everyday talk about local election and democracy…now it is time to follow majority wishes lar…hehe