Kuala Lumpur’s blue bicycle lanes


What do you make of these bicycle lanes in KL?

It doesn’t look altogether safe what with cyclists having to share the path with pedestrians and all those obstructions.

But, from what I hear, the cycling network is a worthy project despite shortcomings. KL City Hall seems quite keen on it, with the help of cycling enthusiasts who are part of the KL Bike Map project.

The blue lanes apparently are just in the city centre – just a small part of the overall cycling network.

There are quite a few cycling lanes in KL by now. I understand cyclists can ride freely all the way from Jalan TAR to Midvalley, and the routes along the Klang River and Gombak River are especially pleasant.

But they have got to educate some Malaysians not to obstruct or park on cycle lanes:

What do you think of the bicycle lanes in Penang?

Somehow I am not convinced about cycle lanes having to share the same narrow paths as pedestrians. They don’t look too safe for both pedestrians and cyclists.

We would do well to try and make cycling safer instead of blowing billions on a wishful shopping list of expensive transport infrastructure.

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Gwynn Jenkins

how wonderfully confusing – this blue is for OKU parking in Penang. the cycle lanes in Penang are green – what ever colour – they should never be on the pavement – the pavement should be safe for the slow, the elderly and the very young, to walk or shuffle. the only wheels should be their wheelchairs, strollers, walking frames, trolly bags etc. Why great such a dangerous world for the pedestrian. I get the feeling who ever designs this does not walk – or is young and myopic.


I agree with you on this. Penang Forumers seldom walk on pedestrian paths so they cannot emphasize with?
Crazy to ride bicycles in downtown Penang causing discomfort to those pedestrians !
Go to Balik Pulau to ride bicycles to see nature and don’t create hazards to elderly on pedestrian walks!

Please PROMOTE using Rapid Penang!

SL Tay

Cycling path network at Pasir Ris HDB estate, Singapore 2015

Mah HS

Could have learnt from the Singapore experience 2 years ago.


These kinds of things just proof how unready our society is for highly liberal ideas and blaming Pakatan Harapan is futility and in fact cause damages. That is why the likes of PSM, Tanjung Bungah and other NGO are damaging themselves and others with their zealotry. So long as there is Hadi’s PAS, very liberal do not get to be heroic.


Religious and malaysian style instead of red carpet, we have blue carpet. Another project blue dumno engineer? Why rm 4 m of toxic paint? Not even a single to indicate is for 2 roda. Lane from nowhere to nowhere. Trying to make fast bugs and bucks. Where is calvin on this?

Zhang Meiyou

Trying hard to promote NBOS?
Blue for BN blue ocean?
Be careful not being drowned into the abyss of blue ocean after the Malay tsunami come PRU14!

Mah HS

Happy Thaipusam!

Najib offers AS1M to Indians (but not Punjabis) in exchange for votes?


Chan Kim Beng

The blue lanes are slippery for bikes due to the paint. Imagine when it rains, even slippery. A hazard for both bikes and bicycles on it…


What kind dumno Enginner layout the track? Not even a bicycle sign painted. The paint just go on and on and how can dumno Engineer allow the bicycle on right hand side of the fast lane road and then cross diagonally to the left? Sure mati.Further bicycle lane start and end in golden triangle the commercial area where most dress smart and in fashion. They orso come in fashion otherwise who comes to work in kapcai?


The principles of Bolehland include
– tokenism: theoretical agreements and regulations, grandiose plans, and half-baked projects
– shooting from the hip, followed by flip-flops and the rescue of cronies
– world records
– pervasive secrecy
– hypocrisy, which includes (a) cronyism (b) intimidating sceptics and critics
– covert exploitation, cruelty, brutality, waste and destruction


Who wants to play Evel-Knievel-daredevil-cyclists using such cyclist lanes? To zig in & out of the blue lane & onto the road (to avoid pedestrians & parked vehicles, not to forget some phallic-shaped road barriers) is courting accident with an approaching vehicle (unseen by such cyclist) from the back. Sudden cutting diagonally across a one-way street is no different from the basikal nyamuk ( mosquito bikes). Who will be more surprised sharing such an arrangement? And who is going to give way between 2 cyclists, each from opposite direction on such a narrow lane? Until a safer solution is found,… Read more »

Fran Kie

It cost RM4 billion.


Painting a blue cycling path is very different from building tar road.
How did they get to make it Rm4 million is anybody’s guess.
We still won’t forget that Rm30 something screw driver budget!


Use your skills shouting and yelling at komtar now to klchall

Mah HS

Ku Nan should follow Zahid to call for MACC’s investigation.

Zahid Hamidi has instructed MACC to probe into the construction of SMK Hutan Melintang’s hall which he had opened. He was visibly dissatisfied that the building had come up short in its required specifications, despite the RM600,000 allocation provided by the PM’s Department.



If no open tender, MACC should step in to investigate?

Ho Wan Lai

ANIL, when in overseas people there ask you where you are from, will you say you are from Malaysia or from Penang?

Your response invokes different responses, i.e. are you kleptocratic or are you food loving in that order!


Anil, you are a better person with self-confidence & sensibility.
Why the need to hide behind?