Jakarta abandons monorail, focuses on BRT


Jakarta has abandoned its unhappy monorail dreams and now plans to reinforce the unsightly monorail pillars already constructed for use as elevated stretches of the city’s Bus Rapid Transit system.

The elevated BRT stretches would be integrated into the larger Transjakarta BRT.

The first US$484m 14.3km monorail line in southern Jakarta was supposed to have a capacity of 120000 passengers daily. But the project was halted due to legal and financial problems.

Rubbing salt in, PT Jakarta Monorail asked for Rp600bn (US$68.4 million) in compensation for the halted project, but the city said it would only pay Rp204bn tops.

Jakarta will now focus on Transjakarta, the first BRT system in Southeast Asia. It now has 172km in system length over 11 corridors, with more four more corridors planned. In 2011, Transjakarta recorded a 32 per cent increase in passengers to 310000 per day. A lot more cost-effective than a RM50bn MRT system, eh?

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Gerakan K
Gerakan K
27 Apr 2012 1.55pm

I’m talking about public transportation, so that don’t including private cars. Monorail is greener than bus. I wonder why people support bus instead ??? Any reasonable reasons for supporting bus instead of rail system ???

ong eu soon
ong eu soon
28 Apr 2012 12.09am
Reply to  Gerakan K

Are you stupid or dumb? If you can’t make money out of existing infrastructures, what make you think that you can make tonnes of money after investing billion of ringgit? Corruption! and you want to be part of the corrupted one?

semuanya OK kot
semuanya OK kot
27 Apr 2012 1.11pm

I made a long comment under the Disussion on LRT here a few months ago concerning BRT – I don’t see the link now. The only motivation for transport “solutions” other than BRT is money-making, and a public who accept such rip-offs deserve it.