Is Penang still leading?

The RM46bn SRS rojak

Penang can lead again: Just discard the SRS transport proposal and return to the original Halcrow plan, writes Eric Cheah.

When Penang fell to the opposition in 2008, Penangites were ecstatic because we thought real change was coming.

We did see many positive changes. For one thing, the political change in Penang encouraged folks in other states to vote for change – and in the 2018 general election, we embraced the “New Malaysia”.

After the election euphoria subsided, the new state administration settled in and went about expediting its “Penang Transport Master Plan” or PTMP. This grand proposal by SRS Consortium, however, is different from the transport masterplan put forward by the original transport consultants, Halcrow.

The SRS proposal will cost RM46bn, and some believe it could even exceed RM50bn – excluding the cost of the land reclamation to create three artificial islands. We are still being told that this proposal will solve all traffic congestion woes.

But the SRS proposal is extremely unlikely to deliver all that it claims it will. Full article on Aliran website

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Lim Goh Poh

Is Penang still leading in street food reputation to the world? Sad to say Penang is slowly but surely losing the edge to the marketing prowness of neighboring Singapore as they have gained over 30 Michelin fame in 2019 for curry mee and even Malaysian food at Jalan Besar there! See latest report in link below : must revive and sustain readers interest in Penang Street Food otherwise be prepared to lise out more as maestro Penanglang migrate to Red Dot (incentive and meriticracy and currency strength reasons just a few key luring factors). Penang could have very… Read more »


Pg kias all go under to cari makan. They bring pg food there and claim is Sinkapore food. Pg lang all want chip chip like Tu lang. Also bad dumno and gilakan gomen. If pg lang no good income and bad roads, more will lompat like frog

Lim Goh Poh

CM Chow can learn from Hawaii island experience to alleviate traffic jam.

Ang Moh can take buses, but Penangitescome up with many excuses to create havoc to carbon content in the atmosphere compounded by Indo haze.


Today many young Penangites are now concerned with the affordability for the new iPhone 11.

An average Malaysian needs a month’s wages to be able to afford the recently launched iPhone 11 Pro, priced at RM4,899 each for a model with 64GB of storage.

In comparison, an average Singaporean only needs wages from working roughly eight days, according to a study by e-commerce firm Picodi released today.

Don Anamalai

Don’t but Apple iPod, it is overpriced and overhyped. A China-brand smartphone is more value for money. I recommend Honor.

What smartphones are you using?


Putrajaya may organise another Home Ownership Campaign (HOC), only this time for buyers in China and Hong Kong, said Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin.

“So I was thinking we should organise a HOC campaign in China or in Hong Kong where we can attract these people to come invest here and buy homes.”

Long awaited housing bubble burst and natural price correction might not happen after all?


A recent Taiwanese program’s advice on investing in Malaysian (Penang) properties:


Zuraida’s China solution on high-end properties glut can backfire – HBA The National House Buyers Association (HBA) has cautioned that Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin’s proposal to market RM100 billion worth of unsold high-end properties to buyers from China could have unintended consequences. HBA honorary secretary-general Chang Kim Loong said developers who are not able to sell their high-end properties are reaping the consequence of not building what the Malaysian market needs. He said helping developers to market them to China buyers could encourage them to continue with such behaviour. “The reason why there are so many… Read more »

Lim Goh Poh

Developers expect gomen to bail them out in times of financial cash flow crisis? Roundabouts in Penang (eg airport, FTZ areas) have developers’ displays showing their alliance to MPPP ?
No bail out then dominoes effect can happen to bring homes to more affordable levels?

Don Anamalai

Zuraida complained on TV last nite that overhung properties are eyesores. But in the first place why the government never regulate and allow so many high end development, not low cost housing?


Simple. Gomen wants to earn more from taxes on sales of high end properties, the higher the property prices the more they earn.
Only Bank Negara is sincere of its concern of buyers’ capability.
This PH like BN is opportunist to gain some more from HongKees exodus to other countries.
Now, the gomen is playing another sandiwara.


You orso mean Australia, new Zealand orso play sandiwara. They wanted foreigners to invest and they are given residency?


Malaysia cannot always build or manufacture chip chip or low cost items. Malaysia must learn to do high value items. Otherwise Malaysia chip skate. How can Malaysia go to UK, USA etc and get fainted over a piece of maccs let alone accommodation.


Greedy developers had wanted to build & sell mostly high end properties to make massive profits despite the fact that majority of Malaysians wanted affordable housing. Despite the fact that Bank Negara had issue a warning to the housing industry of the untenable property pricing & market imbalance of supply & demand for affordable housing brought about by these greedy developers. Now they have to reap what they sow. When they arrogantly asked for no gomen intervention when they went on building spree (of high end properties), now they have the thick faced cheek to ask for gomen help (to… Read more »

Lim Goh Poh

Zuraidah’s probably now more occupied PKR unity talk with Anwar Ibrahim to avoid internal split which coild jeopardise ministerial posts should Anwar replace Mahathir?

Young Hong Kong cannot complaint affordable housing shortages when they can swallow their pride for job opportunities in mainland China which provide bigger spaces to excel if they abide with liberty matter.


ICONIC Worldwide Bhd’s maiden property project Iconic Point recorded a 100 per cent take-up rate during its soft launch at its sales gallery in D’Piazza Mall, Penang.

Can believe or not?


This Saturday will see the formation of Barisan Ummah (bu) cosisting of 2 big brothers Umno & PAS, with 2 minions MCA & MIC.

Just terbalik the ‘n’ of bn, and you will get ‘bu’.

Therefore, DAPCat will continue to be leading in Penang even after GE15.


Universiti Malaya’s Malay Studies Academy deputy director Awang Azman believed that PAS and Umno’s rise in popularity among some Malays is mainly due to the “racialisation” of economic issues like youth employment and government pensions.

He said Bumiputera, especially rural Malay-Muslims, have lost faith in the present government due to its handling of issues like the introduction of khat calligraphy lessons in schools, and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD).…-and-inevitable/1790004

Don Anamalai

This Ummah gang will take over Kedah (because the current MB is inept and incompetent) and Johor after the next GE. PH is still clueless.


Should consider electric buses from China:

Barter trade with palm oil?


The real estate “overhang” of the speculators — developers and their financeers — is already double-digit billions of RM, if I recall a recent report correctly. What will happen to the planned “development” when the rise in sea level that is inevitable, or a tsunami, devastates the artificial islands? Specifically, whose money will be misappropriated?


More hikes in assessment rates for Penangites (esp. those living in the island + 3 fantasy islands) to justify safety-measure-projects like 20 feet high coastal sea walls (that can be topped up like Lego) to keep out the ever rising sea tides!


The sea wall in NE Japan were all about 10 m high and all failed. That was just against a tsunami. Imagine trying to resist the global oceanic rise in height. For fascists, it does not matter. It is all “development”: I help you and you help me.