Innovative initiative to promote use of buses


The Penang state assembly member for Pulau Tikus, Yap Soo Huey, has come up with a Green Transport Users programme to encourage her constituents and others to use RapidPenang buses and provide feedback.

Under the scheme, participants will be given free monthly Rapid Travel Cards for three months. In return they have to complete monthly surveys to gauge their experience during that period. They will also be invited to participate in a focus group.



The Pulau Tikus Green Transport Users is a programme to understand what influences people’s decision to use public transport and how we can make it better. Feedback collected will help to improve public transport services in Penang. It is also an effort to encourage more commuters to take public transport.

How does it work?

Pulau Tikus Green Transport Users will be given a free Rapid Travel Card at the start of November 2013, December 2013 and January 2014. Each Rapid Travel Card is valid for one month and entitles the participant to unlimited travel on Rapid buses throughout Penang. Participants who complete the full three-month programme will receive a limited edition souvenir at the end of the programme.

The survey

Together with the Rapid Travel Cards, participants will also receive survey forms that they must submit by the 25th of every month. At the end of the three months, information collected will be summarised and all participants will be invited to join a focus group to share their experience.
*Participants who do not return survey forms at the end of each month will be disqualified.


  • Malaysian citizen
  • Lives or works within Pulau Tikus, Taman Gottlieb, Mt Erskine or Pantai Molek (as stated in MyKad or proof of employment)
  • Limited to 100 participants who have never registered for a Rapid Travel Card, and 50 participants who are current or previous holders of any Rapid Travel Card.
  • Must complete survey forms every month.


Register at Pusat Khidmat KADUN Pulau Tikus,
34 Jones Road, 10250 Pulau Tikus, Penang. Available while stocks last.

Documents Required
• Photocopy of IC
• Passport-sized photograph (2 copies)
• Photocopy of student card and university admissions letter (if currently a student)
• Photocopy of OKU card (if applicable)

Phone: 04-2265 217, 017 469 3237

[email protected]

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11 Nov 2013 1.23am

As a reminder to Anil. Most Malaysia bus will never pass the typical air pollution inspection, especially the cronies link GLC Rapid bus. And not to forget all those bus depot are toxic NO2,SO2 and dangerous diesel PM2.5 particulate concentration center.
Will there be electric bus? Perhaps after 50 years ?

Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
7 Nov 2013 1.32pm

While we are talking about pubic bus, BN’s top leaders spent almost half-a-million ringgit for each trip they took using the government’s private planes last year. In 2012, a whopping RM182 million was spent on 372 flights to 339 destinations, using the six private planes belonging to the government,

Why can’t they take MAS or Air Asia flight to save cost?
Singapore leaders use SIA for their official flights.

13 Nov 2013 11.53am
Reply to  Don Anamalai

Don Anamalai has provided many good feedback and useful links in this blog. Keep it up!

7 Nov 2013 11.39am

Using bus alone will not solve the traffic congestion. In fact bus add more to the congestion due to their big size. Getting rid of buses and vehicles and implementing MRT & underground train would be the better option like what is being done in Beijing, Singapore and various major cities areound the world.

11 Nov 2013 1.20am
Reply to  Yang

MRT? ROFL. The population CANNOT AFFORD the infrastructure cost. Do you know how much the debt of Shanghai and Beijing railroad company? The interest fees is enough to pay big part of Bolehland (AKA Malaysia) GDP.

Chin Tann Kaw
Chin Tann Kaw
7 Nov 2013 9.29am

other state assembly memebrs in Penang island must do the same thing to invite more to try out public transport.

Need to have another bus company to give RapidPenang some form of competition to improve further.

I still wait for SPAD or Transport Ministry to approve free rides during peak hours in Penang.

11 Nov 2013 1.18am
Reply to  Chin Tann Kaw

Public city route bus services in Malaysia is controlled by federal government, most deal go to Umno link bus company, AKA rapid. And not to forget hundred millions of subsidies channel into that company.