Ground-breaking ceremony for HDB-designed flats


The state government today held a ground-breaking ceremony for 12000 cheaper homes in Bandar Cassia in Batu Kawan on mainland Penang designed by the Singapore HDB consultants.

Phase One will see 2000 homes being built.

A couple of points for consideration:

The open spaces are a welcome change.

Need to integrate public transport tightly into this project right from the start. Hopefully, this project will be included in the Penang Transport Master Plan. And RapidPenang has to be brought into the picture early. Also put in the blue-print the routes for future rail connections.

Prices need to be within reach of the low-income working class including factory and service sector workers.

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The way Singapore does its public housing is that it does not subsidize the cost of land because the land is too expensive. What it does is charge only cost of construction and do not make profit on it. Because it does not make a profit on construction, it gets very good at building more for less. You apply that formula where Penang gives away the land and what you get is affordable medium housing more than anything else. Not low cost. low cost in fact is impossible these days without heavy subsidy and the economics get all screwed up… Read more »


Mainstream view is to build expensive homes first, then leave to ugly, ruthless market forces to determine and manipulate buying capabilities/demand as there will be rich man’s speculation to cover the shortfall. Land owners and home owners will be too happy that their asset value have increased due to gomen ‘antics’ of frenzy development without caution. Short of a bubble, the middle-class will find themselves hard pressed to either continue their living on credit or downshift. The poor are left to their own devices to ‘Wan Sik’ (cari-makan). No homes are too cheap as low cost for these lows of… Read more »


This is nothing but an elaborate sandiwara timed for the coming General Elections.


Your comments, mine and others flying here and there are also timed for coming election. Otherwise better to hibernate in Belum Valley


Give others a chance to comment. You have your loud voices heard more than enough!


Penang should benchmark good Singapore practices.
This is certainly a good start for CAT to mirror Singapore’s success in efficiency, productivity and transparency.
Afterall, no need to waste public fund for ‘lawatan sambil belajar’ in more glamorous and expensive faraway cities. Penang civil servants can charter a RapidPenang or Konsortium bus to Singapore, and stay in Tune Hotel at JB’s Danga Bay to cut cost!

Gerakan K

Hello, mr blur-blur,

for your info, more and more people already do not believe there is CAT after Kg Buah Pala sad episode and more recently the Bayan Mutiara incident !!!

DAP’s CAT is no longer has any meaning. Go for real cat instead.


Anson, you are spot on !!!

Gelak K is jealous of the 24 families who now own RM600k double storey houses !!!

Only DAP/Pakatan can make that possible for squatters!!!

During Gerakan/BN time, if squatters protest, tembak mati – re Farlim, a farmer was shot dead !!!

Gelak k’s mind is as good as dead !!!

Gerakan K

Anil statement:
Prices need to be within reach of the low-income working class including factory and service sector workers

I’m 100% sure factory and service sector workers can’t afford RM 400 000 cheaper house. Average salary for factory workers = ??? RM 1500 ??? or RM 1800 ??? MBA managers = RM 4000 ???

If Penangites not act in next GE, soon Penang = the home exclusive for millionaires and billionaires. So sad.

Sam Kin Kit

so how much was the property price before LGE admin? 100k? 200k? Did the factory workers afford to buy houses previously?


Mind you there were some factory workers and white collar ones who worked 2 jobs and yet could purchase homes at realistic affordable price.
And there were some who jointly-borrowed with siblings to pay for a roof over their heads. And 15 yrs to finish loans for landed properties too.


Wonder why he stresses so much on the 1 ‘padang bola sepak’? only 1 field for 12,000 ‘box’ homes? By the way, the whole thing looks like a con-job in the first place, look at the picture of him scratching his back… … I just dont trust whatever this fellow says, I think it’s just a big wayang that’s all. Anyone can make those models, there’s no artist impression on the design of flats to be built nor the area , all there is, is just a model of small stacked up boxes that’s about it….. Traffic at the round… Read more »

Gerakan K

Anil, what does cheaper home means? RM 400 000 ??? Please let me know because nowadays we need to be precise on LGE’s definition.

Just to be clear for those still blur-blur about LGE’s definition for affordable housing. According to LGE’s pathetic definition, affordable housing = RM72 000 to RM400 000 !!!


as if PR1MA RM300k house for below RM3k/mth is cheap & affordable

ong eu soon

The most simple solution is to install traffic light at the junctions of the small roundabout, yet until now nobody take the initiative to implement it. Now the state government want to bring in development with it’s so called PLANNING! Shame! Malaysia Bolehlah! I can’t understand why it so difficult for the authorities to do something on the present traffic issues especially during peak hours.

ong eu soon

This is the most ridiculous project when the state government has no solution solving the traffic congestion at the small roundabout near the entrance/exit of Batu Kawan toll. If you look at the number of high rise buildings that going to be built and if you believe that it going to be success then the traffic problem should be resolved first before you can bring in more residents to the new township. This the Bolehland’s type of planning that has no brain. The present traffic is already a nightmare, image what will be the effect when thousands of vehicles are… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri

Build for the Rakyat, you say ridiculous! Do not build you also complain. Compare the above to the haphazard developments by the previous administration, and you very well know that the Lim Guan Eng administration had done very well.

Previous administration, develop, redevelop and redevelop to make more money at the expense of the Rakyat.

Sudahlah Ah Soon!


Ah Soon simply complaint because he is not being consulted by Pakatan.
Probably Ah Soon was the consultant for Gerakan ? If so then based on Penang development of 90’s then sorry lah.
Sudah lah Ah Soon.


Soon complains everytime someone disagrees with him. Government decisions need to be on the agreement of the majority and not just 1 person.

You should know that by now!


No doubt LGE’s administration has been shown to be better. But what Eu Soon says is also valid and should not just be rubbished off. LGE is by far better than previously, but that doesn’t mean he is a perfect human. Everyone can err and there is always room for criticism and improvement.In this case Eu Soon is right that the traffic entering Batu Kawan is getting from bad to worst. Development there is good but it will have to be complemented and better still preceded by an improved transport system whether by rail or road. Roads there may have… Read more »


… You are not the only one who is pissssssed off, Kevin.

ong eu soon

If you can’t solve the traffic issue where it pose as a bottleneck for development, why you still insist of causing more congestion. You need to build another flyover and evicted more home from that area to widen the road, otherwise the whole project will die prematurely. I am waiting to see how this no brainer going to solve the problem. LGe is lucky that I have gave the clue of his problem at early stage. If he can’t solve it don’t blame me.


Traffic lights have to be decided by the local authority using recommendations and study by the Traffic Engineers. Traffic Engineers are a rare breed. which Malaysian Uni is teaching Traffic Sudies and Engineering?

There are many cases where there are tarffic lights and they stop cars where there are only a few cars on one direction and almost none in the other direction in non peak hours.

In KL, why mata2 are used instead of tarffic lights during peak hours to make the traffic flowing?


There are many ‘experts’, local & imported from Singland and in anil’s blog to give advice to LGE day and night. If he still can’t think out of the Ivory Box or accept free ideas for the state, his rocketing party will soon be over. But we should give him time to improve, redefine and fine tune his ‘planning’ of what he has in mind for Penangites. No point screwing him harder at every turn. Some ‘verbal jabs’ will be enough as wake up calls. I would be more reasonable, realistic but cautious for our own interests and survival. Speak… Read more »

king kong

In every case there are 2 or 3 views and in every product are the side effects. even energy saving bulbs, electric vehicle, computer, just look at the electronic waste. How do one dispose them? Democracy and 2 party system in malaysia has come a long way and still in infancy. Let the opposition serve a few more terms and then shoot them. What do you expect when they are just new in their jobs unlike MCA and gerakan having opportunitites to serve as parliamentary secretary before becoming a minister. Otherwise the 2 party system will collapse again and will… Read more »

Desmond Lee

Yang.., Doing it in Penang Island…cost will be high as everybody knows land and property prices in Penang Island is high.In fact the highest in Malaysia.And the Price will also be high.Also please let us know which land you want it to be build on..? Where and which area do you think on the Island can build 12,000 houses with Transport Master Plan…? On Island it is hard to build a development of this size,on the mainland only possible.


We have to stop giving the excuse that land is expensive. Does it mean that if land is expensive, only the rich can live on the island? Poor people have to keep moving out? This Island belongs to all penangites, rich and poor regardless. Singapore is also an Island and the price of land there is also high but like LGE himself says, they are able to have affordable houses there. If they can do it, why can’t we do it too? The size of farlim was big and reasonably cheap. When it was developed, proper planning should have been… Read more »


Thinking out of the ivory box is hard for the state gomen. Taking the easy way out of ‘Ma Huan, Chiu Boay’ seems AOK! Where are all the brains in Penang Komtar Tower?
‘Ma Huan, Chiu Boay’ means problematic tasks with too many ‘loose’ ends to tie up.
PDC, the effective developer of 90’s is no more respected now. Brain drained?
Sell, sell, sell. The easy way out.
Have you heard of Selling One’s Soul?


I love the word ‘streamline’. Perhaps, the gomen can ‘streamline wealth’ into our pockets first and then down to expensive property developments instead of the other way round. Create more opportunities for Shui (money) to flow or stream-line into our pockets first which will make us very happy with more spending power. With deep pockets and real demand, there will be no more resistance to expensive development. And Kau Peh Kau Boh will be a habit of the past (2010-2012). DAP must learn to plan ‘streamlining wealth’ which will be a first for a state to do so in Malayan… Read more »

Ivory Insider

we can learn from successful start-up business.

Firstly be independent not being too reliable on government.
Secondly follow your passionate heart to come up with a working plan.
Thirdly execute the plan step by step who knows one can achieve his/her dream sooner or later.

Some chose to rant and rant and at the end of the day still status quo (end up more depressed). Some smarter one although rant and rant but work behind the scene and Soon can afford acres of orchard at Balik Pulau.

Go put on your thinking hat and jangan curi tulang …


Don’t get me wrong on ‘streamlining’. LGE mentioned ‘planning’ which other BN states are not doing. What about planning for Penangites to create wealth. This is not to say waiting for crutches or RM100 ang pow. Create economic conditions that encourage entrepreneurship, attract business funding, etc. No one likes to depend on others. But as a gomen DAP can do more for the people rather than focus building concretes. One example is Wifi. Already 3 years, I still have to depend on TMnet. New World Park wifi is hopeless when you want to do business online. Anyway, your suggestions are… Read more »


free wifi (redtone & one more forgot the source) at public places only so far. how i wish LGE can extend them to cover wider area so that at my residence i can receive free wifi.
with free wifi creative people can stay at home (reduce biz cost) to do work, less travel less heavy traffic and also able to have quality time with family.
I hope LGE and team can look into this. penangfon and streamyx not that reliable and quite a burden to most people. do you agree ??


Depends on where you are and the traffic on our so called digital superhighway. One of my luckier friend who does business/work online globally goes online at night/past midnight when it is not so jammed.
SOHO will be the trend for most digital workers like me. Why Kau Peh Kau Boh on the road or at slippery cleanliness obsessed New World Park’s wifi that cannot access?


The first thing is a permanent roof over the heads to feel secure. If someone can be evicted or increased in rent, is wifi or access to internet more important? With a own home, one can blow water anytime.


Wifi: Talking from business point of view, understood? There are many more issues to be said but just one will suffice as example of tools of wealth creation.

Already housing seems unaffordable, so tell LGE about it if you now are belatedly aware his housing policy is making affordable home ownership in Penang Island a distant reality. And it makes no sense that without wealth creation first but stagnant income, you think the average Penangites can afford a decent roof over their heads? Think carefully.


The state government does play a minor role as compare to the Federal Gerakan/MCA/AMNo Government. Look what Federal Government education has produce in terms of Uni and Vocational graduates. What kind of assistance is provided to Form 3 and form 5 grad as compare to UNi. UNi grad are allowed to take courses paid by tax payers. What about employment. KL, Klang are swamped by foreign workers during weekends and public holidays and Chinatown is no longer looks like one but a pasar town. Federal Governemnt allow employers to exploit cheap labour, (allegedly) more side income to the immigration and… Read more »


What does cheaper home means? Gov subsidized?


How to make sure these homes stay affordable and not increase in price in subsale market?

Andrew I

Slowly but surely Gherkin K is feeling his party’s political comeback a diminishing prospect. Yay.


Do it on the island not just the mainland

Ivory Insider

Such concept involving facilities (moreland required). So not practical (way too expensive required draining more public fund) for implementation in Penang Island (sale to private to earn $ to finance affordable homes mainland).


If there is a will, there’s a way.
Already going to be 2 bridges, so make the most of it for people’s convenience and they will see no island and mainland separation.
Nothing’s impossible unless one still thinks inside the ivory box. LGE can plan what!
Plan to bridge the gap between the rich and the middle-class + the poor. This will be a first for DAP and an impossible mission for Barang Naiki. Think outside of the ivory box!