Green Lane: RM27m to ease jams – and then what?


The MPPP plans to spend RM27m to widen roads and build overhead turn-off ramps in the suburbs under the first phase of a project to ease anticipated congestion once the second Penang Bridge opens. But what happens after that?

Well, there’s phase two, which calls for a multi-level overhead turn-off ramp and a couple of underpasses to cut below Jalan Masjid Negeri.

Gottlieb Road and Jalan Bagan Jermal will have an additional lane as well as, interestingly, a bicycle lane under the plan. More information on the MPPP website.

You can give your feedback to the Pengarah Kejuruteraan, MPPP, Level 13, Komtar, Jalan Penang, 10675 Penang or by email to rajendra (at)

While no doubt, this project will be welcomed by those caught in traffic jams, it only offers a short-term solution. What happens when the roads once again get congested in a few years, as they inevitably will?

We really need a more radical approach to transport. The more we spend on infrastructure for private motor vehicles, the harder it will be to wean people off their cars. Why not spend precious funds now on building supporting infrastructure for buses and other more sustainable alternatives rather than cars? If more people switch to buses and if the service is further improved, won’t congestion on the roads ease? High petrol prices will also force more people to consider using public transport.

We need to start moving towards more sustainable transport now.

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The new traffic dispersal scheme is built for residents on both sides of Jalan Masjid Negeri who work and shop in George Town.

It is most unfriendly to those folks living in Island Park/Glades who work and shop to the South of Green Lane.

Richard Huang

The state govt. is doing the right thing to alleviate the traffic woes albeit short term. Their hands are tied due to financial resources as well as the approvals for transportation permits are controlled by the fed. govt.

Gerakan K

That is outdated excuse. There is a lot of people and still growing don’t accept that excuse anymore.

Don’t throw my tax money to drain, OK. I pay my cukai pintu, cukai tanah, and miscellaneous $$$ to the state. I just hate to know that my contribution just wasted for meaningless things.


Wake up, your cukai is NEVER enough to pay for a proper pave road with flyover that cause tens of millions. Not even with ten thousands of Penang drivers.


Anil, Do you actually think that Lim Guan Eng and his DAP pals even understand – let alone subscribe to – the idea of “sustainable transportation”? I think they are brain-dead. Methinks that all this road widening has nothing to do with “sustainable transportation”. Think out of the box and you get the idea.


Removing petrol subsidies, Gerakan K?…you have proven to be much more than a … moron. Not everyone is like you, having a car going for joy rides. Fortunately, more Malaysians especially Penanites work terribly hard for their living, unlike a “fat cat” like you … Remember, all subsidies are taxpayers money and we have the right to enjoy them….

john tan

what tax payer money are talking about?…. every countries are cutting on subsidy to ease the country burden…dont talk or write using your….


i wonder driving on penang road these days (all sorts & classes of vehicles) can be considered joy rides when the traffic getiing choked up here & there ?
now i think of moving out (sell my green lane house while the price is insanely hot) and live in Sg Bakap. I can just come to Penang island once a month to do “mall shopping” like watching 3D movies while the rest of my activities are better suited (value for $) at Sg Bakap (still can access internet, astro and vast land for recreational use like tanam ubi).

Gerakan K

Haha, it seems that you don’t know the pathetic state of Penang road. Joy ride ??? Yes, 20 years ago under Gerakan State government.


Yes, sure Gerakan K get his joy ride. Just go to the cobble stone road in Pitt Street.


Limit the use of private vehicles and stop spending money to ‘improve’ road system. Increase public transport service and increase ferry and bridge charges for private vehicles to reduce congestion in the Island.

Gerakan K

Complete removal of petrol subsidies is the ideal solution to ease congestion ???

It seems that our BN government is heading into right direction by removing petrol subsidies.


Yes, complete removal of petrol ALL subsidies, only then ALL the Rakyat will know the true nature of the Fed Gomen, and how competent and transparent they have been for the last 40 years!


Complete removal of subsidies and tax incentives to (local car makers) and loan up to only 65 – 70 % would be the best solution.


BN’s cut subsidy to subsidize it’s own pocket. Dont be fooled that they have anybody else’s interest at heart. Moreover, the public transport is not up to standard and it will just hurt the public more if petrol price goes up. Cuts from subsidy must be injected back into prudent use i.e. improve infrastructure, public transport, social welfare etc. The list is endless.


Let me repeat again a SIMPLE fact I learn from Thailand, private car only bring LIMITED business. Just go to any busy shopping place around whole Thailand, you will see the marvelous number of customer that bring in by songthaew (AKA baht bus). That’s how Thai move the population besides the bus, boat and the infamous tuk tuk(highly polluted mock up bikes with carrier). Excessive road pavement are PROBLEM itself. 1. It wasting valuable land for better use, even using the land for recreation purpose is better than road. 2. Road pavement mean LESS place for rain water to enter… Read more »


“Why not …?”
Perhaps recent political campaigns were not financed by bus operators and bicycle shops?

ng wei keong

whether its short or long term benefit does not matters as long as somethings have started towards solving traffic woes we as road user welcome and support it.

James Cameron

Yes, how long this temporary solution is going to last?
Based on experience (slow overdue road projects), it seems by the time the construction is done, the number of cars would have increased to the point where the situation is as bad as below.