Is Gerakan serious about supporting public transport in Penang?


This is a statement by Penang Forum:

It was reported in Star, 20 July 2016, that the Gerakan party in Penang supports Penang Forum’s proposal for a Better, Cheaper and Faster (BCF) transport masterplan.

Whilst Penang Forum (PF) welcomes support for its BCF proposal from any and all members of public, it wishes to categorically state that PF is a non-partisan civil society network not affiliated with any political party.

We encourage any member of public, organisation or political party to support our proposal.

BCF is a citizens’ manifesto, not a partisan issue. The purpose of PF’s BCF transport plan is to carry out a critical and independent analysis of SRS Consortium’s RM46bn proposal, and to offer suggestions for a transport system that is:

(a) better – as it is more environmentally suited to Penang’s charm and heritage status, more integrated and accessible for the young, old and people who are physically disadvantaged,

(b) cheaper – to build, operate and maintain; more affordable to the public and with less financial risk to the state

(c) faster – to build with less inconvenience to the public.

The BCF blueprint takes seriously the major modes of public transport recommended in the original RM27bn Penang transport masterplan, formulated by consultants Halcrow, who mainly recommended bus rapid transit (BRT) and modern trams.

If Gerakan is serious about supporting the proposal, we request the party to use its influence within the Barisan Nasional to:

(a) push for greater decentralisation of powers over transport issues from the federal to state and local governments;

(b) get the federal government to improve bus services and assist in the introduction of BRT in both Penang Island and Seberang Perai;

(c) help in the sale and transfer of the ferry service to the state;

(d) obtain federal funding for BRT, modern trams and other sustainable transport projects in Penang.

(e) ask SPAD to conduct wide consultations with stakeholders before even giving conditional approval to the Penang state government/SRS proposal;

(f) help to moot a proposal to introduce public transport links (e.g. BRT and modern trams) across the existing Penang bridges.

Let us all irrespective of party, race or religion work for the betterment of Penang.

Penang Forum steering committee
20 July 2016

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Thanks to the active promotion by a certain faction in Penang Forum, Gerakan will use the coming state election as a referendum to reject SRS plan?


Too bad now that the alternative plan from Penang Forum is deeply associated with Gerakan.




It seems Dr.Ramasamy – Deputy Chief Minister of Penang will soon take over LGE as CM of Penang if LGE is convicted. In fact, Dr.Ramasamy is less controversial comparatively and is endorsed by Gerakan’s people.


I just heard that from an active member of DAP from Penang but can’t verify it yet.

Jolly Mike

LGE has endorsed Chow KY as his successor.
No need for BN to buat kecoh.


This is just a rumour started by Umno’s camp. Why get so excited!


Somehow this has stirred Gerakan Teng to come back early from his self-imposed 6-month rest. Ha ha!


Latest response to Penang a Forum (good to compare both sides of story):

Only 6 villages affected, not as claimed

40% public transport share – still have 60% private vehicles on the road

Johan Khun Pana

PutraJaya or (PutarJaya among some of us) did include monorail to service their new town. Some monorail pillars were erected to show of it and now left to rot. Even Mahathir found that it is just too expensive to have it. Although the newly minted planned town do not have an issue with land acquisition. I think the plan was to have as many as 18-25 stations back then. The project bites the dust and Transport Ministers from past & present never mention it again. Maybe this helps to answer if Gerakan is serious or just play play (main-main in… Read more »


Gelakan supports of pg forum transport plan is because they are against the dap, that is all. It is political !!! If they are for the people today they wont be at the graveyard.

james k

Reply from state and SRS:

“According to Szeto, the costs of trams were not “cheaper” than the LRT as claimed because the additional space required for the tram lines would mean extra costs to acquire lands.”

– Isn’t the land used for tram/LRT rests mostly on public roads? How does that incur extra costs?


if not on public roads, who is going to donate land but if on public road it then share with cars. if cars get jam or tram get jam, everyone suffer everyone jam. if is a special lane for trams. then bicycle and foot path has to disappear. nut anil says tram runs on ramp or elevated structure like bridge as in halcrow report , what you say is right. a wide bridge but halcrow’s estimate is wrong. how can a wider bridge cost less than gamuda’s estimates which lrt is a narrow body train like wide and narrow body… Read more »


Yes lrt is narrower than a tram.


Sometimes cheap stuff may end up more expensive in the long run due to higher repair and maintenance cost.
The contractors will make money later, squeezing you with expensive spare parts.
This is just a general observation, not to belittle the effort of Penang Forum.


facts please. lrt straight run and stop at stationz. trsns stop if ah pek flag or cross roads or traffic jams stop and go. more wear and tear.


Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang was quick to defend Ah Jib Kor (against US DOJ’s allegation) with this tweet:

“Those (who) claim US never lies seem to forget what happened to Iraq. CIA claimed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Proven false after Iraq was destroyed,”

Gerakan implied that we should believe in Utusan, TV3, Astro Awani, BH and NST.


gela kan tan wants to play with us depart of justice? he thinks our a gee is best

Kabali @ Transfer Road

MCA Youth today at least voiced their concern of us probe, only Gerakan may end up calling itself Dedakan ad cannot stand on own without 1MDB funding?


From Gerakan to Gelakan, I think Empat Sekawan tickles me better!


of course they are serious and supportive. they named themselves as peoples’ movement or gela kan. not tindakan actsy.

Ahmad Majidi

Gerakan tipu rakyat macam Umno.

Johan Khun Pana

Political parties normally does not see or even feel that public transport is a “ticket” for them to gain support.
It is much easier to yell out “Rasuah” and that the “CAT is dead” .
Because to be involve into planning , data & ideas requires a much complex brain work and the capability to have reasoning.
Therefore, it is safer for them to yell and aim potshots from outside the gallery.


Might as well ask Gerakan to make LGE their President

Tabik Kopi O

Gelakan piggback on others efforts, shame on you!

Tabik Kopi O

Gelakan better off go defend Bolehland #1 wanted man by Interpol.


no they r not. Almost extinct already.

Victor Liew

Gerakan serious? Naaah. I think not. If they r serious, they would not have eaten egg in pg at ge13.

gk ong

Gelakan should contribute or donate to for helping its cause.