Fed up with public transport in Malaysia?


If you are reluctant to give up driving because of the poor public transport in the country, then you might be interested to know that a Working Group on Public Transportation in Malaysia has been formed.

Head down to the PJ Library to learn more about the campaign for better public transport.

This report from Free Malaysia Today:

Hate public transport? Here’s a forum for you
Patrick Lee
| October 25, 2012

Got a problem with public transport? Air them out at the Petaling Jaya Library on Nov 3.

KUALA LUMPUR: Do you risk coming to work late just because you take the train? Does your bus usually break down in the middle of the road? Do you wish that the government would tell you what bus you can take from Gombak to KLCC?

If these things happen to you, consider airing your grouses at the National Forum on Public Transport, an all-day event at the Petaling Jaya Library (Section 3) on Nov 3 from 8.30am to 4pm, next week.

Organised by the Working Group on Public Transportation in Malaysia (WGPTM), the forum will look at everything that’s wrong with the country’s public transport.

At the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall today, WGPTM member A Sivajaran told reporters: “Why is that after so many years, the man on the road has problems with public transport?”

He added that Malaysians were paying for private car-centric policies set up 30 to 40 years ago.

Speaking on behalf of senior citizens, fellow WGPTM member Lily Fu said that Malaysia’s public transport was not elderly-friendly.

“A lot of my friends want to take public transport, but are totally clueless to get from point A to point B… And instead of information at bus stops, you have ads for loan sharks and teaching classes,” she said.

WGPTM member Stanley Yong Yew Wei said that Malaysia’s transit services were not only ineffective, but also inefficient.

He said: “Even if you want to get from one area to another, and you have many options [to do so], you are unable to get there with great convenience.”

WGPTM member Gurmit Singh, however, touched on the environmental aspect, adding that Kuala Lumpur was guilty of massive amounts of carbon emissions due to private transport.

He said that even Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong had lower instances of carbon emissions.

Gurmit added that Malaysia’s aggressive policies on its national car brand Proton also contributed to the mess.

The forum will also be attended by Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ), Federal Department of Town and Country Planning (JPBD), Penang City Council and Land Public Transport Commission officials.

It will also feature a series of workshops that will address public transport, disabled matters, national car policies and the myriad views of transit users.

For more information, call 019-2612259 or email at [email protected].

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don anamalai
don anamalai
3 Nov 2013 9.57am

Learn from Singapore’s experience of enhancing bus service here:

Bus Service Enhancement Programme – 1 year on (Sept 2012 – 2013)

Under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP), new bus services will be introduced and more buses will be added to the existing bus fleet.

30 Oct 2012 10.08pm

Hmmm , attending a forum to check WHO DIDN’T DO THEIR HOMEWORKS? L
Let me see, should I expect some of the official show they are using “Transportation Analysis and Simulation” to forecast the problem? Population density vs public transport capacity, efficiency, profitability, pricing,etc?

I will keep my finger cross.

29 Oct 2012 8.01pm

Transport aka Car Plate bdding aka AES Minister Kong has to seek SPAD’s Syed Hamid Albar on traffic or Public Transport impovement matter ? No wonder nothing gets done !

Warga emas
Warga emas
29 Oct 2012 4.00pm

Malaysian government is in the business of car manufacturing, road tax/car plate collection, car duty collection….

Do not pin your hope on a good public transportation while Ubah is not realised.

2 Nov 2012 2.27pm
Reply to  Warga emas

Now BN add another mechanism in AES to squeeze money from motorists?