Fake ferry wars: Bridges (and tunnel) over troubled waters (Part 1)

Old ferry terminal - I am not sure if this was on the mainland or the island. - Photograph: raafschool.com

It was bemusing to see politicians on both sides of the political divide engaged in a recent war of words about saving the Penang ferries.

Both sides seemed to agree that these “‘iconic heritage ferries” should be saved or showcased elsewhere so that foreign tourists and local visitors could take joy rides.

But let’s be clear from the outset. The vast majority of daily riders on the ferries – whether passengers or motorists – are local residents from Penang, either going to work or running some personal errand or on weekend trips. From my observation, they far outnumber tourists and out-of-town visitors, who use the ferries mainly during school holidays, weekend breaks and festive periods.

So the premise for saving the old ferry service – for tourism purposes – starts on the wrong footing.

The hastily introduced boats are a poor substitute for the ferries, not to mention hardly friendly to people with disabilities. A crowd of people in an enclosed cabin with not much physical distancing is not ideal, unlike the old airy ferries where there was plenty of room for passengers with sea air freely circulating through the upper and lower decks. Full article on Aliran website

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Ferries gone and erased from Penang.

Before long if not patronised these old Penang food outlets vould becone history :


Food Crusaders like Tunglang may not be able to champion Penang traditional food culture if youngers generations are more in tune with ‘modern’ home delivery food.


MIC cries foul over no Thaipusam holiday in Kedah as PAS made such decision undermining the MIC-PAS tie.

7% Kedah Indians whether Hindus or not could affect the polutical scenario?

We shall wait and witness.


Rise up

An inspirational song against injustice.


Times like these

It’s times like these you learn to live again
It’s times like these you give and give again
It’s times like these you learn to love again
It’s times like these time and time again


Ferries are iconic legacy.

If we can honour our past leaders eg Prime Ministers, then we should also sustain the ferries operation.


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The signing of the massive $2.3 trillion coronavirus relief package by President Donald Trump triggered a 180-day countdown in which the director of National Intelligence and the secretary of defense must provide lawmakers a report on what is known about UFOs

Linus chung

Thanks for your writeout that was informative…Like you we don’t know what is the government final stand…so i picked up my camera and went for a trip on the ferry capturing the experience and hopefully saving what little of it digitally. https://youtu.be/Q2-bF-l_xo0