Exposing the elevated LRT spin

A monster elevated LRT station

Our guest writer today is Perplexed Penangite:

It is perplexing all these counter arguments :

1. Cannot do trams because it involves digging through utilities – BUT support columns for elevated highways require digging and piling for foundations.

2. Cannot have at-grade (street level) systems because it will reduce at least one car lane – BUT support columns for elevated systems will reduce at least one car lane anyway

3. Cannot have autonomous rail rapid transit (ART or trackless trams) or bus rapid transit (BRT) or modern trams because our roads are too narrow – BUT many historical cities with equally narrow streets have at-grade systems. People learn to share.

4. Cannot have at-grade systems because of floods – BUT how do people get to your elevated LRT anyway when the roads are flooded (or how do they leave the stations)?

5. Why does Penang Forum want ART when they have been talking about trams? Because ART is very new and Penang Forum wants new and improved technology – at a fraction of the cost of the RM8bn elevated LRT.

6. Cannot have at-grade systems which will be stuck at crossings? Seriously? We are looking at multi-billion ringgit systems and we don’t know about controls and sensors at crossings where the bus doesn’t need to stop?

7. We already have traffic jams and Penang Forum wants to make it worse with an at-grade system – BUT a good system will mean fewer cars and less jams.

8. Road users will be inconvenienced by having to share the road – BUT road users and all Penangites will be forced to put up with years of inconvenience, dust, pollution, noise and massive jams during the construction of the elevated LRT and the six-lane Pan Island Link.

All this is about SPIN. Come up with every possible excuse to reject objections to the LRT and to reject newer and probably better alternatives in favour of something already decided upon behind closed doors. Defend it to the death even when the defence is weak.

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Cygnus Knight

The Ministry of Health today confirmed that the iceberg lettuce sold in local markets under the ‘Vege 2 Fresh’ brand has been contaminated with fipronil chemical, and wanted the sale of the product to be stopped immediately.

Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) had issued a recall for the iceberg lettuce after it detected high levels of pesticide in the vegetable imported from Malaysia.


Thanks to Singapore, else we willbe consuming pesticide.

Alfred Ang

YB Sim as Agriculture Minister must ensure we are not fed by vegetables with pesticides.

Cygnus Knight

CAP revealed dangerous levels of sodium in at least 10 brands of papadum.

Take note of food safety after the recent lethal Laksa in Baling.

Cygnus Knight

CAP revealed dangerous levels of sodium in at least 10 brands of papadum.

Take note of food safety after the recent lethal Laksa in Baling.


This writer take buses in his everyday life? If there is elevated lrt, we can expect cm and his exco taking lrt as it could be faster and less carbon foot prints just as the minister of transport and priemier of NSW does. Not brainer. Columns are every 30m or more apart as compare to track at very mm. You expect pg lang to share the road? Even ah pek will not give way to a left turning car and every one wants to jump queue. A truck or bus will not care as they are big. How do expect… Read more »


Kindergarten arguments. Only look on the surface, never look deeply.


Kindergarten children are innocent, not conditioned yet… by the surface of society
They feel deeply
See true, speak true as they speak from the heart
Blessed they still be, so are some enlightened and matured Penangites


You need day-care + kindergarten tutoring + limo-transport?


Tunglang, Yes. Let me drive your Bentley.


Snapped so fast!


Is 2018 not 1960s, where bicycles are king of the road. China is having high speed train zapping all over China.


Won’t not he surprise china will come out with efficient electric cars just like ARTs. But only opposed by oil producing countries or petroleum companies. Everyone buys car due to freedom to go as wish


What is a good system? Please explain. Even kiddy knows the system is bad if here are traffic stops. More traffic stops, more wear and tear. Orso writer please tell us what happen if two ARTs are both turning a bend in pg street. One going to the station and the other going out of station. With tracks, they will not bruise one another. But with wheels it is like 2 very long trailers wanting make a turn. Even if a very long trailer, pg forummers have to give way to the long trailer making a turn


why cant they make it simple trams like in australia


Why down under? Why not hong Kong? What so simple about trams in Australia. In Syd, the city is dead like war zone. Shops closed as pedestrians and cars avoid the war zone. Project delayed many tunes. Cost orso treble and Spanish contractor is going to sue state gomen. Pg forum pick and chose and too shy to talk about this and Edinburgh.


Trams in down under not simple simon. Go and see Sydney. You think you landed in Syria or afghan war zone. Billions over budget. Years deal. Shops crying to long. Cars not wanting to enter and taxi no pick up but pick down.


Those who opposed are those not taking public transport. They are telling others to take public transport but they themselves are taking private transport. Look at those attend the forum came by cars because they can estimate the amount of time to arrive at that destination. They only think of their convenience and their own time. After the forum ended they know how long to reach their home sweet home. With LRT, they can do the same as the walking and LRT journey can be easily estimated. If there is a time table it much better. Go and see the… Read more »


The biggest joke in PTMP is the bubble car. What is the purpose claimed?

When BN imposed the LRT and MRT scams on KL and Selangor, people generally were silent or even thought it was progress. This is the climate in which the Penang gomen thought it could get away.

Alfred Ang

LRT will fail because Penang motorists will not desert their cars.

Kampong Lad

This is one of the root causes to the problem.


Please show proof. But rapid fails as according to anil. 60% capacity average peak hour, say 120% and when comes to off peak can be 40%. Ah pek can occupy 2 seats. With 60%, still wants rapid to spend more money on buses and the useage will drop to 50 and then 40%. Ask the audience as to how many went to and return home by bus after the forum?


Just take a hard look at the above monstrous street structure ala LRT. Isn’t it filled with money? For the developers, this is “make gold while the Komtar sun shines on us”. But for Penangites, this is Penang Ah Kong’s future’s debt to be paid by Penangites. Now, just wipe off the above monstrous street structure & replace it with smart trackless trams or buses. What will you look at a better scenario? And best of all, will your children & future generations have to bear any long term debts while the greedy developers laugh all the way to the… Read more »


Why not we orso take a very hard look at your monstrous condo you are staying? Why support developer? Why not condemn the developer? Go and support the heritage building. If you can stay in belum, you can orso stay in one of the Wong fei Hoong heritage shop house


Quote: “All this is about SPIN. Come up with every possible excuse to reject objections to the LRT and to reject newer and probably better alternatives in favour of something already decided upon behind closed doors. Defend it to the death even when the defence is weak.” My Observation: I smell something fishy about the Absolut Vodka Arrogance going on strong for a 3rd term. I smell something possibly secretive tango behind closed doors … And I smell PTMP is a done deal, regardless of how many Penangites are against it. “Choi Nie Gong Koi!”. The more they spin further,… Read more »


Smell belachan when suddenly change from supporting trams to ARTs when it just a new product in China. We do not have a good ticketing system. When using trams or ARTs, all the doors are open to off load passengers and board passengers quickly. Otherwise the journey will be longer and ah pek oredi complain about long time for bus to come. Even the forum, those wanting trams travel by personal cars. No need to waste too Long time in the bus and tram. But LRT, who can stop it?

Z. Aziz

Good arguments put up by Perplexed Penangite. Did state govt made ptmp decisions for the people of Penang or for specific group of people or for self interest first?

Alfred Ang

Why perplexed? Possibly being influenced too much by certain parties with agenda.

Cygnus Knight

People get perplexed when media like The Star is causing the confusion?


Why not perplexed by the Hugh debt Najib is giving us?