Ex-state assembly member’s plea to make SRS plan public


The former Penang state assembly member for Pulau Tikus, Yap Soo Huey, in an address at Speakers’ Square, has urged the Penang state government to make fully public the SRS’s exorbitant RM46bn plan for transport infrastructure – all 20 volumes of it – instead of the limited public display they had in the past.

Listen to her eloquent address.

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Confusion or not enough information is not the way to go, CM Chow.
You claimed that majority Penangites support PTMP as shown in the GE14 votes when they are not given enough info? What is there to hide or no camera to record exhibits???

Pls lah, you can be better than LGE whose trademark Arrogance didn’t go well with majority Penangites & the media!

If you have nothing to hide, tell all.


20 volumes. 20 volumes. Who is the pg ah beng read 1 volume let alone a story book PhD student even questionable. So is pg ah LANs and ah bengs become PhD?


The government is set to launch the national car project 3.0 by 2020 as envisioned by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir.

Entrepreneur Development Minister Mohd Redzuan Yusof said the current government believed that the move could revitalise the national automotive industry.


It has to be Electric Car, else a step backward to cause more carbon emissions to our environment. Tun M should realise that Tesla is building factories in China to build electric cars.

M Pillay

Ex P Tikus YB Yap didn’t stand for second term citing going to pursue education. She has been a strong critic regarding Transport Plan, and now free from state alliance she could and may be a better alternative to DrLim MH?


Ms Yap no longer favoured by DAP, thus has her own agenda to discredit the party?

Anywsy, where is that Lone Ranger fighting for environment in Penang?


Yap Soo Huey is now free from “toeing the DAP line” which is a new found freedom to speak out loud with a clear conscience & conviction.
No ifs or buts in the name of CAT under the watchful eyes of Deity of yester years!


Kek Lok Si Temple will never be the same if the highway from Gurney Drive to the airport is built because a 300m-long elevated highway and a tunnel to Paya Terubong will be constructed just a few hundred metres behind the temple.


M Pillay

More can enjoy the serenity of Kek Lok So on strategically set up highways with environmental protection taken into consideration?


With highway, kek look si can be viewed from different angle. Now only from angles grd level the same angle. Pg forum must tried to look in different direction


On the positive side, it will make Kek Lok Si temple more visible to be a major landmark in Penang. Currently it is rather obscure from public eyes. Of course those nusantara fanatics will not like it.


Things will evolve over period of time. Look at heritage houses. They are like frankenstien. Wooden windows are replaced by anodised sliding windows, tile roofs are changed to bondek or lysaught. In the past, the colours for brick and wood are strong distinguished. Now everything is monotone.


Heritage houses in Penang are mostly repaired to conserve for functionality, but not to preserve to keep the original elements.


Repaired shophouses are neither dead or aiive. Talk is very cheap and fast. But to repair takes long time and costly. Pg forum overlook the plaster bandage. Even plaster bandage is accepted as answer to heritage.