Elevated LRT blues in KL


Another tourist attraction? A panoramic view of KL from a height while walking precariously on the maintenance platform alongside elevated LRT tracks.

Two incidents in the space of a few days have shaken public confidence in the KL elevated LRT system.

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Maybe should rename to LWT as in Light Walk Transport!

K A Tan

Just imagine you are a wheelchair user and got stranded there. That is why Penang should not have elevated LRT.

LGE tak boleh

A no for underground LRT/ MRT as well?

Not quite agreeable that we should not have elevated LRT/ MRT just because wheelchair users may get stranded there, regardless whether it is in Penang or any part of the world.

We must do our best to help OKU but we must think of public as well.

David Loman

Car accident can be fatal, does that mean you will not drive a car?

Tan Wee Theng

Patut juga Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang mengambil kira risiko-risiko sedemikian apabila membuat keputusan yang akan mempengaruh (atau menjejas) masa depan anak-anak Pulau Pinang. Walaupun kita tidak harap melihat anggota-anggota kerajaan Pulau Pinang atau sesiapa pun berjalan kaki di atas landasan tinggi yang basah dengan air hujan sementara LRT berulang-alih di landasan yang kedua seperti tiada sebarang kerosakan sudah terjadi.