Eco-friendly transport: The future is here


Eco-friendlier modes of transport are the way to go. If we invest in the right infrastructure and systems and the personnel to support them, more and more people will be tempted to leave their cars at home especially with petrol prices rising.

Young people are rediscovering the joys of cycling. They could be on to something in this era of soaring fuel prices. Now, if we could only make the roads safer for cyclists. Couldn’t Penang become the bicycle capital of Asia?

Buses: RapidPenang is introducing cashless ticketing as well as acquiring another 200 buses to add to the 350 it already has. We need to look at the supporting infrastructure: accessible bus-stops, timetables, GPS digital arrival time displays, season tickets, bus-routes information, feeder buses, and the right urban planning.

The Ipoh to KL electric train service is proving to be popular among Ipoh residents, many of whom use it for day trips to KL.

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cycle as new form of rally cry next general election ???


syiok to cycle under the moonlight.

Try cycling under the mid-day sun in your business attire.
Then tell me if it is practical.


Seen the Vietnamese ladies cycling in Hanoi with umbrellas?
Or wearing wide brim straw hats?
They seem more practical and down to earth than us gaya-raya!


How many of those who say its hot are actually cyclists? Give it a try. The breeze from your moving bicycle actually has a cooling effect. Makes it feel less humid n not as hot as you think! The joys of cycling! Besides commute between Tanjung Tokong – Bayan Lepas / Prai for work, the average Penangite probably goes <5km for most other things. You'll sweat, but not so much that you won't recover quickly after you arrive. Its difficult to park/wait when you go tapau food… so cycle! 😉 Actually whats the big deal about bicycle lanes? There aren't… Read more »


More back lanes are being ‘refurbished’ for cyclists in inner city. And back lanes are more shady, cooling and breezy (wind drafts due to layout of old buildings) than you all big street walkers think it is smelly. If you still sweat like wrestlers, put on a custom made vest with dry-ice packs or refurbish lap top cooling fans into your vest. It may work! Do your own R&D: no guarantee of any health hazards like wind cold, wind heat, and wind dampness (terms in Chinese medical illness) which if you are of Ang Moh thinking will just shrug off.… Read more »


Great exercise too…can help curb the obesity pendemic in Malaysia 🙂

Once again…it’s not HOT lah…just humid. Turn off the AC and get used to the local weather. The sun is good for you..the reason why many locals complain it’s because they are not properly attired (i.e wearing wool sweaters, pvc jackets, long jeans, etc) and most of the girls complain that the heat makes them sweat, as a result, ruins their make up hehe

i can not stress how much i LOVE the sun…maybe that’s why i’ve found a comfortable job working on the beach 😉


cycling is just one way to commute from point A to Point B. but true, we need to promote it as Pg is an island and we cannot keep on building roads or expanding roads. no matter how many roads u e hv, the cars will keep on coming. cycling however, is not “the solution due to the climate in Pg – 1) too hot 2) too wet. imagine cycling all the way to office to attend a meeting first thing in the morning. u will be all sweating by the time u reach. it however, can be a useful… Read more »


When look into the claims of “hot and humid climate for cycling to commute”, it is not a good excuses. In fact, congested city has limited parking. Motorist usually park their car FAR away from the place want to go. Some maybe choose to risk to get a ticket to do illegal parking next to the place the want to go. When parking far away, it is no better than short distance cycling. You still walk under the “hot and humid” climate. A 100 meters walks is no better than a 1km flat land bicycle ride. As long as you… Read more »


it is not to say i am not a proponent of cycling. i also cycle for recreation purposes on weekends. however, in order for cycling as a form of transport from Point A to Point B for work / shopping / to find food, the following challenges arise 1) our weather does not suit us, unlike in moderate climates in western countries. it is either too hot or too wet. if the worker is a Professional or an Executive, i can hardly see that person donning his shirt and tie and cycle to work for a meeting later on. if… Read more »


Penang needs to make NEW roads that have BICYCLE LANES..real ones. I used to live in Eugene, Oregon and it was a city that promoted bicycling as a main mode of transportation. They had bicycles lanes..Penang has no such thing..only 1 lane for cars + buses+ trucks + motorbikes. if you wants to promote cycling in Penang, I’m all for it. heck, i even have a bicycle at home, but there are NO bicycle lanes. Government should do that FIRST then promote. As for the people should stop complaining about the heat. If it’s too hot then LEAVE! you’re… Read more »


Why “new lane”. I will say, just cut part of the road for bicycle lane. The peak oil phenomena ensure the downfall of car culture. Malaysia doesn’t have the efficiency and 90% of car building material are imported. All those materials are susceptible to oil price increase, not just simple increase of petrol fuel price. Furthermore, most vehicle on the road are SUV, someday in the future, Malaysia will find out , they CANNOT AFFORD the road maintenance. Singaporean love to curse the Singapore government enacting lots of payment gate (AKA TOLL) , but that’s how the economy work :… Read more »


Are you aware of how danegrous the roads are in Penang? The lanes are small and can hardly accomodate a mere “cut out” lane of bicycles.

let’s look at Batu Ferringhi, the windy road that leads to BF town..I would love to ride my bike to work but I can’t.


There used to be a bicycle track around the Langkawi island, unfortunately it has been cycled into homes and other uses. So much for development.

Gim Soon

Just IMAGINE penang bans auto vehicles at heritage zone and only allows pedestrian walks and special lanes for cyclists.
Why ? Because Penang heritage zone roads these days could not cope with future rise in motor vehicles. Furthermore, you can’t drive your car at speed beyong 55km/hr very soon. Think about that !

Even in congestion free USA highways, Sammy Hagar’s can’t drive 55 miles/hr ! Sometimes we can learn from rockers !


Bicycle in Penang in 2011 & beyond ?
Weather now extremely hot due to ozone layer issue. The heat alone can suffocate & discourage young riders; make worse my many trees being chopped down to widen the road !
Also too many reckless auto-drivers around these days on narrow penang road !
Bicycling as recreational purpose i think feasible at Jerejal island – think creatively as penang still has relatively virgin mini forest tracks at jerejak island now, which better be made possible before barang naik folks start to r#$e the island !


I saw there is bunch of people “campaign for a lane”.
Though I don’t like their execution (exhausted 80 Km Penang route road ride that will turn public away), the intention is noble, worth some mentioning.

If the campaigner really serious, putting many constant many small 10-15km road trip route is realistic enough to convince public to join the effort, pushing for the cycling culture.


I fully support moo_t. Probably >80% of avid cyclists in Penang are recreational cyclists who, despite their enthusiasm for cycling, only use “safe” routes and consider cycling for daily commute to be dangerous. We can’t have a green Penang or cycling culture if cycling is only something people do after they’ve driven their bikes to Batu Maung. I’ve been cycling for commute (intermittently) since 1995. I’ll frankly say, I’m lazy and not fit, so I almost never cycle >5km and can’t keep up with all those recreational cyclists in their lycra. But I dare say I cycle a whole lot!… Read more »


To encourage more bicycle ownership and cycling on the roads of Penang, how about these: 1) Tax deduction of max 2k for individual’s 1st bicycle purchase (applicable 5 years) 2) Tax deduction of 7k for family purchase of 5 bicycles 3) Duty free on imported bicycles and parts (also tax deductible) 4) Free or discounted fees for health check up of cyclists with healthy heart beats (private clinics/hospitals and insurance companies can participate nationwide) 5) Cycling insurance premium (affordable) with wide coverage (PA, health, towing, etc) 6) More bicycle clubs catering to cycling activities, competitions and recreations (Mat Rempits may… Read more »


1) Tax deduction of max 2k for individual’s 1st bicycle purchase (applicable 5 years) Actually you can do it NOW, just put your bicycle under “health equipment” inside the tax form. 2) Tax deduction of 7k for family purchase of 5 bicycles This is not going to happen. 3) Duty free on imported bicycles and parts (also tax deductible) Forget it. Only online purchase shop will bring down the price. Bicycle shop rental located in populated area is never cheap. 4) Free or discounted fees for health check up of cyclists with healthy heart beats (private clinics/hospitals and insurance companies… Read more »


Just give it a try, whichever the authorities or whoever the corporations that have the interest of the environment and health and pockets of the people in mind.
Don’t do it, don’t know. Don’t try, forever crying at the wishing well: “Malaysia Tak Boleh, Malaysia Tak Boleh.”

I like Nike slogan: “Just Do It.”


FYI, Malaysia federal just did it, thanks to all BN parliament member, a bill was passed , ban all electric bicycle on the road.

Repeal the law need changing of government, so campaign for bicycle lane is a good move at the moment.


Why? Must milk the petrol commodity to the last drop with the excusable Barang Naik Shiok Shiok on us depending on cars mah.

No electric bike, no problem.
Go cycling then and don’t have to pay to these Barang Naik dubious leeching schemes. (Actually far worst than those get rich quick schemes).

Hello, engineers at FTZ. Create your own cars running on water. Can or not? And I will help you market them before (others) do it.

semuanya OK kot

Use loose jackets and broad-rimmed hats to reduce sweating. Get used to the idea that sweating is far more civilized that poisoning the environment with the waste products from internal combustion (including microparticles), car production and road expansion. Since so many of us worship the West, understand that cycling is widespread in the best (most peaceful, prosperous and egalitarian) countries of the West.

First, elect a civilized government.


I once rode my orange colored Raleigh Racer with my pals round the Penang Island in beautiful bicycle-friendly 1975.
For a moment of 5 long minutes while we rested at the roadside (now this stretch of road is under water in Teluk Bahang Dam), we could enjoy a trafficless morning breeze with chit chat and monkey talks.
Yep. 5 long minutes of no sight of a car or bus passing by.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my Raleigh:

Betty Ting Pei

tunglang u would be fortunate if still keep your raleigh bike which is now a rare item that can fetch high value at lorong kulit !
that day i went to a bike shop (opposite teng klinik near Kuan Im temple of pitt st) which carries an old sign board of raleigh. the owner now sells non-raleigh bike but he can order for you (from thailand assembly factory) u can check out foldable bicycle there but be aware it costs from rm700 each.

The Star has Star Walk. May be Anil can start Anil Bicycle Ride one day ????


We don’t have to be a rich man to cycle! Unlike the richie Gerakhins. Just Do It and you will never regret for the rest of your life – a healthy you and save more money and less guilty of polluting. FYI, I have not cycled since the day I hit the tread mill of the gila rat race and now to cycle a short distance of ten feet, I wobble at the handle! Since the first day of Bad-Dah-Wee Barang Naik Fever of petrol prices, my heart went back to the cycling days of the 70’s. I am now… Read more »


Thinking about our hot weather these days, have you seen the old Dynasty Chinese movies where the guy walked/travelled with an overhead contraption (hands-free umbrella) attached to his back!
I am mulling of similar contraption attached to the bicycle. Or who can invent an air-cool vest for cyclists? Hello engineers in Penang FTZ, crack your heads and you may profit from this needs opportunity.
How to install ice packs into my custom made cyclist vest.Hmmm…


What makes cycling good is its economic accessibility. A technological solution to the problem of the waste power we generate when transporting ourselves will work counter to that accessibility.

In the UK I would cycle to work in speedos and sandals in hot weather. That’s not really a workable solution here because of the hazard of solar radiation. I don’t think cycle paths will ever really catch on here until you can strip off and ride in at least partial shade.


Riding in swimming trunks as in triathlon. If only the authority and religious bodies could allow such ‘natural’ common sense behaviour under the searing hot sun.


When you kidding about air-cool vest , the real stuff already in production. This is not april fool jokes.

Go Google “cooling shirt” for the real stuff. For cheaper alternate, you can look for cooling jacket/cooling vest that you need to soak into water before wearing. You can try for both the cooling vest and cooling shirt.

It is used for athletes to cool down after training under the hot sun. Also important tools to cool down people working in extreme hot environment, etc. fireman.

No Car Day

Those who favours riding bike without the fear of motor vehicles at their heels can declare their interests at Esplanade Speakers’ Corner. Who knows with significant local support, Penang Gomen can turn heritage zone as”No Car Day” may be on one Sunday morning so that young & old can cycle with passions around.
I don’t like Star Walk because it has been too commercialised with certain motives you know what lah.


Betty Ting Pei, last night Bruce Lee came into my dream and showed me his brand new ‘Flying Pigeon’ 2-seater bicycles and he wanted beautiful, sexy Ting Pei to ride with him in Tiananmen Square midnight!
He’s waiting!


From The Star:

The registration fee for the cycling event is RM70 each and the closing date is July 11 or upon reaching the targeted 3,000 participants

RM210,000 doesn’t sound quite so much like a ‘campaign to create awareness’ as it does a campaign to (profit) the organiser… No money changes hands on Critical Mass rides, it’s all voluntary – perhaps people will read the article in The Star and be confused?

Gerakan K

Go for solar car. But unfortunately it will cost you a decent house price.


Always a rich man’s toys suggestion!
No better options for average people in the streets or kampong?
Now I’m bitten by the Gerakhin-richie mosquito: If I were A Rich Man:


Vote him out.