Over 1,000 attend raucous debate on Penang tunnel, highways


Just back from the debate at the Caring Society Complex in Penang, and I can’t say I was edified or any the wiser from what transpired.

It seemed clear enough to me that the speakers were playing to the gallery while many of the supporters on both sides weren’t particularly interesting in listening to them.

The US presidential format for the debate in which the two speakers stood at either end of the stage and were allowed to speak alternately for a few minutes each time only added to the verbal jousting.

The speakers were generally almost shouting out their points, and that didn’t help to cool down their supporters.

Instead, not a few of these supporters were more intent on cheering their respective sides on than absorbing what was being said. The Gerakan supporters seemed more boisterous, several of them standing, shouting and waving their thumbs down, even while the debate was in progress.

Gerakan’s Liang Teck Meng and DAP’s Lim Hock Seng both failed to calm down their respective supporters, some of whom were more intent on creating a racket by cheering wildly or heckling rather than listening to what was being said.

At a couple of points, Hock Seng aimed barbs at a few unruly Gerakan supporters. He called them bodoh and samseng. That riled up the Gerakan side even more. A group of young DAP supporters at the back, who looked like they came to have a good time, responded by cheering their side on.

In the din, I could only catch snippets of what was said.

So, for me, the debate failed to live up to expectations. Instead of solid points, I heard partisanship and pointless cheering and heckling.

Security took the form of DAP stewards, Rela personnel and most likely, plainclothes police. But neither they nor the moderator could control some of the rowdy members of the audience. Nor were they able to enforce any code of conduct for a debate or to eject unruly members of the audience from the hall.

The audience outside the hall downstairs, following the proceedings on CCTV, was more sober. But the audio outside, which sounded muffled, was a letdown.

A couple of those present told me, “I don’t think people in Penang are ready for this kind of debate.” I would prefer to think otherwise. Unfortunately, not on this occasion.

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David Loman

Hock Seng kesal penjelasan masih diputarbelitkan selepas perbahasan


Darling kopi kau kau says singland is worse and praise B end here. Of course we spend money, time and tax payers money trying to convict a innocent lady who drop a yellow balloon. We are richer than singland and do not mind pay more un gst. After all singland has no resource. We have oil and plenty of cats and kopi kau kau trying to get rid


What so good about singland? Worst than a gee throwing ack the report to ma see see and see what can be charge. A gee himself take charge whereas voters are very smart and can spot a needle in hay but not big elephant. Concur with that person what so good as singland. Gelakan and m see a in bee n is better anytime than singland. All must agree with him otherwise we are niave and stupid worshippers to komtar. Who are the real pasar mlm traders cash is king


The continuous cursing by a Penang-Lang go.ally cast the spell on LGE, and this disillusioned cat phobia folk must be very happy with LGE detention now. So he should continue to curse so that more being detained with his kopi curse?


Penangites must rise to reject MCA, Gerakan and Umno.


every speech made made by pg lang is cursing like some workers used to speak foul words in every 5 sentences. how to change after so many years in this business. they still prefer to vote for big jaws and buayas. see how they vote even when they are made landless in their native land.


Next on his cursing list is YB Chow KY.
Judging from the feelings of majority of islanders, I advise this frustrated man better conceal his identity or a Anil can safeguard his identity … has become a “running xyz” to the community.


So fast to give up on LGE?
You absolutely useless supporter with absolutely no faith & no fighting spirit for our Pg CM!
If you want a real fighter CM, LGE is still the best choice for Penang.
If you want anything less than that, feel free go for CKY. But better pray to God for UBAH in CKY to withstand BeeEnd’s relentless attacks.

My Advice: Study up The Art of War by Sun Tzu.
And do less jiving (bad for the knees!!!)


Confirm every contribution is swearing and like construction workers and pasar mlm traders with foul words. Case confirm. What kind of upbringing ad what will brought down to his siblings?


What a political baby!
Go suck more milk from an alley cat!
Your knee-jerk of a Jerk reaction is over board.
Pls do read my comments b4 jumping to hallucinated conclusions like a Jerk.

ong eu soon

The following are the pertinent questions we should ask in the Penang Tunnel debate: 1) After there is a change in shareholding structure of Consortium Zenith Bucg Sdn Bhd the contract become voidable. Why the state government didn’t do anything to void the award of project to Consortium Zenith Bucg Sdn Bhd ? 2) Did Consortium Zenith Bucg meet the minimum paid up capital requirement of the pre qualification exercise? 3) How much is the current paid up capital of Consortium Zenith Bucg? 4) Is it true that China Railway Construction Corporation’s unit signed the road and undersea tunnel project… Read more »


Haiyah ! Another show of the politicians to fool us around ?
Nothing helps to alleviate the situation at all !


bee n not helping? they can sing tamil songs and give 5 kg of rice. tokong of telor anson promises uni in his seat. more than enough help otherwise they will not win in lasr electiom

David Loman

Full debate on this video:
Debat: 3 Lebuhraya & Terowong Bawah Dasar Laut

David Loman

Liang Teck Meng contributes weekly article to China Press, but his writings are nothing but hitting at DAP. Although he is educated in Japan, he has shown little sign of humility.

Stylo Logan

Liang is sucking up to Umno. Many Simpang Renggam folks are sick of him not helping the people there unless they pledge allegiance to BN.

LGE tak boleh

Feasibility and detailed design fees make up 4.8% of project cost, way above industry average. For project of this scale, the fees could be around 1% or less.


you go against engrs board fees scale. this a civil proj and not bldg. then bldg is 0.1%? you must be a pasar mlm trader. then go and capture market in china


Result of does not believe in CAT alluring anil is not putting facts here. No surprise with cash is kind, we have the buttock shakers, red shirts and tokong of Anson and liang See follow farlim kopi o kau kau initiate hitting below the belt with personal attacks like mad dog bites. No wonder sitting on PAC and obey with waggling tails and mouth is muzzled. At least freedom of worship of telor Anson tokong but condemmed others like PMIP

David Loman

Watch this footage from Oriental Daily:


When worshipping takes on the next level of delirium at the critical moment of exposing the CAT, expect the most unruly of human behaviour. Some as Anil pointed out – samseng. Some of us know what type of people are in the CAT Team which the Deity delights in such association. This might as well be a lost opportunity to “skin a cat kau kau”. The noisy delirium is a sure way to cause distractions & to pollute the debate with animal antics no different from GE zoo ceramah. Is this the eve of GE??? Hope somebody will report in… Read more »


must be farlim kopi o kau kau take the opportunity to make the most and loudest noise physically and online. any report cars were clamped for not obeying traffic laws.


Wah, so far from Penang can also sense kopi-o kau kau ah?
Must be happy the CAT narrowly got away? from skinning!
So much for a donkey ear & nose from as far away as PJ (?).

Dear donkey. One fact from tonight – not all Penangites love a Deity CAT…!


Godfather and Samsung with no ethic and wanting to skin a cat. What difference from mufti and IS. Lucky SPCA did not go after cat haters. You better have cat nightmares. Every contribution is the same tone full of anger and hatred… Becareful of pokkai