Cycling in the hot sun without sweating: One person’s solution


The owner of this bicycle was obviously not willing to wait around for the local council to plant more shady trees and create safe dedicated bicycle lanes and has instead come up with a possible low-cost solution.

Spotted near USM
Spotted near USM

As for the danger of cycling along our streets …. maybe we should all hope that more and more cars will clog up our roads thus forcing them to drive at a snail’s pace. Then it might be safer to cycle breezily past those crawling vehicles without having to worry about being hit by a speeding car or lorry. (But mind those death-defying motorcyclists weaving past the cars!)

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This country is dragging its feet over sustainability development. Air pollution is imminent , but people refuse to see it and blame mostly on the annual Sumatara burning. There is no plan to curb the use of motorcycle that emit more toxic fumes than car, and there is no plan to curb the car ownership. if you talk about bus, well, most Bolehland(TM) bus runs on diesel engine,. A full electrical vehicle or electrical pedal assist system is a quick and convenient fix for the pollution and congestion problem. But there is little political will to move it, since the… Read more »


Today many elderly woke up to the horrible news on the front page The Sun that EPF has not been paying dividends to those age 75 and above.


Be more specific and don`t mumbo jumbo. If as 72k agent pointed out as in the Star Business, IMDB with Jho Low should be laughing to the bank. Even with squatters as in most areas like Perak Road, Teluk Au, they will be compensated the most from 25k – 45k and at 112 psf. it is a song for 1MDB. Check out current land prices and you will see whether I am right or not


On imdb land acquisition the latest article in edge was revealing and startling
Imdb paid > 1 bil for lands filled with ground tenants
I guess imdb is the brave one treading on grounds where no one dare set foot on
Remember the farlim incident years ago?
Of course yang and the gang will be silent on this matter and only accused the present cm of just selling land to big time developers


I like it. Retro fitting the future…


No all things should go the way of high-tech & expensive.
This retro Japanese bicycle with retro wax-coated umbrella is quite practical with a few adjustment for this hot & humid climate.


Very hazardous for the rider as the umbrella fitting has raised the centre of gravity making it very unstable.


Young Msians will never ride bicycle. With only RM2000 initial payment and a 9-year car loan, one needs to pay only RM265 a month to drive the latest Perodua Axia. So such ‘invention’ by USM is irrelevant and is unlikely to move the university up the ranking.


I am waiting for more natural shelter by the roads before i embark on my cycling in Penang. The weather can cause skin cancer if not properly protected !

Btw, Yang will be happy engaging in 72K property business as 1MDB to build 9999 units at Air Itam area.


1MDB bought 9.5ha Penang island land from Farlim Group (M) Bhd for RM112.5mil per 2013 report i BN friendlt The Star, however currently no update at all about the progress of the promised 2,222 low-medium cost houses and 1,111 affordable houses in Air Putih, Air Itam and Paya Terubong.


1MDB brought 9.5 ha for 112.5 million. That would be about RM112 per sq ft. If this is the case then 1MDB should be making money as current market price in Farlim is as least about RM300 – 400 per sq ft even going up to as high as RM500 psf. Why should 1 MDB continue with the project. They voted in the CAT so so let the CAT do the job while 1MDB continue to profit through of the land sale in the future. Don`t blame BN blame yourself for trusting in the CAT. Well the affordable 72k will… Read more »


1MDB bought more than 234 acres (95ha) at a reported cost of RM1.38 billion around the Ayer Itam area before GE13 last year with the promise to build 9,999 units affordable housing for Penangites as per BN/Gerakan election manifesto.

What has happened now?
Is this another empty promise from BN?

How can Gerakan ‘stand up to 1Malaysia’ when it is clearly a plan to deceive rakyat, as 1MDB has been reportedly saddled with debts of RM38 billion?