Residents in string of established settlements in Penang face eviction


Residents in some two dozen established settlements in Penang are reportedly facing eviction.

The settlements include the following:

– the 150-year old Kampung Siam in Pulau Tikus
– Pepper Estate in Tanjung Bungah
– Kampung Perda in Teluk Bahang
– Kampung Mutiara in Batu Ferringhi
– Kampung Chetty in Batu Ferringhi,
– Kampung Tanjung Bungah
– Kampung Pokok Asam
– Kampung Batu Uban
– Kampung Binjai in Bayan Lepas
– Kampung Tok Subuh in Seberang Prai
– Kampung Sungai Nyior in Butterworth, currently in the news.

And what kind of development are they having to make way for? Chances are, high-end condos, apartment and bungalows for the well heeled.

So where do these residents go? Is the compensation they receive sufficient for them to even buy a so-called “affordable” home? What if they are pensioners or even worse, retirees without any source of regular income?

I do wish people would stop using the term ‘squatters’ as that is a loaded term, usually used by developers, that tends to wittingly or unwittingly strip historical settlers of whatever rights they have. Personally, I prefer the more neutral ‘settlers’ or ‘urban pioneers’.

The state government says it is powerless to do anything about evictions, that it is a victim of federal laws – especially if property owners have not applied for planning permission, as such cases come under the jurisdiction of federal laws.

But I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. I believe the state government does and should have some clout. It can, for instance, declare that planning permission will not be approved if settlers on the land in question have been treated unfairly or not properly compensated with certain minimum terms, which can be specified. Alternatively, developers who do not treat settlers fairly could be blacklisted.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

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Callum Chen

The Penang state government has made its unequivocal stand that it would not allow 1MDB to turn its fate around by building luxury properties on its vast 234-acre (98ha) “prime site” land bank in Air Itam, in line with its commitment to not allow federal agencies Penang Regional Development Authority (Perda) and JKP Sdn Bhd to include luxury-priced units on lands that have been acquired for affordable and public housing.

gk ong

Mixed development to allow the rich and the poor to mingle and interact?

How to trust 1MDB to build homes for the poor?


This is the worldwide problem of urban “gentrification”. Since ancient times, economies including “democratic” ones such as Athens were built on exploitation. Under-paid, un-housed employees settle at the edges of a town. Over time, the size of the settlement and the number of small businesses serving it increases. Despite the politicians’ promises, the filth, pollution, criminal activity and lack of services/utilities also grows. At some point, the plutocracy finds the area too attractive. It imposes “development.” Most of the residents cannot afford this development, even when it is shoddy and lacks infrastructure. To neutralise opposition, a few flats at most… Read more »


gk ong, forget about him, dont waste your time.


You can forget him or her but you cannot get away from the truth.


The blog will definitely be devalued if one who could not rebut with reasons and logic but call others bodoh just because they have a different view and support the other sides. Could Pakatan be a valuable coalition if its defacto leaders calls other races like the Chinese bodoh and some Chinese supporters like it so much and we rebut he called them bodoh again. Is that the value that pakatoon is giving to this blog.


Yang, CAT’s “Got Money, Can Talk” definitely fits the ‘buncit’ mindset of minions & trollers out to redefine on ‘what?-kind-of-value’ basis. Only sweet, venerable words of praise as in a church pulpit will be admissible as full of sense nice to their ears. “Oh CAT, My Lord & Saviour (from whom?) For Self-Enrichment”
Can’t blame such ballooned altered-ego trips for riding on a slippery Cosmo CAT’s back while scratching its Niao Kong fur 1440/24/7/365.

Anil, I believe is smarter & ego-managed to stay true to himself in such a scheming game of politico mind-bending-corruption.


cannot understand what the fuss you are making noise on?


Thanks for this blog Anil, particularly in reference to the use of the word ‘squatter’ and suggested alternatives.


With open eyes we know that Tunglang is not trying to lord over Anil`s. Nobody can lord over anybody even if you are a nobody less so the YAB CM. We must understand that the YAB is not the lord or anybody. He is not so great as he think he is. He is elected by the people and has proclaimed his so call CAT to the people. Many of us now know that the CAT motto has been compromised with … deceit which is why we must voice out. We cannot be like some ignorant fool that just because… Read more »


And this CAT is copy cat to China Mao ZeDong. Whether it is a black or white CAT, as long as it catches the mouse it is a good CAT. I think this type of CAT is no more applicable in this globalized world. He is just outdated but some people here is just obsessed with outdated CAT no matter what, black or white cat, lame and ferocious cat or even cat that go senile biting people around even if it is the people that nurture and feed him. We have to get rid of this type of CAT

gk ong

Cannot understand why such senseless and meaningless comments can appear here, really devalue the blog.


When the CAT is being compromised with deceit, you can still called it senseless. So are are condoning unaccounatbility, incompetency and no transparency. On top of that there is deceit in the state govt dealing of many project and you call that senseless. One can be considered senseless if one still support his idol even if his idol continue to do wrong, deceits …


Dear tunglang, who do you think you are, lord over Anil ???

Do you know your comment at 5 nov @ 9.47am sounds exactly like a person who makan cili rasa pedas.

I am not saying pakatan govt is faultless but you seem good at bullying pg govt only !!!

Anyway, this is the trait in chinese, they are only good at bullying their own!!! Shame !!!


Pandai-pandai perangai tak akan mengaku lakuan buncit kepala sendiri. Look at yourself in the mirror (The Dear Lord may help holding one full length for you) Look at yourself, are you not a Chinese? Ain’t you also a Chinese bully as you perceived in all Chinese? You also seem ultra-racist Chinese in multi-racial Malaysia. Sudah 57 tahun Merdeka, tapi masih berperangai phobia-kaum macam tu Katak Abraham. Anil, have I made you feel like a “Ya, Tuan” slave with just a timely reminder? In fact, I feel proud of your self-effacing response demeanour which attracts more readers from near & far… Read more »


Anwar a Malay like to call the Chinese bodoh. Another Anwar Chinese supporter like to call the Chinese bodoh. Is not that Chinese bullying the Chinese. Although I have PR in ang moh country, I want to migrate to a country like the Chinese area. It seem that he is stuck here most probably the Chinese there bully him back or he found here is better than there. If you look at his attitudes and comment, it smack of racism

Empat Sekawan SiaBoey

How to bully that CAT when that CAT still has PPS?
Who is Tunglang?
Pls don’t say Chinese are bully. This is popular saying by Tuan Katak.
Are you also Tuan Katak Kelawei?


Empat sekawan, (some) chinese are good at bullying their own kind only.
They are cowards !!! My other chinese friends agree.

I dont know what tuan katak says because i dont read him.

Tunglang or tulang, i am colour blind otherwise we wont have a malay uncle, ya and so many malay friends. In our dictionary, there is no such word called malay nor chinese, we are abang adik, paham ?


Cakap Tak Serupa Bikini!

Twist & turn like Sg Petani’s many U-turns!
Hokkien popular saying: “kong lai kong khi, kong ka-ki”
Ah Kee or Ah Kow sama-sama mulut.

Cheers 4-Sekawan Sia Boey, lu si chia tung lang.


Structurally what you are talking private personal rights vs property rights – its not only two different sets of law, its also under two different jurisdiction. States in Malaysia have no legal power on personal rights. The only legal avenue to address the problem for the State is property rights. What the state can do is recognize property rights of the “squatter” i.e., the buildings they construct. Give the CM the power to determine the value of the building they own that Federal Court has to recognize and then use it to bargain with the developer…


1MDB has bought RM1.38 billion worth of land at Air Itam to build affordable homes.
Perhaps those evicted could be resettled here?


my family waited for this to happen, but may choose to move to Batu Kawan because unlikely BN can build low cost housing in Air Itam when the land is bought at such high price.

Callum Chen

1MDB had planned to build up to 10,000 units of affordable homes and also “other development purposes” to generate higher value for the 34-acre (98ha) “prime site” land it bought for RM1.38 billion.

But CM LGE told 1MDB that it can only build affordable homes and not ‘other developments’ on that land.

What say you, Anil?

Phua Kai Lit

Mr Anil

Can I bring to your attention this video documentary.

P.S. The fight of our fellow Malaysians (Penan) in East Malaysia is
similar to the fight of the people of Kuantan against Lynas.
Penan Peace Park, ecotourism, locals working as park rangers, saving the
“green lungs” of the world?

ong eu soon

On 25 July 2014, in a filing with Bursa Malaysia, Astral Supreme Bhd said that since the signing of the joint-venture agreement with Zenith PMC Sdn Bhd on Aug 15, 2013, Astral Supreme Construction Sdn Bhd was unable to find consultants who could undertake the feasibility study project within the budget and the funding requirements. The agreement entails jointly carrying out a feasibility study and detailed design stage of the “Penang Mainroads and Tunnel Project”, involving the proposed construction of various roads in Penang and an undersea tunnel between Penang island and Seberang Prai. The state government should be aware… Read more »


Anil, i believe you sincerely feel for the poor like most of us do but some are taking revenge on personal grouch… shame !!!

Guys, flood the CM’s mail box if you really do care. Tq.


Or some for telling the truth


Anil, pls do remember clearly your motto: Let justice flow like a mighty river Not the Sg Pinang River fit for those who drink Black Tea for misty self-delusion post 308 & who cannot swallow the realities of ‘imperfection in idolism’ no matter how unpalatable / unsavoury but continue to live in CAT’s cloud nine. And worst of uncultured antics are those who deride & class-ified others as bodoh but they themselves as pandai-pandai. The harsh reality of check + balance is perfectly non-existence in their socio-political mindset of balanced score card (or report card). Instead of responsible “government for… Read more »


Only rich people for Penang island and where they are going to get poorer folks to serve them if the latter are evicted out of island?


No need for locals, ‘wai lao’ can do the low jobs for the richie. We can’t blame the richie. We can’t tell them how to live. They have the means to enjoy life, but the way the state is developing mostly for the richie is lop-sided & unsavoury. Social engineering thro’ skewed economic opportunities & population-class displacement, & home ownership a dream in an increasingly home-rental society will widen the divide between the haves & have-nots. And worst, some richie will soon dictate to the politicians how to run the state & steer the economy to their favours, e.g. the… Read more »


The problem is your perception could be considered as bodoh by some if it is not in line with their supporting like the Nia Kong. That is the problem now facing our country and people.


Anil, previously developers will only kick the ‘squatters’ out when they submit development plan to the council. Council will then make sure they compensate the squatters properly, that is free of any encumbrance before giving approval for development. Now it seems that developers have learned their lesson. They will kick the ‘squatters’ out first, months before any development plan is drawn up. Smart eh?


MPPP have no rights to counter. MPPP is only to approve plan as in accordance to the law. The squatters cannot demand. They either accept or see the Cheap Minister to solve it for them. The Cheap Minister in their election campaign promise this and that. Now we can see how cheap and low they can go


Or they can be like the students occupying the land or areas illegally just like in Hong Kong or what the student will be doing in UM. And when police come to evict them forcibly then blame BN, Gerakan UMNO MCA and tell the world that the rights have been infringed and the BN govt police are like hooligan. This is what the Western NGO would like to see couple with the local that thought they are smart and some guys that will say we are all bodoh when its our land and properties.