Marudi primary school pupils forced to bathe in murky pond water


While the son of the Sarawak Chief Minister is said (by his estranged wife) to be worth more than RM2bn, pupils in one primary school, SK Puyut, near Marudi in Sarawak are forced to bathe in a nearby pond “because water supply to the area is unreliable and most days the taps are dry”.

Pupils have to bathe in a murky pond in Marudi
This is the water we use for bathing – Photograph: Borneo Post

There has been a lot of fuss over pupils being forced to eat in a shower/changing room in a school in the peninsula, but this is even worse, don’t you think?

The students reportedly suffer from rashes after using the pond water for bathing.

The Telang Usan state assembly member Dennis Ngau also found that about 30 of the 46 primary schools in his area of Sarawak did not have proper facilities for the pupils and teachers.

According to a report in the Borneo Post:

“SK Kuala Tutoh and SK Ubung Imang are unsafe as the buildings are in dilapidated conditions.”

He said most of these primary schools, including teachers’ quarters, were built by the villagers on gotong-royong basis, and in some cases the buildings they put up were no better than chicken coops.

However, Ngau noted that the secondary schools were in much better conditions than the primary schools.

The problem of poor facilities and unsafe buildings in rural schools is not confined to Telang Usan as Hulu Rajang MP Wilson Ugak Kumbong when contacted about schools in his vast remote constituency described the condition of many the schools there as ‘daif’ (pathetic).

From his visits to his constituency, Ugak estimated that about 30 schools in Hulu Rajang needed urgent upgrading.

“These schools are in dire straits. Please highlight this issue so that these schools could be upgraded soonest possible,” said Ugak.

And this is happening in the wealthiest state in the country in terms of resources and GDP per capita. Those responsible for this state of affairs should hang their heads in shame.

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This is vicious cycle. In fact even supported by scientific research : POOR PEOPLE make POOR decision. Ironically, the whole things start from the information level. They cannot make slight improvement due to limited info they acquire. Looking at the “bathing water”, I wonder whether those school are properly lit with electricity? There is tons of simple technology can be implement to improve the condition, even an old day layered sand filtering system(all material can be acquire locally) is better than nothing. If treatment is require, stuff like potassium permanganate is not that expensive (unless some joker use it for… Read more »

Support Impian Sarawak

IMPIAN SARAWAK For decades, Barisan Nasional has deprived the rural communities of their basic rights and habitually uses pre-election handouts in exchange for their votes. We should do things differently to bring about genuine change to their lives. Under Impian Sarawak, we will provide basic infrastructure – roads, water and electricity. With basic facilities in place, the villagers can then focus on “Impian Sarawak” economic uplift projects such as cottage enterprises to earn stable incomes. At the same time, we’ll strive to educate the rural communities on their democratic rights as rightful Malaysian citizens. In short, we want to return… Read more »


Sarawakians should read ‘Hornbill Unleashed’ for issues affecting them:


The interior Sawarak folks once listened to ‘Radio Free Sarawak’ ( for news that affecting them, until Umno intercepted their listenership by offering free Astro NJOI TV decoders to them. Now rural Sarawakians will spend time watching TV3 8pm bulletin and Astro Awani that are singing praises of BN policies, and they all forget about their woes when entertained by the jokes of Raja Lawak, AC Mizal & Super Sponstan, as well as the entertainment gossips on TV3’s Melodi and Astro’s Propaganza while rooting for their favourites in Akademi Fantasia.

Ah Jib Kor will come to the rescue !
His doors are open in Putrajaya.

Sarawak Man

Dear Dr Pubalan,

All the interior Sarawak and rural constituents are under BN ADUNs.

Dr. Pubalan Muniandy

We understand that the people in the interior do suffer from water, food and shelter . What are the elected reps doing about it? They do not voice it out in the state assembly and parliament. They are as quiet as a mouse during the proceedings. Agree with everything the government and follow the instructions blindly without realizing that the interiors of Sarawak need much more to be done. It is sad when you travel inland and see the state of the people there. They are being cheated left right and center and taken advantage of. Their land disappearing before… Read more »


Well Najib looks ,ike Abdullah – sleeping on his job.
rajraman.Sarawak chief Minister milk the land dry …
… extra billions for his …family.
ACA – sleeping deep down 6 feet under when come to high profile corruption.


Najib tipu Sarawakians despite being the majority of 49%.

joo kok

this is how najib treats his fixed deposit in Sarawak?


It should be this is how UMNO treat the fixed deposit in Sarawak.
It has happened for the past 50 years when Sarwak become part of Malaysia