Let them eat croissants


This one takes the cake! Instead of finding out the real reason these children are “underprivileged”, the response is a typical bandaid kind of assistance.

Maybe The Loaf might be interested in participating in this venture under its Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

Serving leftover bread and pastries to “underprivileged” children tells us that not much thought has been given to the dignity of the poor.

Perhaps people can sell their designer handbags and jewellery to raise funds for projects that would really empower the poor.

Instead of allocating so much money to the PM’s Department, funds could be made available for more meaningful projects. The hundreds of millions of ringgit that is illicitly siphoned out of the country could also be used for these projects.

While the rich folks think of croissants, low-income families are struggling to cope with a 30 per cent spike in vegetable prices due to “wet season”. But when the “wet season” is over, will the prices come down? Sadly, we have neglected food self-sufficiency.

Anyway a good place to start would be to find out why there are so many “underprivileged” children after 55 years of BN rule.

This report in The Star:

Rosmah wants Roti 1Malaysia for Permata centres


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KUALA LUMPUR: The success of the Roti 1Malaysia Charity Programme, which distributes fresh bread and pastries to the underprivileged in the Klang Valley, has caught the attention of Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

In giving the stamp of approval for the programme, the Prime Minister’s wife suggested that it be expanded to Permata centres nationwide.

“Make sure the bread and the croissants reach the children because I don’t think our children from the Permata centres have tasted croissants.

“So, please give them a chance to taste croissants not only children in homes, but also in the Permata centres,” she said during the launch of the programme yesterday.

She added that the Roti 1Malaysia programme was in line with the Government’s objective in developing a caring society.

Have bread: Rosmah feeding bread and pastries to the children from various homes at the launch of the Roti 1Malaysia Charity Programme in Kuala Lumpur. Have bread: Rosmah feeding bread and pastries to the children from various homes at the launch of the Roti 1Malaysia Charity Programme in Kuala Lumpur.

Started in August last year, the private sector initiative provides the underprivileged with quality breads and pastries from 14 hotels and 11 bakeries.

The fresh bread and pastries are sent daily to about 5,000 people from 60 old folk’s and disabled homes, orphanages, hospices, refugee centres and a HIV shelter.

Programme founder chairman Datuk Anne Eu welcomed Rosmah’s suggestion.

“My team will have to sit down with the Permata team and work it out. It will have to start with the centres in the Klang Valley,” she said.

via Rosmah wants Roti 1Malaysia for Permata centres – Nation | The Star Online.

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“I want them to taste croissants” – who will fund & manage this additional request? I want to do a lot of charity too, especially if I don’t need to lift a finger nor fork out the money. How fake can one get?!? And “hotel-class croissants” for the underprivileged? Really?! Wouldn’t ordinary bread feed more children, at the same cost? Why “overprivilege” a handful and neglect a nation? Sometimes, Corporate Social Responsibility projects are over-thought and deviates from its core purpose. But in the case of Rosmah announcing her “want”, I suggest she puts her money (and her fat hands)… Read more »


Well, she can she is not so bad, Imeleda Marcos had HIS & HERS private jets that she used even when going to the same destinations… On the other hand, Hermes stuff are a lot more expensive than shoes and shoes were cheap back then…..

Oon Wee Chin

Dedicated to our 1st Lady from les Miserables:
Do You Hear The People Sing


Such insensitivity and ugly lack of empathy can only be learnt from a feudal tradition wherein rogues, brigands, pirates and poisoners have installed themselves … and served as extremely poor examples of rulership. … The mark of an authentic Chief, King, Messiah or Prophet is that he or she has enough compassion, intelligence, wisdom and love for the people to always put their interests before his or her own.


lucky children albeit underprivileged. we folks have no chance of enter 5star hotel what more eat hotel class cakes and pastries. might as well teach them how to make such high class cookies and later make it their career.

Rom Nain

Creatures like this are not funny at all. They are disgusting, ugly beings who don’t know – and evidently don’t want to know – about the plight of the poor. They look down on the marginalised, the dispossessed, and feel that simply feeding them morsels will be good enough. These are `people’ deserving of our contempt.


Wows, I though nobody surpass old day Ayoyo Samy… then later we see the Pak Lah-lala gang … that did that in broad day light.

Now jibjib gang even better. Ross seems want EVERY (BIT)….


I mean

…what happened to Marie Antionette (and her husband) after
“let them eat cake”…


It would he very hard to convince many folks, including me, that Rosmah and her 1Roti program reflect a genuine and whole-hearted concern (much less love) for the needy children. Not when tens, even hundreds, of millions of the nation’s funds are splurged left ond right on all sorts of questrionable expenses. Did Seri Perdana need the RM65 million renovations after Najib became PM and Rosmah started proclaiming herself “First Lady”? How much did the trips to London and New York cost? The sneak trip to Perth on Perdana One?Milan and Dubai? Were the folks in the entourage necessary? If… Read more »


If you recall so called how “ministry wife club” , and Selangor exco “wife club” burn the money, then you know what happens when money channel inside diamond club : buy more luxury stuff, more free shopping trips,etc.


The children at the permata centres have not seen 13million worth of diamonds so i think it nice
and kind hearted of the patron to exhibt the diamonds for the benefit of the ‘poor’ children perhaps the children could take turns in wearing the 13million diamonds and not to forget the birkin bags and shoes and platinum studded panties in the pantry.