Bush uses Clinton’s shirt as handkerchief


He’s out of office but he still manages to do some pretty dumb things. Bush wipes his hand on Clinton’s shirt after shaking hands with a local during a recent trip to Haiti.

Moral of the story: In this Internet age, politicians had better be prepared for intense scrutiny of their every public action.

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How on earth did this idiot graduate from Yale? Or was it Harvard?


I think it is more a sign of affection.

I sometimes see your unnecessary hatred of GW Bush as pretty unjustified.


yes…… fool beter go to school mr bush.

Andrew I

I was looking more at Bill’s reaction. Possible thoughts crossing his mind at the time:

1. What are you doing?
2. Now’s not the time, George.
3. Are you doing what I’m thinking you’re doing?
4. I’m trying to shake hands here. What do you want?

Yes, Anil, in this day and age, there are eyes everywhere. Don’t think George was informed of the Berlusconi clip.


What a smart man. he knows how to pass the sh*t to someone else. This is in his character.


Classic GW.

kok keong

No, moral of story: Bush is simply rude and uncouth (not to mention an intellectual zero).


What a jerk! He should carry his own hankie instead of doing something so low down like that.