Sarawak Report block a sign Umno is losing the propaganda battle


The move to block the Sarawak Report website and Lim Kok Wing’s resignation are signs that the BN is losing the propaganda war over 1MDB and other scandals.

Even before that, Najib had the Wall Street Journal and The Edge to contend with. Now comes Bloomberg with The Scandal that ate Malaysia.

What is the Najib administration going to do? Ban all these business websites? I don’t think so. It has not even sued the Wall Street Journal for its explosive revelation.

Instead, in a damage control move, it has blocked the Sarawak Report website. What next? Block/ban the Edge and Mahathir’s blog?

But hey, this is the internet. Unlike the story of the boy who saves his country by poking his finger into a dyke to plug a leak, the Najib adminstration is not going to save itself or the country by plugging the information flow in the worldwide web.

Blocking a website is an exercise in futility. It may stop those who don’t know their way around the internet but in reality, it is like plugging a hole the diameter of a cannon ball with your finger. Besides, articles can be shared on social media.

Meanwhile, more holes have appeared all over the dyke: Rafizi, Tony Pua, Sarawak Report, Mahathir, The Edge (courageous of Ho Kay Tat, I must say), the Wall Street Journal and now Bloomberg. (Now Tony Pua, and possibly Rafizi, have been blocked from travelling abroad.)

Lim Kok Wing must have seen the writing/leaks on the wall, decided it was time to call it a day at the office, and switched off the lights on the way out. After all, gone are the days when you could win the propaganda battle using government-controlled media monopoly.

Now the people have options.

And what do you do when the business press joins in? It is one thing taking action against opposition politicians using repressive laws. But it won’t do business or economic confidence much good if the government goes after the business media, especially when confidence is already at a low ebb.

For now, the Najib administration finds itself stuck in a Catch-22 situation. No amount of public relations or repressive measures can plug the flow of information to the rakyat.

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The truth has always been enemy of corrupt politicians, criminals and lawbreakers. Instead of going after the real criminals, Umno decided that it is best to shut down the whistleblower of the crime. Has the truth hurt Umno big time?


God,’s are always fairer than man’s law and bad deed conscience will carry one to his grave. One fact cannot escape. Show us the money gone?

gerak khas

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) today pledged tough action against any bank found to have breached money-laundering laws pertaining to accounts linked to 1MDB.

Something is really amiss to prompt such statement from the PAP government, perhaps seeing an opportunity to arm twist Jibby’s administration?


There is no proof as yet that the exposes on 1MDB made by the whistle-blower site Sarawak Report are false, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) said in a briefing to online editors in Cyberjaya near Putrajaya this morning.

Why then the portal is blocked?


Yes, guys, you can read for free at malaysiakini @ Najib is feeling the heat as 1mdb melts down.

Do pray for the safety of Tony Pua, Rafizi and Ho Kay Tat, in particular, as you know this is a c4 land… They stick out their lives for you and me. May the Almighty
stretch out His wings to protect them till the end !


Yes, Tony Pua, Rafizi and Ho Kay Tat are in great risk as the authority is so desperate to silence them.
Any harm on them will cause greater damage to BN.


So what. You are also feeling the heat that keep on ah mah mah.
If you think Najib is feeling the heat why do you feel the heat on Tony, Rafiz and Ho and need to pray for them. Don`t worry the law is always fair unless they have committed a crime and will join their defacto in Sg Buloh.


Lester Melanyi the bankrupt guy has been lying and spinning tales to discredit Sarawak Report and to create a smokescreen to cover up 1MDB’s scandals? He (may) be well rewarded after this, never mind being called scums/hoodlums/hucksters if he is paid a lot of easy money in the bank? But he is fast losing credibility by posting that British man photo. This unreliable Jester named some names & our super efficient Police are going after them! WSJ, The Edge & Sarawak Report produced documentary evidence & our Police are still taking its time investigating! Mahathir openly said he would topple… Read more »


Mahathir promised never clamp down any internet site.
But Ah Jib has a different idea now that he is so desperate to hide the truth.


M lock them up under ISA

gerak khas

This is a good Bloomberg article on The Malaysian Insider: Najib is feeling the heat of 1MDB meltdown.

Lim Kok Wing quits the advisory role as he knows that there is little chance of redemption for Najib, and to dissociate himself from the current propaganda effort by Umno via Utusan, TV3, NST etc for fear of tarnishing his own image?