Pro-Umno blogs’ unethical reporting


A few pro-Umno blogs have hit rock bottom with their innuendos and unproven allegations about Guan Eng’s son.

This blog has been critical at times about some of the Penang government’s policies. It is nothing personal, and I think the state government politicians understand that.

For the pro-Umno blogs to drag Guan Eng’s family members, especially a minor who should be protected from such unfounded humiliation, into their political fight is unethical, shameful and disgusting. The photo of the girl used on the blogs is reportedly that of someone from Hong Kong now representing England in chess.

What’s more the Heng Ee school head in Penang has dismissed the allegations as “completely untrue”.

I was also against the demolition of Kampung Buah Pala, but for one politician to tweet an innuendo “Kampung Buah Dada” when referring to these allegations is beyond belief.

This saga reflects these bloggers’ and their political masters’ desperation and their inability to engage or criticise the administration on policy matters.

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Alan Newman. NZ

Malaysia has neither transparency (non-corruption) nor real human rights, neither freedom of the media nor true democracy. The blacks are only 14% of US population, if Obama can be US President, an Indian can be a Malaysian PM…think about it! How tragically you’ve been treated. Mahathir, what have you got to be proud of? Have you left a Malaysia legacy respected, successful and uncorrupted like your next door Singapore? True religion, humanity and morality have no room for plunder & racism. It’s only you yourself glorifying yourself, the World community hasn’t a rice grain of respect for you. Lim Guan… Read more »


My son’s friend is an unemployed local graduates who was recruited by (a certain political party) to write poison letters in blogs to discredit the opposition.


For the same reason we should avoid NST at all cost.

Jacob Ooi

We are used to hear ISA is good for Malaysia!
We are also accustomed to “if a civil servant does wrong, he is transferred out of his comfort zone!”
But we are not used to hear from our political leaders that personal attack on family of another politician is totally unacceptable (Except one woman minister—Hurrah!) and should be punished-Why the Government of the day (elected and paid to do the job) remain silent?
Is this too trivial an issue?


papagomo is a site (allegedly supported) by umno to advance its cybertrooper activities.


Learn from Rais, LGE should sue the umno blogger and KJ for defamation.

Donate the money won from the suit for state welfare program.


When we want to hentam someone, we have to be very sure that it will not strike back at us and make us malu. In this case on LGE’s son, if the blogger/s were to do some homework, like asking around, they would have found out that LGE’s son was in SXI since the beginning of the year and not recently.

Nk Khoo

UMNO goons think repeating lie for 10,000 times will make it a truth…

UMNO goons have no shame to use the sodomy plot against Anwar for second time. This speaks itself on how some … brains think and function.


I just dont know what to say, only morons will vote for BN !!!

Truly, we have to pray hard for God to save this country.

UMNO is running amok !!! Beware !!!


Utusan should be banned. It’s appauling that most schools subscribe to this newspaper. It carries no credibility and writes rubbish to poison the minds of the readers. It’s the newspaper for The UMNO and The UMNO only!!!!

Ahmad Sobri

What happened with the above is an eye opener to all Malaysians, especially to Bangsa Melayu! … All the lies being propagated by alleged (pro)UMNO bloggers! Who will believe sodomies, sex tapes, Kampung Buah Dada, now that the truth had prevailed? UMNO is a real shame to Bangsa Melayu and Khairy Jamaluddin is the greatest shame to the once proud Bangsa Melayu! Do you expect Bangsa Melayu to be united when all these wrong doings are being propagated? Betul betul ” Less Taught”! If you want to tell a lie, at least make sure it is a good lie, those… Read more »

Pretty Obvious

Ours is truly a country of opportunities where even an inept … can aspire to be PM by age 40. These clowns can’t even do a proper frame-up job !!!

By the way, we are still waititng for the political eunuch KTK to provide an accountability on Kampung Buah Pala amongst the many scams under his administration. I am not holding my breath though.


As long as you dont give back power to amno and all the contracts divinely reserved for them, any chief minister will be attacked until he goes crazy and check himself in to tanjung rambutan.That’s why Koh was smart enough to stay sane so long-he left it to amno to run the state while he just show his face around only and collect buta gaji tinggi. Be ready LGE, more nonsense are coming your way just like Khalid Selangor MB faced all kinds of idiotic attacks.One of you is nearing to go bananas soon.


It is so obvious that that the Home Minister is allowing Utusan to write and print all the lies they like without any fear of having to explain or even to prove to anyone how factual they are. How can he get away with the one sided attitude, he must think he can get away with this… What actions has he taken on the murder of the mongolian woman ? And what actions has he taken to find out who was responsible for the immigration records of this murdered woman being deleted. He is the minister in charge of the… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

I have specially devote my effort to overthrow LGe administration by giving him all kind of constructive ideas especially those involved public transit at the Penang public transport forum of Anil’s blog. My attempt will pre-empt the RM3.2m Penang Transport Master Plan which is void of ideas on improving the transport system of the state. LGe can’t resist my ideas on Bus Transit for Penang Bridge, this time I give him a Bus Rapid Transit compliment with publicly shared bicycles scheme. If he does not include my ideas in the Penang Transport Master Plan, the plan will not be able… Read more »


Ah Soon, you are as BIG a fool as the dUMNO cybertroopers. This is not about LGE & his administration. This is about cowardly attack on a 16 year old boy. Even now you have the cheek to take pot-shots at a helpless child.
You are so hell-bent on your demented projects and BESTest OF BEST imaginary visions, that you can stoop so low to score points.
No one wants to read your BLOGS that you have to come here to force others to read your posts,

Ong Eu Soon

I am teaching the stupid (pro-Umno) fellas how to attack LGe without stooge so low with unfounded allegation.Isn’t that the right way all those (pro-Umno) bloggers should behaved? Fight with style! Not bodek! Stupid!


You are a sick and downright dumb… Dont let your emotions get to you when you write. Reason out, you may hate LGE for all that we all care, but your facts are baseless comparing the current administration who have been in power 3 years compared to the way penang was run since KTK became the CM ( Tun Lim not included).
By the way ah soon ah……, the (pro) UMNO blogger is Novandri …

king kong

Ah Soon Khor was to be David Living Stone to convert the world with his ideas. People do not believe in him goes to Hades. Be sporting like Sporting Sam – winning is not all the time. He is so against developement and developers but he wanted to have Bus transits to be built by them. Who operates the Buses – It is MCA/GErakan Federal Government running the rapid buses. Ah Soon Khor is just talking to the wrong guy and deceiving the readers. As for the bicycle lanes, it will turn into motorcycle lanes over a period of time… Read more »

Sze Tho

Let him rant on. Ppl can see for themselves. He has nothing to contribute bus same nasty half baked allegations.


Eu Soon, I’ve seen you at forums and your rants are in line with a madman that always insists that things must be done his way or else it is a failure! You are an idealist with no idea of realism. You once asked that there be a transit station throughout Penang. Can you tell me how are we supposed to acquire the land to build that? This is about the lies on Guan Eng’s son. You mean you rather these low lives in BN rule Penang again just because you r not satisfied with PR rule? At least PR… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

Those are no brainers of BN. All you need to fight LGe is give him constructive criticism knowing that he is too incompetent to do anything.
LGe is just a copy cat of BN. He has no ideas what to do and no passion in running the state government. As a politician he only know how to win an election. He isjust as hopeless as KTK, both only have zero KPI.


Friend. You must be from Gerakan.

Nk Khoo

Very stupid setting from Anil…should you let thumb down to blank out a posting?

That is very undemocratic to suppress dissenting voice.

Nk Khoo

You are implying more thumb downs are lies.

That is a donkey work to judge a truth by voting…Hitler was supported by 90% Germany before world war 2, more votes mean nothing is truth searching.

Ong Eu Soon

Let them thumb down. I have no problem with it. It just show how the sycophant supporters of LGe behaved when their hero is being criticised.


nkkhoo himself censors or do not publish readers’ comment on his blog, especailly those comments that criticizez MCA, particularly CSL.


And to say you believe in democracy. Huh!


Boh Lan Hoots are typical gangsters preying on minors.
Shame on them. No wonder they are still thrash materials on blogs as well as on streets.
Why not go to Sia Boay or Chit Teow Lor?

三條路 captain

3rd Lane residents (LEBUH PRESGRAVE 三條路) also welcome boh hoot & hock none to solve Ah Soon’s frustrations with post 308 penang developments.
We can set up the platform for the friendly debate, and tunglang is welcomed to be the mediator ?

Ong Eu Soon

Anil already set up the platform, if you have the gut and brain come and debate with me in the Penang Public Transport Forum of Anil’s blog.

Sze Tho

Please spare us your inflated ego. You are incapable of holding a rational debate. Your typical modus operandi is to throw countless accusation without valid basis.


All the points have been debated to death. Anti-development vs Anti-corruption. We have all made our choice.

Ahmad Syafiq

Penangites must never dare to bring back BN as state gov’t for the next 10 years. Enough said.


What struck me was the incompetence, stupidity and carelessness in carrying out this evil act. These dummies could not even do this properly. DumbNo.


Plain & simple. File for an immediate injunction against the blogger & sue his pants off!
Somehow all the BN leaders chose to maintain total silence instead of coming out in support of the poor child. Khairy went even further down to mention about Kg Buah Dada.
Picture was that of a Chess champion… Due to the poor command of English, these (D)UMNO guys could have mistakenly spelt CHEST instead of CHESS.

Ong Eu Soon

Stupid! The guy use pseudo name just like you. How to find the guy? You are acting like those stupid bloggers of (Umno). Talk nonsense all the time. Another bodek kaki except you are not pro (Umno), you are pro-Development Action Party!


Ah Soon, i really pity you, i mean it with good intention.

From what i see, i think you are a very bitter person and not only lonely.

SamG always talks sense, not like you, venomous.

Ah Soon Kor, what had Lim Guan Eng did to you that you hate him so much? Maybe some of the kind readers here can help you, politics aside, ok?

Please do not ruin your health as we only live once.

Ong Eu Soon

The following are the reasons: 1) Give freehold land status under to special circumstances to YTL for the so called heritage hotel project where there is no hotel at all. 2) Give scandalous concession to ECO Meridian for his pet project, sPICE 3) Wanton change to development density against the permissible maximum density without transit oriented land use. 4) Attempt to pass a FOI act that threaten to jail or fine those who ask for information 5) Give away land reclamation rights without EAI. 6) Approve Hill Slope development while told the whole world he did not do so. 7)… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

16) Simply talk big on stimulus spending as he is spending LKS’s money, resulted Najib keep spending our money in the tune of billion. 17) Wanton demolition of heritage buildings 18) Wanton exhumation of old grave disregards for historical and heritage values 19) Proposed under sea tunnel with intention to give concessions with public debate 20) Proposed tunnel for Balik Pulau with intention to give concessions with public debate 21) Deny Penangites affordable housing by setting the price of LMC unit to be above RM75,000 22) Overzealous approvals for luxury condos disregard the need for affordable housing 23) Building LMC… Read more »


Ah Soon Khor

Harbour such strong hatred is not good for your health. As a good friend no one wants to see your heart deteroriates. See now you have “chow for yap more”. Like in the matrial art, the dark force comes in. The Economist and Bloomberg reports have different version from you. Not happy you can challenge them.

Nk Khoo

It’s quite easy to find out the IP and the account holder ID if MCMC willing to step in. The issue here is very difficult to prove who is the blogger who post the seditious posting unless UMNO (supporters) are brave to admit they are the one openly. I give you an example, IP from my internet account does not mean I am the one send out this posting, it can be hacked on the way for unsecured connection between my PC and Anil’s server. I have fighting against Petronas in the court for sedition case and other issues, USD100… Read more »


If Rais Yatim can find out the blogger who claimed that Rais raped the Indon maid, surely MCMC can trace the malicious message to its origin….

But we know those (pro-)umno cybertroopers got all the blessing to spread lies to perform character assasination when election is drawing near.


Its all left in “VOTERS” hands now! They should seriously think whether it is worth a pinch of salt to vote this kind of people (UMNO) into Parliament anymore.


This is not just unethical, but bothering on evil.. Not too long ago, there was a case of a school boy who was accused on molesting his schoolmate. After exiting from a counselling session, he jumped to his death. Youngsters are very vulnerable, and this kind of prank posting is certainly playing with fire with people’s lives.


Its not just unethical, Its desperate. Yes UMNO BN … now dangerous, desperate, dirty and When all else fails, sex and more sex and they seem to forget that BN has one of the best sex star around CSL From Free Malaysia : It is a sad but true fact that for the past five years or so Malaysia has constantly been losing out in terms of foreign direct investment (FDI). Either our regional competitors have caught up with us or we have stalled. In 1998, for the first time, Thailand overtook Malaysia in attracting more FDI, and in 2005… Read more »

Andrew I

Our aged stud had to throw in his two sen worth that it’s actually both sides playing gutter politics. This, from the web cam master….