Poll: Should news portals and blogs be forced to register with the authorities?


The Communications and Multimedia Ministry has sent to the attorney general’s chambers a proposal to amend the law so that news portals and blogs (apparently aimed at political or news blogs) will be forced to register with the government.

This appears to be a thinly disguised attempt to restrict or control the space for freedom of expression against the backdrop of the recent exposes of major corruption or financial scandals and the blocking of several critical websites. What do you think?

Are we going backwards? All this is a far cry from Mahathir’s pledge not to censor the internet first made when the Multimedia Super Corridor was set up in the 1990s. And as recently as May 2014, Najib pledged to preserve the internet as a space for free debate and discussion.

What can you do? If you feel strongly about this, contact your local elected rep and tell him or her what you feel about this.

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Corruption and control: Malaysia’s muzzled media In May 2015, investigative news website the Sarawak Report broke the 1MDB corruption scandal – millions of dollars allegedly misappropriated from the country’s development fund into Prime Minister Najib Razak’s personal bank accounts. Coverage of the story revealed something many Malaysians already knew: that the country’s media landscape is split between mainstream outlets unwilling to report such stories and online publishers facing increasing pressure to keep silent. News sites have been blocked, editors have been called in for questioning and even foreign journalists have been detained in association with coverage of the scandal. The… Read more »


Sarawakians tolak GST.

Ambeng Jair

The video show the reality of the rural folks in Sarawak.
Unfortunately BN tends to paint rosy picture on its Umno’s TV3.
GST really hurts the poor people in Sarawak.
We must believe in Impian Sarawak. Thank you DAP.
We all must vote wisely and not be deceived by Adenan, as Pek Moh is still influential as the state Governor.


rajraman you and anil support your good friend dr lim a mppp councillor who is sleeping while hills are allowed to botak. why this was tactfully raised with your deity lucifer? instead raising clamping and towing in non tow zone. you will mock at your mb or mayor they do tow your hans car. pasar malam trader thinks he is very good in account thinking penang is as rich as selangor, kl and johor with massive reserves to provide free transport? state pays rapid millions to run the loop service as transport licence is control by umno gomen. is that… Read more »

David Loman

Gerakan Media Marah (Geramm) in collaboration with the Institute of Journalists (IoJ) is set to launch its “Solidarity Media for Media” campaign tomorrow in light of recent developments that have affected the industry.

“The campaign objectives are two-fold – to raise public awareness that independent media in Malaysia cannot exist without their support, and to call on all facets of the Malaysian media to stand united for the sake of the profession,” Geramm said in a statement today.


Not Superman Not Batman either

Anil no update for hours probably on hot trails of MrX?


Who is Mr X?


remember the promises to the family of tech being hock by this man?
The court has made a ruling but what has the government done?

gk ong

He also talked a lot about PR1MA giving false hope to the poor, as Minion Nades (on The Sun today, possibly under the pressure of philanthropist …) has helped him to push the responsibility of building affordable homes to the state governments. Why not Bandar Malaysia be Bandar Najib for the poor?

gk ong

Why the local journalists (foreign ones of course no longer allowed) do not ask Najib directly if he is still keeping up to his commitment of internet freedom?


why umno worries. there are many likes of ibrahim, tinju, ah tee, ikan bakar and little machais to keep ph disarray. do ph can never be strong. umno will always be in power. no one cares about 2 party system. umno is better than the komtar toking or diety anytime


Mahathir on internet censorship :


Najib said no internet censorship before :


Australia TV to tell the world about what’s going on with Najib :


Najib may not want honour Mahathir”s promise to keep internet free from censorship?

Anyway, will Mahathir’s Lawsuit Reignite Political Turbulence?


Keruak is one of the minions of Najib carrying out unpopular policies on his behalf?


Mukhriz: MT Umno Kini Semuanya Yes Men

Johan Khun Pana

And how are they the authorities going to punish the un-registered bloggers?
Wonder which idiot/s would come out with such an idea and announce his/her moronic suggestion.
It can never works , as news bloggers can easily add-in a ‘satirical news(but honestly true)” category.
And we all can continue laughing.


He is not only clamping but towing away all the bloggers who report truths and facts like Anil’s.

He thinks this way no one will know about the 1mdb affairs n the 2.6B scandal and all the ugly things done by him !!!

Now, they are trying to control the social media as well just like china during mao’s era, mao even controlled your thinking !!! …

State of Fear

Four Corners reporter Linton Besser investigates two sets of extraordinary allegations of bribery and corruption: one involving a massive arms deal; the other, the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund. It’s a story that’s made headlines around the world. “Hello Mr Prime Minister, ABC Australia. I’m wondering if you can explain the hundreds of millions of dollars in your account?” Linton Besser’s pointed questions landed him and cameraman Louie Eroglu in serious trouble. “I’ve been placed under arrest …we are waiting for some legal advice but at the moment it looks like they intend to charge us.” On Monday night Four Corners… Read more »


Anil please update us on this.
Post the video in your blog. Thks.


State of Fear: Murder and Money in Malaysia.
It’s a story of intrigue, corruption and multiple murders, stretching from the streets of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur, to Switzerland, France and the US as well as Hong Kong and Singapore, all the way to Australia’s doorstep.


Is Najib going to sue ABC?


VERY GOOD work.. So many people talked about TMI and no one pointed this out.. Najib’s promises and pronoucements are not worth crap. Najib is a PATHOLOGICAL SOCIOPATHIC LIAR.. Its actually simply AMAZING the crap he gets away with..He is not only Mahathir’s political Anakku Sazali, he is OURS Annakku Sazali, all Malaysian…


There are 3 famous (spinners). One at Federal level and have plenty of donation to donate to buy warlords. One use religion and current power house in Kelantan said negara kebajikan and now want to make it negara Hudud. One first say subsale without swimming pool, don’t know the market value and he just a accountant not a property agent. Everyday new excused. rajraman. There many more this kind of people’s in biggest business in the world. Politics. Very lucrative job. Can buy and sell just using Saliva and it’s free. If question their Moral, some of their supporters will… Read more »


“If question their Moral, some of their supporters will whack you or gives negative votes.” No alternative mah! Still in308 Euphoria that requires an exorcism. It has reach a state of overt-worshipping of Diety that anything unsavoury of this Diety’s conduct is a better comparison to others like the Balinese mansion. “Just a few million mah, why the uproar? Donation in the billions is far worst” But then the minds of minions are already too clouded to make a sensible reason. It has reached a survival or die without Niao Kong. Such desperation of idolism! The ordinary people are dustbin… Read more »


Read these comments on MsiaKini: The so-called Taman Manggis lot was originally a long and rectangular piece of land. The original plan since the 70’s was to build two match-box-like low cost flats (like most other low cost flat design) along the length of the land to maximize land use. However, when previous state government actually built the project in early 2000’s, one was truly puzzled as to why only a single block was built and this block smacked right at the middle of the land, “wasting” a small valuable piece (facing Burma road, subject in the current controversy) and… Read more »



Who talk so much about zoning and oppose high density but it is okay wanting to put poor people in commercial business area and cramp them to make increase the density in that area. So what is his reason to put the poor in that area?

Why not gelakan put public housing in green lane or tanjong bungah?


So much nonsensical absorbed wholeheartedly from CAT’s promises of social justice (which includes non-discrimination of Rakyat in term of housing).
Bo Bin-Chui is no face for already rich & famous Niao Kong, a symbolic discriminator of social justice delighted to the hilt by discriminating worshipping wannabes.
Tak malu buat janji 308. Padan muka yang cakap siok-siok tak serupa bikin.
Karma will see to it.


all big words are just hollow. no discussions and throwing cheap shot and lowest form of gutter politics. you hsve not reply to utopia’s statement and same content mocking
i. am surprise anil maintain a low standard in his blog. mocking


what is your solution then???


Since you are strong supporter the Deity why not you gives a solution the mess he created.If your solution given not acceptable by me i gives my opinion. rajraman. I always want 2 party system but neither i going to keep quite either if Deity Party gives stupid excused.I am free man from Organised Religion and i don’t buy cheap minister excused.I don’t worship human either. Azmin,Azizah,Anwar from PKR i can’t say much since one Anwar dance to tune of Politics musical,Azmin dance with PAS,Azizah a mere puppet use by Azmin and Anwar. UMNO must (close shop) since UMNO is… Read more »


Did I not support tunglang to clamp komtar’s car if the rules are broken and the rule applies to BN’s cars. The Aust PM was fined for not putting seat belt during official duty. So rule is rule. Also I opposed clamping and towing cars if MPPP did not fore warn or designated as tow zone as practised in overseas local councils which Penang Forum support towing with iron fist. The story on CM has not end and my solution is to let MACC to do the job since UMNO is very eager to finish him off. You do not… Read more »


How do you know i cry? Critised mean cry? What have you contribute other than praising every single move your Deity make. Right is right and wrong is wrong whether it’s UMNO OR Deity. Can you ask the Deity father whats happen to the promised he made call “Gelah Patah Declaration”? rajraman.Grow up Zoro.Don’t make the Political Trader beat around the bush.One day the same bush will burnt you or your future generation. UNMASK yourself and free your mind. Wake up and vomit out all the saliva you have bought from Political Traders.When more Malaysian start to question any wrong… Read more »


When did I say Diety is good? I just offer a different view. You said hills are botak because you and Anil blame gomen allowing developer to carry out the works. My contention is if you are a hillslope owner, you have no right to an access road to your propertry? You cannot clear the trees in your property? What kind of law if bushes can be added but not cut? Also you demand a car which is your basic right and so is everyone but Penang is a finite place. You just mock and offer NO discussions or solutions… Read more »


Another usual parroting of “knee-jerk”.
So dearth of words of proper expression.
Better work in Chew Thean Yeang Aquatic & Pet.
Btw, since you are not a Penangite, this pet shop for parrots like you is located in Burmah Road opposite Telekom.


You are talking about Botak Hills – there is a guideline developing any hills. If i am the owner the laws apply to me also but Deity Council sleeping while the owner rape the hills.Big time owner ( Developer ) not like me who are a mere ordinary guys. Read here. http://www.mbpp.gov.my/png_mpp-theme/pdf/penangsafety1409.pdf and after they awake from sleep they charge a mere peanuts. Cars – Selangor providing free shuttle bus,Johor follows and what your deity doing? More highway to bottleneck. Why not Deity provide shuttle Bus at least for general public where a car is a basic need since no… Read more »


tunglang. you often visit your lo yau kei and learn to mock and mock incessantly.
thank you as how can komtar be my diety and you and other are just making a booze of yourself


Did he steal steal your money? You have proofs that he trade or exchange Penang interest for himself. You do not want a good deal when you buy something? If you know and have a good relationship with a seller, do you pay a higher price or at a discount price? You mean you always want to pay at a market or higher pice including very happy to umno gomen on GST? Or as a seller, one can sell his property worth 5M ringgit on the paper with a snap of finger when Tunglang’s realators are having problems to sell… Read more »


You didn’t support Tunglang but mock him. You even accused Councillor Lim not a good manager. Deity never steal my money but to buy property below market value by half the actual value with first excused the bungalow is old and no swimming pool,It’s not a mansion like the Dentist, I am not a property agent to know the value,latest comment by Terresa Kok the Bungalow bad feng shui is sound funny. Now maybe the same BAD FENG SHUI haunt.. rajraman. SD – well the UMNO use Holy books to swear and this seller use SD. I don’t believe. Even… Read more »


Tunglang mock himself about taking action on clamping and towing cars. I support him to clamp and tow if the all drivers including those from BN break the rules. Tunglang used to mock others who have different views with his bombastic language. How one feel if one is mock back. Further, I do not think Anil’wants his blog soley for mock which is a easy thing to do. Rather, have some contribution and discussions. Mocking is just repeating the same content. Not only me but others feel Dr Lim has short comings. What kind of father or manager if he… Read more »


Let he that mocks, time will tell who is the empty rubbish bin with putrefied saliva.
Let he that soaks in lies & wonderful stories (of alibi) of bad feng shui, one day he will wake up in disbelief of his own distorted fever of worshipping.
And finally, you keep up your sane words for these minions still in 308 euphoria of wonderful stories told by Niao Kong & his Chow Chow & gang of toeing-the-CAT-line.
Cheers Kopi-O kau kau.


Talking about stealing. Political Traders during election they make millions of promises to get votes. This also i call stealing – Morally. Since Deity Old man launch “Gelang Patah Declaration” to win votes but (allegedly) never fulfill his promises after winning the vote, I consider that as stealing. Your Deity want every single Power until getting involved with Penang people’s rights to organised Religious festivals of Jetty Community. This is not your father’s land but the Government land. Deity don’t even know every piece of land and resources which belong to Government belong to all Malaysian. Deity just a caretaker… Read more »


you are just another pasar malam trader wanting to mock and giving cheap shots. you just wanting to trade back to the bn days whete different bn leaders will lead different religious processions. you want samy to sit on the stage and then collapse at one time. you avoid the about telling us the clean leader and offer no alternatives. just carry out with another mock and cheap shot. worst trading you commit is unable to offer alternatives but attack a person character. whether is black or white cat as long it catches the mice which is better than umno.… Read more »


LELONG,LelONG oops Jual MURAH,MURAH,banyak MURAH,Jual MURAH, MURAH hanya untuk Tokong dan kawan2 tokong saja.
Aiyaa, UMNO pun jual beli murah maa, tarak salah kerana kita sama2 orang Politik.

Terms and Condition apply. No swimming pools,feng shui tarak bagus,jangan tanya harga pasaran sebab saya suka sama lu saya jual murah dan berasa bertuah jual sama orang Politic.

rajraman. Pasar Malam Trader,
but i am not selling since i have none to sell cheaply.Please refer to Teresa and the seller directly.Give up after all the solution given i become Pasar Malam Trader.
End of Posting.


thank you for showing yourself as a low value pasar malam trader. umno using macc is more eager than you to nap him. macc is not bodoh. many indians have died in custory. where is jebat? or we have modern day jebat cares on petty character unless he steal rakyat money and trade rakyat property to benifit himself or cronies.
bn has governed too long and result is a shame when a malaysian happened to be next to a singaporean or china man or india man. they only and speak about misdeeds, racially and religiously divided place from the news