Peter John Jaban is safe in hiding


Update (3 June): Sarawak Report informs us that DJ Peter John Jaban has now made contact with his colleagues at RFS. He called early today and admitted to running away because he feared for his safety. The three who whisked him away were people familiar with him.

31 May:

The disappaerance of Radio Free Sarawak presenter Peter John Jaban raises serious concerns. Taken together with recent political violence … are we descending into a state of lawlessness?

Peter John Jaban, Radio Free Sarawak presenter

Read the Aliran statement calling for an immediate investigation.

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Gerakan must be so p…. with u. Keep it up. Hehehe.

Gerakan K

My comment after anil update:

I strongly feel that is cheap publicity by Radio Free Sarawak. Maybe they need more funding from Pakatan. That is not abduction if you go hiding for few days.

I also frequently hiding few days at genting casino, I’m abducted by genting ??? It’s time to get a better scriptwriter, Radio Free Sarawak !!!


Gerakan K,

Only non Muslim can go to Genting casino, it is a sin for u to go there 😉


Dev :
I have told you earlier he is a wannabe…
But then he won`t care about the rule of law or Gods` law.
What he wants is Vitamin M and at any cost even those from the corruptible Barang Nak and AMMO. That is why he support BN & AMMO at all cost …


Moronic comments again gaving a stupid example of Genting abducting him if when he goes there by himself.. Yes, Genting will detain not abduct someone when he is found cheating or cannot pay off their debts. Is it because of this reasons GK. Did Jaban willingly go with the 3 persons. If not then that is abduction. Could the 3 person who abducted him gave him a warning and then release him, after which he feels threaten and is afraid to come out until it is safe. Who are the 3 persons ?????. This is what we want to know… Read more »


It is such a relief to learn that Peter John Jaban is safe.

Some people have to run for their safety…

Some people exile some to keep their own safety… Bala cannot be seen in Malaysia… Why ar ?

When the highest official in the land said defend Putrajaya at all cost, this is what is happening now – lawlessness and violence !!!

Andrew I

Yes you are. They’re holding your money and you’re desperately trying to get it back by losing even more. This is called the quicksand law.


RTM takes the cake. They desperately need competent people to improve its quality and English.

Public have voiced out when the stuff they consider as news, and worthy to be aired were pure nonsense -little respect for diversity.

But still stuck in their own unproductive style. Just turn this entity around , PR.

Ahmad Sobri

Peter John Jaban, we pray you are safe and well, and we hope to see you soon! But….. thinking back, despite all your good works for the people, all your efforts to highlight the bad governance, corruptions and what not, particularly in the Borneo States, your efforts now come to nil, partly because of your lack of precaution to better safeguard yourself. Yes, we appreciate your noble intentions, but, we are also sure you know the dangers that lurk in every corner you go. And those two lawyers? Just what did they do to protect you? They stopped their vehicle,… Read more »


But Anti-Bersih (or is it Anti-Rakyat Malaysia??) video more important..Kidnap only..V. Ganapathirao and his brother Papparaidu get beat up in full view of everyone also no problem what..


How selfish can you be


What kind of democracy here is opposing views are not allowed?

Not everyone appreciate the news from The Star, NST, TV3 or Astro Awani that is clearly biased to the core.

Gerakan K

Anil: …we descending into a state of lawlessness? You got it right, anil !!! Sometimes I also feel the same for example when there are news of abduction, robbery, murder, raping, etc. Even I feel the LAWLESSNESS when the “pisang goreng” seller give me slightly under fried “pisang goreng”. I’m so angry about it each time it happens. By the way, LAWLESSNESS definition is up to your personal interpretation and political affiliation. I also feel BERSIH 3.0 is LAWLESSNESS. So what ??? Go report police lah. Don’t make any potential criminal cases a huge cry out of nothing just because… Read more »

Andrew I

Maybe you might like your goreng pisang fried in melted plastic. Will make you crispy as well.

Yes, people tend to disappear in Sarawak. Have you heard from Bruno Manser lately, Gherks? Pakatan wasn’t around then.


Gerakan K
Why glamor about Euro 2012 ? Got to be patriotic supporting Harimau Malaya as Rajagopal said this Philipines cukup kuat with “import” players vs anak jati msia.
See you at Bukit Jalil. Remember Mahathir has said we got to be SETIA sama bangsa dan negara even if there is lawlessness when $ leaked out.


Bersih 3 is lawlessness so the peaceful assembly bill is all a bluff and deceit


First the UMNO/BN government came up with a adulterated version of ISA which in fact gave more powers to the PDRM and Home Ministry to abuse it as they liked. Then came the Peaceful Assembly Bill which was an outright attempt to curb and curtail the rakyat’s freedom to stage any demonstration, rally or cheramah. Here also the PDRM had the last say and the use of brutal power to demoralize and intimidate participants. So much for peaceful assemblies! The uncouth, uncivilized and thuggish behaviour of UMNO/BN supporters and the nonchalance attitude of the PDRM who have become spectators to… Read more »


The state of lawlessness become more apparent after ah cheap became pm. We do not need such pm. Lets make sure this BN AMMO and N… be wiped out next GE otherwise we will go the way of Zimbabwe, Burma and Latin America where violence has become a way of life

Jonny T

The Star reports PJJ went into the car that stopped them, and brought along his luggage quoting Dr. Teo. Don’t know if this is true or just added by Star to make it appear he went willingly. Can you check?


It’s most disturbing that it is happening here in Malaysia. Unbelievable, how could such a thing happen here?

What’s PDRM and Malaysian Armed Forces waiting for? They should have swung into action with immediate effect to ensure Peter Jaban is found, safe and in one good piece.

The safety of the people of this land is responsibility expected of them with highest integrity!


It is most disturbing, things are getting from bad to worst each day as GE is getting near…

May the good Lord be with Jaban and protect him all the way, Amin !!!

For your information, ex IGP, Musa said X is not involved in the killing of Altantuya but the 2 police are. Who is he trying to fool ??? He think the public is as stupid as he is !!!