NST, Star sales drop; Utusan steadies


Latest audited circulation figures reveal the sales of several key mainstream Malay and English papers have dropped.

Comparing peninsula figures for the second half of 2010 against the figure a year earlier (covering the period 1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009), the circulation of NST fell by 7 per cent, Berita Harian by 7 per cent, The Star by 3 per cent, while Utusan held steady.

The Malay gossip tabloids, Metro and Kosmo, bucked the trend and actually rose. (The Metro is the largest selling paper with circulation in excess of 400000.) So did the circulation of most of the Chinese-language newspapers.

Over the last four years, circulation of the NST has plunged by 27 per cent, Berita Harian by 26 per cent, Utusan 19 per cent, and The Star 10 per cent.

Over in Sabah, circulation of the top-selling Daily Express fell by 8 per cent over the last year.

In Sarawak, the Borneo Post, See Hua Daily News and Utusan Borneo all registered gains.

If you look only at sales at the full cover price (excluding those sold at a discount or given out free), then the NST’s average net sales were only 71805 copies late last year compared to 103369 five years ago (see table below) – a drop of 30 per cent. Similarly, sales at full cover price of Berita Harian have plunged from 184998 five years ago to 118520 last year – a fall of 36 per cent. Sales of the The Star have also fallen from 280941 to 247661 – a 12 per cent decline.

All three papers have also increased, in varying degrees, their sales at reduced price to around 30000 copies each (see first graph). In contrast, Utusan appears to have slashed its reduced rate sales from over 12000 copies in 2009 to 7000 copies in 2010.

Utusan sales at full rate have also fallen from 207006 five years ago to 164764 last year – a fall of 20 per cent.

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Anil You may want to revisit this topic for the opinion of your readers in view of the latest development of NST (see below). ————————————————— In NST, a reflection of Najib’s own News coverage since the Najib administration came to power has been decidedly anti-Opposition. As a result, circulation (of NST) has continued to plummet. Circulation figures show that fewer than 70,000 copies of the NST newspaper are sold daily, compared to its rival The Star, which sells 247,000 copies on average, according to the latest Audit Bureau of Circulation statistics. Overall, newspaper circulation has been falling, reflecting a global… Read more »


The Bn-controlled mainstream newspapers has been urging the people “not to destroy what has been built over the years,” These papers laud BN’s claim that “the illegal rally,” (which of course is illegal only because Jibby’s regime says so), “is politically motivated to gain power via undemocratic means.”

We all know that these papers ignored the fact that Umno/BN has systematically destroyed Malaysia’s civil institutions!


UMNO’s spin doctors in Utusan Malaysia are scraping the bottom of the barrel bringing out of the woodwork discredited personalities to weave lies which positively damage Malaysia’s national interests and international image!!!

UMNO’s NST is resorting to doctored/photoshoped picture to suit the agenda of its master.


the star, the people’s TOILET


This is a good piece of writing that you will never find in any mainstream press. Read on:



“Average Net sales by reduced rates” , I love this column.
Reduced rates either means half price or absolutely free.

I am amused when reading the reduced rates percentages versus the overall circulation
Utusan 26%
NST 28%
Star 12.6%

That mean for Utusan and NST, every 3 paper sold, 1 will be given for “reduced rate” AKA free (if you start thinking about transportation, wages,etc). Star publication not so generous, every 9 paper sold, only 1 is given for “cheap”.

On the other hand, Chinese newspaper rarely did “charity” selling at reduced rate. Damn …. stingy …. !!!!! :p


When the star editors … start to overbodek the govment i knew it was time to stop insulting my own brain’s intelligence reading their craps eventho i had been a reader since penang’s operation. Many like me are now turning to internet to get unbodek news so that we can make informed decisions.


Ya, let us all buy Anil a cuppa la !!!

For many years, i tak baca Star but i do pick up a free copy from my neighbour on Sunday .

The last Sunday On The Beat, that Wong Choon Wai he was persuading the Chinese to vote for BN la. He was using a soft kind of threatening approach on the Chinese voters by high-lighting the non Chinese representation in the government.

I believe he can fool some but the majority of the Chinese have awaken now.

Vote for change on the 13th GE, really now or never !!!

Andrew I

Why don’t we start a column in Anil’s blog called Off The Beat? We can counter all grot that he spews.

Penang Voter

Wong Chun Wai must have been dreaming.

He even talk till the ‘cows jump over the moon’, nothing doing. Our votes are still going to PAKATAN or simply ABU (Anything But UMNO).


I also sensed (did not buy because news vendors shared & told me also) Wong’s so-called ‘soft-hidden-threat” message in his Sunday column. Truly off the beaten path for Wong now.
The news vendor told me Star’s daily sales has dropped significantly beginning this year. Chinese “Oriental Daily” once prohibited for selling is now a prefered paper according to him. It means those bilingual readers has forsaken Star for Oriental Daily.


Bagus la macam ini… pelan pelan, semua MSM ni boleh tutup kedai..barangkali baru depa sedar! Tapi ia seakan-akan lagu tahun 80’an “sayang semuanya sudah terlambat”!


Wong CW of The Star if you read this do be objective and have a Sunday write-up of causes & post-mortem for the dwindling Star readership in To The Beat column.


Wong CW is busy planning tomorrow’s headlines that will make PR look bad. That’s what’s been happening these past weeks. Page after page is nothing more than ripping into PR and promoting MCA. It wasn’t quite so bad many months ago. Just your ordinary news with some PR lambasting but nothing extreme like what I have seen lately. I guess with GE13 just around the corner, it won’t be wrong to think “The slaughter of PR has begun!” And no, I don’t subscribe to that bollocks paper. Just grab it off the shelf for free reading while having lunch. And… Read more »


Usahlah bazir duit beli Utusan atau NST. Apa yang dilapurkan adalah sama aje dengan laungan Bernama yang pro-BN. Star pun gitu. Harian Metro dan Kosmo penuh dengan cerita merepek yang menjahanamkan minda kita.

Layarlah internet (seperti Blog Anil) untuk tulisan yang bernas dan tfsiran yang lebih tulus dan objektif. Pandangan kita akan lebih luas bila tak disekat penapisan BN.


If i were to read nonsense, I might as well get myself a tabloid paper instead of a faux newspaper like Utusan.


Well, it’s good for utusan, but do these figures really reflects the number of readers for any particular newspaper? As far as I know, Utusan was widely distributed in schools, government offices as well as becoming a gift from various parties to school. Maybe I’m wrong, but that what was seen by me in my everyday life.


Dah lama saya tak baca utusan, star dan nst. Saya tengok internet untuk isu-isu semasa yang lebih tepat, tulus & betul betul dalam.
untuk hiburan memang boleh baca kosmos secara kasual.
Say galak orang ramai terus membaca internet untuk pemikiran minda yang lebih luas tanpa dikongkong oleh agenda sempit seperti btn.

Phua Kai Lit

Rocky Bru’s “Malay Mail” also percuma these days!

Walau pun percuma, I ignore this disgraceful piece of pro-Government propaganda too.


Saya dah lama tak baca suratkhabar milik BN.
Jimat masa dan duit saya.

Saya banyak menggalakkan kawan saya melayar internet dan blog-blog (seperti Anilnetto.com) untuk berita yang ada lebih kebenaran dan tak ditapis BN.


Without bulk sales from government departments and GLCs as well as advertisement revenue from GLCs, these MSM papers would have long ago ‘golong tikar’.

Utusan through its subsidiary, Utusan Media Sales Sdn Bhd is surviving mainly due to its lucrative contract as sole agent handling all of RTM’s advertisements.

Andrew I

Needs a Yen Yen facebook campaign fund boost.


With our shrinking purchasing power no thanks to Barang Naik phenomenon, we can save money by not buying those mainstream newspapers. Believe me, you will not miss much if you read blogs like Anil’s.

Here is a testimony how a person could save up to RM940 a year by boycotting the papers:


The Star coverage of the Bersih rally was pathetic. The journalism standard of The Star has degraded to gutter journalism, the next Utusan Malaysia. Don’t waste your money on The Star. Unsubscribe today.

Alphard Liow

The theme was the same in all the BN-controlled papers: the turnout of Bersih 2.0 was small; the gathering was taken over by Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) reformasi group and, unlike what the Bersih organisers promised, it was an unruly mob and the police were very professional. The Star had the cheek to say “Game Over”, and its pseudo journalist Wong Chun Wai also hammered Bersih. These newspaper bosses must be congratulating themselves, happy at the praises received from their political masters. Some may even be thinking about a Datukship or Tan Sriship. When you whacked Bersih, you were whacking me… Read more »