No Internet censorship, says Najib


No Internet censorship. Is this really true?

Najib at the ‘Blogging Mindfully and Responsibly’ conference:

Malaysians have to thank Tun Dr Mahathir again for this. When he was prime minister and Malaysia was developing its Multimedia Super Corridor, Tun made the promise to the world that Malaysia would never censor the Internet.

My government is fully committed to that wisdom; we intend to keep his word.

So what happened to Malaysiakini and Sarawak Report in the run-up to the Sarawak polls?

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Hello Anil.

My friend recommended your site to me during the Sarawak election. You are a responsible blogger with objective and newsworthy reports that will balance the mainstream press.

The government should only bar users to pornographic sites, but not to blogs that offer alternative analysis of government’s perspective in the name of press freedom and democracy. I hope TM can spend its resources to curb on-line pornography, and not sites like Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak.


I hope TM can spend their resources on making sure their service is reliable rather than censorship.

Gerakan K

Some people say that porno can reduce rape cases.


Haahaha, try telling that to the night street ladies!!…

UMNO = Truth ?

Of course it is true.

Everything UMNO says is true.

Like there is no official racism in Malaysia.

The only “racism” there is, is from those Chinese people, and UMNO wisely calls it “fascism”.

No, there will never be any censorship, on or off the net. Like the Bible in Bahasa, has to be defiled with their “official imprint”, but that’s of course, not counted as “censorship”.

Anything is boleh in Malaysia. Including outright lies, Boleh !!

Charlie Oscar

When your blog was not accessible very recently, were you Censored???
Why did you say that Malaysiakini and Sarawak Report were Censored???


Why ask when you know the answer?

Beware, this is a trap of a BN cybertrooper.
Please choose to remain neutral and do not respond.


hahah no censor ship. That make me laugh. They could be waiting at your door step. Even Anil is quite afraid.


I quote George H. Bush – the father, “Read my lips”. Yeah. I read Najib’s lips. And I still do not believe a single word he said.

Andrew I

Didn’t Hilary Clinton say that when she was campaigning for her husband’s presidential bid? She just clarified it by adding: No Bush… whilst doing the can-can dance.

Gerakan K

You are getting personal. Just like awarding thumb down for my comment without reading it.

Andrew I

How you know?

Gerakan K

He did said so openly before.

Just for your own good, you need to boost your memory, click here: Vitamins for Memory (

Gerakan K

Many people can’t differentiate between censorship and DDOS attacks.

DDOS at Malaysiakini and Sarawak Report = censorship ???

In order to gain a better understanding of what is censorship, google “china internet censorship”


Possibly you and I, and a thousand other people in all likelihood, are fools? As in we seldom differ? First thought which came to mind on reading Najib’s “oh-so-noble” (never mind the two reported attempts to start a China-style “Green Dam”):no Internet censorship statement which was craftily sprinkled with some bodek-ing of Dr M The extended and unprecented level of attacking of M’kini, Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak in the days leading up to the recent Sarawak state polls. Even Harakah and Malaysia Chronicles were hit, albeit to a lesser degree, as were two ro three pro-Pakatan blogs. {And… Read more »


No. An old TMI article included a list of censored websites that was given as a reply to a question in parliament: The sites were effectively also blocked to Streamyx users by means of DNS poisoning. You can see another way TM effectively (because 99+% people won’t bother to change their DNS or use a proxy) blocks access to a site by deliberately returning a false NXDOMAIN response to a DNS (name resolution) query. Search Google for “faith freedom”. The #1 result is a site with its own Wikipedia entry that has been cited by some well-known publications. Click… Read more »


Spot on. Censorship is ongoing but so far only on sites I would not recommend anyway.


Sometimes I suspect that “going down under unprecedented / unexpected (but otherwise benign) load” and claiming malicious actors is becoming as well-developed an art form in the Malaysian blogosphere as ‘diving’ is in football. Perhaps soon there’ll even be a montage of the best Malaysian “DDOS Dives” on YouTube?