‘New’ New Straits Times?


The NST appears to be in the process of getting a makeover and the new look could be launched on that ‘auspicious’ date, 11 November 2011.

Have a look at the four-part series about the makeover on the Garcia Media blog.

Full-price sales at the NST have plunged to 70000 copies.

The question is, will this latest revamp be enough to stem the decline of the NST?

Personally, I think the problem of flagging sales is very much political. As long as the paper is perceived to be associated with Umno, that problem will in all likelihood persist.

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I only read the Sun everyday.. and it’s free!!!


The auspicious date will mean nothing if they get Najib to relaunch this junk paper.

Remember Man Utd lost to Barcelona when Najib tried to ‘blend in’ with the football fans in the live telecast to show his support for man Utd? He tried again recently at Puterajaya and Man Utd was thrashed at home 1-6 by Manchester City.

Najib will only bring bad luck as his time is nearly up!

Phua Kai Lit

UMNO and BN elites are more likely to turn to Malaysia Kini and Malaysian Insider if they want real news rather than govt propaganda! 🙂


No one in their right mind will part with their hard earned $$ to read … after … churned out by NST … zero credibility .. how sad !


Andrew I, think there is much more truth in MSM than just 4D & gambling results. :))
For example: the Tesco & Giant specials and offers. Courts offers, Of course the prices in Carrefour.
Movies, & of course Events in Penang Metro.
Thinking about it I spend RM1.20 per dayto buy The Star just to look at the Shopping Specials in Tesco, Giant and Carrefour. Don’t think I can recover my costs even if I got all the specials from these Hypermarts.


No amount of lipstick and rouge can make an ugly … pretty. It is against the law of nature.


The Not-So-Truthful Times will continue to decline as long as its pages are full of UMNO-initiated fabrications and fairy tales.


The deceitful and corrupted Umno should pay the readers for reading their one sided propaganda for Umno instead of having the readers to buy the toilet and wrapping toilets. As I said many times before it is time for NST to face the truth that the NST is facing extinction give them away just like the Malay Mail !
Or may be bring back Datuk Rocky and have him come up daily with his brilliant ‘ articles …


Make no difference

Nazri Aziz Bukhari

The most important thing for all media is to be accurate, credible and fast! In this connection, NST, like all print media had been so much abused by irresponsible politicians, so much so that there is zero credibility! Except for the 4D and gambling results, is there any truth in what you see today in our MSMs? Do what you like and redecorate whatever way you wish, like what the above writer said, as long as it is perceived to be associated with UMNO its sales will continue to plunge! Why has UMNO today being associated with lies, lies and… Read more »

Andrew I

“Except for the 4D and gambling results, is there any truth in what you see today in our MSMs?”

Haha, good one, Nazri.

And the truth is, the House wins, yet again. A taxation system where people actually want to give their money. No Borang B to fill in some more.


Don’t believe in local 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, toto, jackpot…
All are fixed. It is a big syndication to provide for political war chest.


NST is still an Umno mouthpiece.
No makeover will change that.

Why should I waste RM1.20 to read Umno propaganda?
Along with Utusan and Berita Harian, they form ‘triple threat’ to numb your senses to blindly believe in Umno point of view.