Najib to address ‘responsible blogging’ conference


Prime Minister Najib is due to deliver a keynote address at the ‘First Asean Regional Bloggers Conference: Blogging Mindfully and Responsibly’ in KL on 24 April.

Mahathir will grace the event in his capacity as patron of ‘Blog House Malaysia’, which has received registration from the Registrar of Societies. To see who is behind Blog House Malaysia, visit their website here.

The conference is expected to be attended by 300 bloggers from around the region.

The objective of this conference is “to bring together regional bloggers from the Asean region, and to highlight the obstacles faced by these bloggers as well as the adversity that bloggers might experience in their day to day tackling of various issues”.

I wonder if the conference will include in its obstacles the DOS attacks on websites and the repressive laws in the country.

Me? I think I will spend a quiet Easter at home.

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It looks like Najib is turning to be a lame-duck PM. Abdul Taib Mahmud is supreme in Sarawak and Najib can’t shake him. His deputy Muhyiddin Yassin is 1Melayu first and Utusan can just spew racist utterances daily without any fear of repercussion. 1Malaysia, my foot, its all talk and talk only PM. Seems that Umno has a large say in what Utusan publishes. But it does look increasingly obvious that the PM is not always able to control his soldiers, including his deputy. One of the reasons he just “dudok diam diam” on all these racialistic huha by his… Read more »


Najib’s “meek stance” was unacceptable as the “1Melayu, 1Bumi” movement was clearly an affront to his 1 Malaysia policy, which calls for inclusiveness among all races. It is tantamount to an open slap in the face of the prime minister’s signature concept. If any Chinese daily had suggested a “1Chinese” campaign, it (may) have been shut down immediately and its editor slapped with a sedition charge. If the Cabinet is silent on Utusan Malaysia’s ‘1Melayu, 1Bumi’, it could only mean that Najib’s 1 Malaysia policy is sheer hypocrisy and chicanery costing Malaysian taxpayers … for APCO to package it as… Read more »


Read ‘Animal Farm’ and you will find that the story is applicable here.

“Some people are more equal than others”.
So much for 1 Malaysia song: Kita satu bangsa, kita satu Malaysia.

Gerakan K

Your statement:
If any Chinese daily had suggested a “1Chinese” campaign, it (may) have been shut down immediately and its editor slapped with a sedition charge.

How do you know ??? You have not try it.


Najib should acknowledge that people blog about politics and people read blogs for the same reason because the local mainstream media (newspaper and TV) are so biased to push only the agenda of the ruling government and to bash the opposition indiscriminately.


Exactly! He expects the bloggers to be responsible but he’s not willing to do anything about the irresponsible mainstream media, i.e Utusan.


UMNO Najib is just not fit to talk about responsible blogging until he has a responsible UMNO and government


Blogging responsibly vs responsible journalism

According to papa:

Articles/statement by Utusan/Perkasa is pinnacle of responsibility. We should emulate them and give them space in the mainstream?

Articles by sarawakreport/malaysiakini is not blogging responsibly. We should launch ddos attack on the them and force them into submission?….


You are right. Utusan Malaysia is more damagingl than any blogs I have read so far with its Perkasa-laced racist articles that object the spirit of 1Malaysia. Wonder why PM Najib did not censure it.

najib manaukau

I can predict now that I got to know this shenanigan Mahathir is attending, what kind of conference it would be. He should be the first to learn to blog the truth and Najib should learn how to be responsible…

(Who deleted)… the immigration records of the mongolian beauty(?). Who else would have the authority to access the computer without question and above all investigation ?


There’s a very big difference when a personal blog expresses the authors own opinion and a national news paper that is licensed that can express xenophobic opinions. I’m not for the censorship of anyone’s opinion but seriously ‘Blogging Mindfully and Responsibly’ is very hypocritical.

Take care of your own backyard please and ‘get rid of the rodents’ in the garden.

Do we honestly need to listen to what politicians think what blogging is? They can go shove their opinion….


Responsible blogging conference? Sounds oxymoronic if the event is going to be graced by irresponsible people.

” Blogging Mindfully and Responsibly”

They have to control the internet too don’t they?

Andrew I

Mahathir was and will be in the house.

Here’s a nice song:

Andrew I

Whoops. It’s called Love is a House.


me not invited

Christine Yong

How can a Irresponsible leader address Responsible Blogging? Look at so many policies and bias decisions, how can he be suitable for such address?