Malaysiakini surges past The Star Online


mkini alexa chart

Well, at least according to this Internet traffic ranking comparison chart from Alexa.

Obviously, compared to the last time I checked, The Star has either slipped up or Malaysiakini has caught up, thanks perhaps to its decision to provide its service free in the run-up and immediate aftermath of the general election. There have also been calls to boycott The Star and other mainstream media – although it is difficult to gauge what impact this might have had.

Utusan is not far behind while Malaysia Today is neck and neck with Harakah Daily.

That said, Alexa provides just an indication; it is not a conclusive ranking.

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penang girl

A great wake up for Malaysians. Advice for Malaysian brothers and sisters, stick at whatever decision that taken by you that is focus on the true stories and not to the one sided story brought by local media. Long live Malaysiakini and people’s power.


Let it be conclusive…let’s all stop buying the star


Toilet paper.

Helena Fernz

At some point Malaysian journalists will have to decide whether they want to be true journalists or forever live on in “la la land”. The people spoke up via the elections, it’s time for true journalists to tell their employers that their ethics and their journalistic souls are NOT FOR SALE. I know this is not going to be easy, having been one… but can Malaysian journalists continue to lie so blatantly? Who will want to talk to them anymore? Who is going to respect them?
Once a Journalist…

Chan Seng Chai

In Sarawak, on the night of March 8,2008, the counting of votes and the release of the election results, many households kept abreast with developments via Malaysiakini,showing the results on a large screen for those who had gathered to follow the results.


Viva Malaysiakini. It was a master stroke by malaysiakini team to go free prior to the election and in the process liberate the people’s mind (alternative news seekers). Thank you and you will be remembered as the great one who took the bull by its horn.


I love this blog!! I love Malaysiakini!!


the star newspaper can wipe my toilet seat clean!!


congratulation! YOU in
top blogs

Yusuf Martin

The ownership of the press, and other media, in Malaysia will not cease until a brand new government is formed, free speech allowed, the judiciary are independent and dissent allowed to have a voice.

Until that time the rakyat will be feed the government’s message via the daily press. The more discerning will access alternative media such as the blogs, The Other Malaysia and Malaysiakini.

I look forward to the day when the media in Malaysia are able to hold free, open and honest debate….until then I will log on