Malaysia Today closes in on The Star online


I did a check on Alexa to find out the estimated global reach of the main English media in Malaysia.

Here are the rankings at 5.30 pm on 4 August 2007:

1. Star (0.052% of daily Internet surfers worldwide)
2. Malaysia Today (0.020%)
3. NST (0.014%)
4. Malaysiakini (0.009%)
5. Harakahdaily (0.0075%)

Alexa graph

Colour code:

Beige – The Star; Blue – Malaysia Today; Black – NST; Red – Malaysiakini; Green – Harakah

Interesting to see that Malaysia Today has overtaken NST, Malaysiakini and Harakahdaily and is now closing in on The Star online!

Of course, this is just a very rough estimate – with all kinds of other variables that could present a different picture – but it is a revealing snapshot nonetheless.

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20 Dec 2007 1.43am

I apprecite malaysians like you who contribute to the thinking malaysian world but its rather unfortunate the thinking sector is small compared to the dead majority who are always mentioned by the so called ministers.To me one thinking person is more worth than a hundred dead or sleeping and sleep walking malaysians.

BY the way was your father a teacher before?Was he teaching in malacca before?I had a teacher named MR Netto in malacca.

6 Aug 2007 4.18pm

Thanks, well spotted! I have corrected it now.

chng kooi seng
chng kooi seng
4 Aug 2007 6.17pm

Dear Anil,
Your graph is not correct. Top place goes to Harakah, 2nd place to The Star and Mkini has last place.

4 Aug 2007 7.56pm

Hello Chng, thanks for responding. I had another look at the Movers and Shakers graph on the Alexa front page, and The Star still comes out well ahead, followed by Malaysia Today.

I entered the following URLs this time:

and the rankings are still in the same order as my original post.

The wandering poet
The wandering poet
5 Aug 2007 3.57am

The only reason The Star remains on top is because they offer a business section with stock quotes. I use the Star website to check on stock prices but get my news from Malaysia Kini.

malaysian agenda
malaysian agenda
6 Aug 2007 3.50pm

Anil, I believe the figure for Harakahdaily should read 0.0075% and not 0.075%.