Lynas Corp’s website still down


This is the message when you try to access Lynas Corporation’s website. Obviously they had problems securing their website.

The website was first brought down around the time of the Himpunan Hijau 2.0 gathering in Kuantan on Sunday.

The Sydney Morning Herald has a report on what looks like a hacking.

If Lynas can’t secure its website from hackers…

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… Does it take rocket science to understand why civilized and advanced countries like Australia do not want any rare earth processing plant on their soil because of its negative influence on the flora and fauna?

In a nutshell, the Aussies care for their people and the environment. Here in Malaysia the government is ONLY good for slogans such as 1Malaysia – people first …….’ but in reality they DO NOT CARE FOR THE WELFARE OF THE PEOPLE.

Malaysian UMNO/BN leaders bask in opulence …


* oh the govt put people 1st – i.e. 1st to die.
* hmm rocket scientist govt dun need to understand … – they got pocket scientist (u give l put in my pocket).
* and for all lynas supporters – they shld be given houses surrounding the plant so that they can ‘protect’ it.


Looks like it’s time to get Anonymous on the case.

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄

🙄 Hope + Wish this no1 flip flop PM will be down in this coming soon 13th GE too….hehehehehehe 🙄

Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄