How internet trolls disrupt serious discussions on blogs, websites


Ever wondered why certain trolls persistently play up divisive issues such as race and religion in the comments sections of websites and blogs? Could it be they are trying to disrupt serious discussions on the critical issues of the day? This video discusses how these trolls are deployed in certain countries.

These may be considered to be modern-day ‘public relations’ (actually deceptive government/corporate propaganda) techniques that attempt to mould public opinion or to divert public attention away from serious discussion.

While it is good to be aware of such tactics, the best response would be to pay these trolls no attention and focus instead on the issue at hand.

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4 Mar 2014 3.43pm

Though there is now a focus on IT spying, this is only the passive side. Software is available for one person to manage several IDs (and personae). Both governments and large businesses use it. The tactics include distracting (e.g. irritating) and misleading. The overarching goal is to distract from the plunder and destruction of capitalism and plutocracy. This applies to most countries including those calling themselves “communist.”

This website should be pround to have at least one resident troll, but this person now seems to be on long leave.

Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
4 Mar 2014 1.40pm

Ever wonder why TV3 and Astro Awani never tell us anything about the Xinjiang murderers of the recent Kumming massacre?

Fake Malaysia News
3 Mar 2014 4.20pm

Well of course you would say that because you’re an idiot! (sorry couldn’t resist a lame joke.) The thing is people need to take exception with the content of what is being said and not resort to character attacks just because they have an opposing view.

Jay Jay
Jay Jay
3 Mar 2014 10.03am

internet allows us to differentiate between sustainable or detrimental development.

latest environmental issues should interest anil’s nature loving readers. next time you eat prwans beware you may satisfy your appetite at the expense of mangrove habitat survival !

3 Mar 2014 8.46am

The main culprits are paid-agents and misguided individuals. Most of us don’t have the time they spend online and hence while their numbers are small, one of them could mean thousand of the rest of us. The thing about the internet is that if something is important enogu, then the numbers are there for the right side. What these things do well are smaller narrower interest that they can damage severely. For example the plights of Hindraf for example – they can be damaged given enough paid agents and the misguided. Hindraf is lucky Najib chose to engage with them… Read more »