Herald confusion resolved (updated)


Updated: The permit for The Herald will be renewed, according to its editor after he emerged from a meeting this evening with government officials. He added that both sides agreed that the August letter still stands.

The plight of the Herald Catholic weekly newspaper in Malaysia must be a public relations nightmare for the Najib administration – as if it doesn’t have enough problems as it is.

If the government has really cancelled the permit (which it now reportedly denies), what does that say for the 1Malaysia concept and the government’s credibility internationally?

On the other hand, this development could have been the result of a bureaucratic bungle and confusion. In a letter in August, the government had turned down the application by the Church for an additional language – Kadazan-Dusun – to be included, but had otherwise approved the existing languages (Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil). The Church duly paid the annual publishing permit fee of RM800.

Later, the Ministry informed the Church that the “change of language” had not been approved and wanted to return the annual publishing permit fee. Why would it want to return the fee if it was not cancelling the permit?

I would imagine that the public relations folks – and even administration officials – must be scrambling behind the scenes to contain the negative publicity.

Meanwhile, Herald editor Fr Lawrence Andrew has been called for a meeting with government officials at 4.30pm.

I am hopeful that good sense will prevail and the Herald will continue to be published despite the numerous hurdles in its path.

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Now what is happening to all the BN coalition partners like the Zero KPI Gerakan, MCA, MIC or those from Sarawak and Sabah especially the Kadazan. Like I have always said they are all so scare of UMNO and now hiding in the mouse hole faring they may be bitten by the CAT (UMNO). For once can these idiot and meek adun come out and fight for their rights.

Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza)

15,000 bibles seized; and now harassing and threatening the Herald! Christian leaders and NGOs (more Christian NGOs must be formed)must hand in memos to EU and US embassies – strangely silent on the oppression and discrimination towards Christians in Malaysia! Including Anwar, and yet in news today, Anwar is busy glorifying and defending PAS Nik Aziz as if he’s God and the Arab future investors in S’ngor! This is scary actually – Malaysia (and Indonesia plus Brunei) is being ‘Arabinicize’ bit by bit – they are targeting strategically the oil!…

Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza)



I find the excuses given for the re-reinstatement of the printing permit for The Herald a big joke.There is no doubt the ministry revoked the permit and re-instate it after the negative publicity.In my mind they are resorting to pushing the envelope on how far they can suppress…

And that’s not the end of the story,at least for the duration of another year while the permit is valid.

Now The Herald cannot print in Kadazan? Any there are still people who choose to believe in the sincerity of the people who runs the ministry and the government!

Johnny Chiam

Bravo to Fr Lawrence Andrew and the Archbishop for standing up for the rights of the Christians. If this is to happen in Sabah, it would have been a gone case because our archbishop and bishop – (both Datuks) ….

Both celebrate the Mass in BM and so use the word “Allah” in reference to God throughout the Mass. Also we have several Catholics state ministers including the big fat DCM Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan. Did you hear them whisper a word?


…signed by Deputy Home Minister. Maybe he did not read the letter like Syed Hamid. And I wonder which Deputy Home Minister – the MCA fella who spent his time fighting in MCA?


i agree with amoker. i feel the home minister did intend want to cancel herald’s permit but they did not expect the huge outcry not only from christians but non christians too, so they have to back down and gave all sorts of excuses that no they did not intend to cancel the permit. yes they want to intimidate herald to back down on the suit!

malaysia will be made the laughing stock for wanting to copyright the ‘allah’ word!


The letter to rescind the permit was signed by the Deputy Home minister. So, it is not as simple as the excuse that it is the incompetent small fries. Seemed like a tactic to get Herald to back down fromt their suit. Only they forgot that people ( not only Christians) are fed up with their wayang.


Why is there so much of venom in your thoughts and actions? If you are not involved in the Catholic church leave it alone! WHy do you choose to judge? The Herald is a medium of communications among the Catholics, so be it.
I presume you are a Born-Again Christian spewing your hatred against another. Whatever your beliefs are I am sure did does not preach hatred against another religion or faith.


Err..which part of my statement denotes ‘so much of venom in your thoughts and actions’
And what do you meant leave the Catholic church alone?

I wonder is it hatred that made Jesus overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves?


Why the flip-flop decision?
Why must everything come with a part 2? These days, I am not so enthusiastic about any announcements made by the govt, because one can expect a reverse decision the next minute – to be exact, before one can say ‘hallelujah’.
Can’t these people do the it right the first time?


Junior civil servants make decisions and the top officials do not dare correct them.That is how the civil service has been operating for the past 30 years or so


Do you believe what the Ministry said? I dont. When there is credibility and trust, there public would give the Ministry the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, in today’s political environment, we would think the worst.

We would put the pressure on, if there is the slightest doubt.

So whose fault is it. It is not ours.


Anyone who claims to be a Christian or even better calls Jesus Christ his or her personal Lord and Savior, but is a member or supporter of the Evil BN/Umno regime, ought to leave the party immediately and stop supporting it at once. What Christians should also do is to give a earful to Christian BN members and supporters each time they turn up in Church or attend any wedding, baptism or funeral. CHRISTIANS WHO REMAIN LOYAL TO BN ARE NOTHING BUT JUDAS’! By not allowing Christians to call God Allah, the Evil BN/Umno regime in Malaysia is indeed persecuting… Read more »


This is the best thing that can happen to the Christian in Malaysia.
They deserve it for being weak and not politically strong enough in their conviction for that change.

Yup, Kampong Buah Pala is more interesting than Herald’s permit.

Keep on hammer and knocking Pakatan!

Are we being fair to PR?


All this problems for an internal newspaper…sigh. How insecure they all are.