Detained Australian journalist had questioned PI Bala’s widow at PC


Video footage has emerged that one of the two detained ABC journalists, Linton Besser, had asked probing questions at the press conference by PI Bala’s widow Santamil Selvi.

Responding to Besser, Selvi can be heard maintaining that her late husband Bala was telling the truth, though she did apologise for implicating Rosmah. The press conference was part of her bid to secure funding for a children’s education.

Journalist Linton Besser and camera crew member Louis Eroglu were detained and then released in Kuching after they tried to ask Najib questions.

This is a longer version (below) in which you can hear Besser asking difficult questions, basically asking why Selvi appeared to be changing her story.

The action against the Australian journalists is another blow to the rapidly eroding press freedom in Malaysia while the real objective of Selvi’s press conference was subsumed in chaos.

Check out the Geramm statement.

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Ed G

Remember the Ramesh Rao/Lester Melanyi disastrous video expose which used the ‘wrong’ photo of the so-called UK IT expert by the name of James Stephen? This is clearly another embarrassing high profiled incident for Ramesh Rao who seemed to be fond of shooting his own foot with ill-conceived and executed public exposes. Those ‘bombshells’ that he dropped literally blew up in his and the faces of the likes of Lester and Selvi.


The widow is ill advised.

Siam Boy

She is trying to milk as much as she can by playing some politics. BEnd cow has more milk, therefore she will sing BEnd song. She should think back on those years when they had to flee the country to live a hard life abroad. Who caused all these sufferings? The person behind all this is that idiotic Ramesh Rao who acted like a lawyer buruk in front of the media. He made a fool of himself.

Don Anamalai

This was the moment when Four Corners reporter, Linton Besser, asked Prime Minister Najib Razak the thorny question that got him and cameraman, Louie Eroglu, arrested by Malaysia police. After being prohibited from leaving the country, and told they would be charged the authorities finally allowed them to leave the country:


Are they afraid of foreign journalists exposing more of 1MDB scandal or the Altantunya scandal?


This lady and Sirul in Australia are ina class of their own.


Both can twist and turn, hoping the get the best bid as Cash Is King.

Hocky ManChee

She claimed PKR did not pay her RM20K as promised, so she is turning to Mr Cash Is King now?


up to her. after all when $ is involved witness become question. let everything rot. as we are dying of slow cancer.


Bala’s widow holds her integrity in the press conference (PC) – maintaining that the allegations made by her husband were true.
She knows what she want – a good education for her children.
If you get an ‘offer’ tied to a press conference & nothing else, what would you do in Selvi’s shoes?
Just hold your integrity, say what you believe in the PC & get the money.
Hope she gets the money (janji di tepati) otherwise she might as well holds another press conference!


The problem is: Janji tidak di tepati.
Money Talks in PR, but PKR did not deliver as promised to her (was it?).
Pls empathise with Bala’s widow.
This is not the issue for political catharsis via twisting of motives.
Who wants to be hero?

Krishna Superamaniam

Mr Anil, what is ur opinion on the cooperation between Mahathir, Kit Siang, Wan Azizah, opposition leaders and NGOs in announcing the so called People’s Declaration? ??

Anil Netto