Citizen journalism: Interview with BFM


Earlier this week, BFM radio station interviewed me on “citizen journalism and the role it plays in shaping news and how we receive information”.

The questions were thought-provoking and made me think about the state of citizen journalism in the country.

You can listen to the podcast from the BFM website:
I hope I make sense!

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30 Oct 2011 4.24pm

We need citizen journalism as the ‘fourth force’ in this country.

Keep up the good work, Anil.

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
29 Oct 2011 2.37pm

Anil, don’t waste time blogging. You should join DAP and if in next GE they can defend the state you may be skyrocketed to replace Ramasamy as Deputy CM.

High salary + power + side income opportunities