Circulation of NST, BH, Utusan drops


Circulation of NST plummeted 35 per cent in the first half of 2014 compared to the corresponding period of 2013. Utusan’s circulation fell by about 10 per cent.

Newspaper circulation 1st half 2014 - Source: Audit Bureau of Circulation, Malaysia
Newspaper circulation 1st half 2014 – Source: Audit Bureau of Circulations, Malaysia

And Berita Harian’s circulation fell by about 21 per cent.

Mind you, these figures include copies sold at below the recommended cover price.

Of course, circulation in January-June 2013 was generally higher because of the 2013 general election. That said, the slide in circulation of certain newspapers is unmistakable.

It is reassuring to know that some of the papers promoting strong ethno-reigious views are not winning new readers. Instead, they are losing them, though of course newspapers as a whole continue to struggle.

What’s more, other than the digital versions of The Star and the The Edge, digital replicas have not exactly taken off either.

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I prefer Media Rakyat on Youtube:


You can also watch Rakyat Times on Youtube:

In the Rakyat Times TV news on 22 December, Reza Aslan, the Iranian Islamic scholar, says that the Malaysian government is an elected one…not a dictator that determines the practices of Muslims and how they should conduct their faith.


Why waste your money and time on NST to read Umno’s propaganda?


Why then should we waste time reading on the propaganda of Pakatan in the blogs and other internet media. An able thinking person should read from both sides of the fence and broaden his mind and digest out the truth and facts or the lies and deceit of both sides


People can see that life is getting difficult these days but the mainstream media are telling us otherwise. When mainstream media are not truthful, naturally people will turn to alternative media.


Yes. Better save money as 2015 is going to be tough on everyone when GST hits us.

gk ong

NST is basically a malay newspaper translated into English filled with one-sided Umno viewpoint.

Utusan, BH and NST depend on subscription from civil service to keep the afloat. Interesting to note that the malay newspapers are still publishing the results of 4D, 3D and Toto when betting is haram.

I am thankful that I could read Mandarin, as the chinese newspapers tend to have more bakanced coverage and analysis of local issues with varioud viewpoints from readers and writers from different political parties.

Dr Syam

Some of NST & Utusan are “forced” readership when Jabatan-Jabatan negeri/negara have to subscribe (some times FOC) to ensure they can continue the prints. Sustainable or not depends on whether the government will be forced to cut down on promo expenses.


“Mind you, these figures include copies sold at below the recommended cover price”.

Not only that, but also the thousands of copies of certain newspapers which government departments and possibly GLCs are… shall we say, “encouraged”… to buy?

I still recall Najib visiting Utusan’s HQ in 2013, renaming the road to it as “Jalan Utusan” and praising the “newspaper” to high heavens and urging govt departments and GLCs to advertise more in it.

Utusan was not exactly a paragon of journalistic virtue, and its image since then has not exactly gone up.

Phua Kai Lit

Why bother to read the Malaysian equivalent of (a fascist newspaper)?
Or read what YB MP for Raub calls “Utusex Malaysia” ?


Surprise? I most certainly not given the fact that they’re not only losing readership but also
court cases settlement that comes to millions of RM and many more cases are yet to come.
Well, what else can I say except PADAN MUKA!


Newspaper circulation will certainly dropped due to internet usage. As for the Chinese paper that have minimal loss of circulation, it is because they are having promotion of pay 8 month and free 4 months. Most English and Malay newspaper do not have promotion. So please don`t try to create an issue out of it or delving in self consolation


Ridhuan Tee writes for Sinar Harian knowing well declining and likely demise of Utusan? He has openly wrote against eminent 25 bcuz he is not in tune with liberalism and pluralism. Surprised to many as pluralism of Chinese marrying a Malay to become a Muslim he cakap take serupa bikin?

gk ong

ISudahcally has highlighted to us the business acumen of chinese newspaper. The malay newspapers meanwhile hoping for bailout by Umno when losing money so long as to carry the Umno propaganda.


Utusan or NST cannot afford to have promotion of pay 8 month and free 4 months?
Because they are simply lazy!