BN’s traditional media falls in disarray; social media battle looms ahead of polls

Source: The Edge, 27 November 2017

The circulation of Malaysia’s mainstream print media, apart from a business weekly, has dipped over the last few years – and this could dent the BN’s media propaganda strategy and force it to focus on other options ahead of the general election.

Sure, newspapers have, reluctantly in some cases, embraced the internet – but they still face problems. Even though advertising revenue has shifted from print media to digital advertising, media firms are clearly not reaping much from this shift. Instead it is social media giants like Google and Facebook that have grabbed the lion’s share of such revenue.

Television stations in Malaysia have suffered too. Let’s face it – when was the last time you watched TV3, once envied for its ability to draw eye-balls and hence, ad revenue?

Young people tend to follow the latest Korean dramas or English Premier League football on satellite television while more Malaysians are getting their news through social media or links forwarded by their friends over Whatsapp, thus bypassing traditional media channels.

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UMNO is in deep denial aka “SYIOK SENDIRI” syndrome. Five days of chest thumping and screaming their hearts out will NOT MAKE AN IOTA OF DIFFERENCE TO THEIR FATE THAT IS AWAITING THEM. If anything, the loud noises from PWTC only underscores their DESPERATION AND INTENSE FEAR OF WHAT LIES AHEAD. They are are terrified about their future. The shouting and screaming is but a coping mechanism. It may offer some level of comfort but alas the effect is temporary. Until the day of reckoning when they are booted out for good, they will not find lasting peace. It is… Read more »


The BN government is directly or indirectly in control of all mainstream media outlets but it is still fearful of the power of digital media. The fake news law is possibly created to block all currently available platforms for the opposition to reach out to the mass?

Ban Heang

Malaysians smell fear in Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak’s warning of a possible internet clampdown.

Many have taken to Facebook and Twitter to say the move to monitor social media in the name of controlling “reckless” posts was a threat to freedom and a sign the ruling government’s was afraid of losing power in the 14th general election (GE14).


HARAKAH, PAS’ official mouthpiece, is in deep water following its failure to pay arrears of about RM2.2 million to its printing company.

Its chief executive officer Zainal Abidin Kidam, who confirmed the rumours, said the weekly is trying to settle the debt and they will meet the publisher next week to resolve the matter.


Azmin slams Umno’s fear mongering and lies about PH PETALING JAYA: Selangor Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali today hit out at Umno for “singing the same old tune”, using race and religion to drum up fear, instead of addressing the real daily struggles that Malaysians face. Azmin said unlike Umno, Pakatan Harapan (PH) will not go down the same “samseng” route. He said PH wants to deal head on with the issues that concern the people, such as the cost of living, and will always strive to ensure that Malaysians can live in dignity. “The rakyat want good administration… Read more »


Umno has inferiority complex since it is so scared of Lim Kit Siang after all these decades? Why continue to scare the daylights out of Malays about DAP, when there is now a PAP (yes, a new party) in Malaysia? Malay is a majority race and Chinese is less than 23%, how can the Chinese votes dominate the Malays who has the backing of the royalty and religion? Why feel insecure economically when you have been singing praises of MARA, Felda and those bumi-controlled GLCs and the success of the Bumi funds?


The power of Sheila’s voice Legendary Sheila: “Food is expensive, ringgit is weak, cost of living is high & jobs are scarce. Malaysians are becoming tired & angry for being squeezed over debts we did not create. Stop making excuses & looking for faults. Focus on the job of getting our country back on track! Disappointing!!” If the BeeEnders want to tear down Sheila, there are many more among us who also has the same concerned voice of Sheila. Pls no more 1,000 years of hardship & bluffs+kleptocracy! Let somebody else more capable+honest do the job of running the… Read more »

Youngster No Fear

Umno has threatened the local artists not to bring up barang naik issues, but leave the matter to Umno ‘experts’, else these artists could not cari makan on Media Prima or even on Astro Ria. So we must give full support to Sheila Majid the true lagenda. Actually Seniman got no … to stand up for Sheila for fear of no funding from BN.


‘If you’re a real man, open the cage’ – poetic jabs continue Read more at As the clock ticks down to the 14th general election, the political feud has taken a poetic twist. PKR vice-president Tian Chua is the latest to pen a poem to counter Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. “This is my poem… Najib listen. Gagak berlagak di atas dahan, Rajawali dihambat dalam kurung, Kalaulah benar anak jantan, Buka sangkar ayuh bertarung!” he tweeted. Tian Chua also tagged the prime minister in his tweet. The poem challenges Najib to free jailed former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in… Read more »


Without casting any aspersion on Anwar’s case, on what basis does a “VIP” get visit a prisoner – socially or otherwise, with TV crew and photographers attending? How much does such an event cost the public in security, transport, road traffic held up, other events postponed, etc.? A politician can turn any issue into a photo opportunity or sound bite.

Youngster No Fear

How can you call LGE arrogant when there are so many arrogant and cocky fellows at PWTC Umno Assembly with their no logic bully talks and behaviours?


Umno is launching SPAM (Skuad Penerangan Anak Muda).

According to Wikipedia, SPAM is a canned precooked meat product, with pork and ham as main ingredient.

Obviously Umno did not check with Jakim before using the acronym. Remember ‘Hot Dog’ was deemed offensive?


Spam is one of the best can food


SPAM is luncheon meat to many.

Youngster No Fear

The Ma Ling brand from China – plenty of lard.


Some factors relating to all mass media, applicable almost everywhere:
– Deliberate undermining of English, except for the children of the elite.
– Undermining of literacy, increasing dependence on audio-visual ephemera.
– Fascist control of media outlets and topics, including thin lies, censorship and distractions.
– Capitalist profiteering: poor content, endless repeats and ads.
– Rise of social media as a response, bringing more superficiality, gullibility, addiction and fascist control (filters, fake news).


who can verify if the data is true n honest!!…any data published by the bn gov cannot be trusted


Utusan Malaysia was given government contract to supply 180,000 computer tablets (RM152 million) to school teachers in the country to sustain it’s lifeline?


Just easy sell without sweat nor competition but no after sales service or warranty support?
Imagine Utusan editors referring to difficult-to-understand-plain-English language computer manuals on how to fix a bug or a crash.
Btw, do they editors, writers, press photographers know how to use html & software trouble shooting?

To prolong UTUSAN business life cycle, Putrajaya may engage super-expensive Trump Golf Buddy software engineers to create customised UTUSAN system software sans Windows just for its no-competition-saleable computer tablets. Manuals must be solely in Bahasa Utusan Melayu for English-aversed Utusan staffs.

You got a job, LetGo Engineer!


What and which Engineer you are talking about?


Either you are new here or have not read the recent articles to know who is the LetGo Engineer! Look at the icons of readers & you will see the one & only LetGo Engineer.
‘LetGo’ is just a phonetic hint, catch it???

awan tak lagi selamat

TV3 the major mainstream media, like 8pm news, the major UMNO broadcast.
Majority Mamak shop (may feel) obligated to play 8pm news as priority over Astro sports programs during this hour of propaganda.


Media Prima is losing money and is cutting it’s workforce. Is it waiting for China media companies to take over?


TV3 is suffering from RTM syndrome of ‘Rehat Tunggu Mati’ as people today watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon shows on their smartphones.

Rumor has it that NTV7 and 8TV to merge into one next year for Media Prima to cut cost.


Attention: More LetGo Engineers wanted by Bee-Bo-End for cyber warfare!
LetGo Engineers must spin all sorts of lies & fantasies.
LetGo Engineers must focus on Penang & Selangor.
Must not let go of this opportunity – more than Putrefied Jaya Dedak, more than Sari, more than Gangnam Sai!
Engineers of Rocket need not apply!

Beatle No.5

The sooner bn controlled newspapers become a sunset industry or a faded memory the better. Miss them we shall not

Peoples Power

Serve them for writing crap