Berita Harian’s shameful tsunami cartoon


Berita Harian has made global news – for the wrong reason.

It published a cartoon on the tsunami in Japan that has been widely seen as appallingly distasteful and insensitive.

Have a look at this report on the CNN website.

The newspaper has since issued a public apology on its website, twitter and Facebook.

I can’t say many Malaysians were surprised by the cartoon, given the paper’s track record and its brand of journalism in the past.

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All Malaysians should be worried…

That Berita Harian…could even think up the cartoon and went further to print it …does show that this country is now officially being run by bozzos….

The intellect is gone….held down by poor knowledge, racism and zero manners…..

Berita Harian’s cartoon is a symptom of a very debilitating disease…….Malaysia may be dying inside and maybe even dead in the brain…


Making fun of people’s misfortune. How much lower can BH stoop?


BH tanpa prihatin.


Wow…ultraman haha
noob berita harian

Loh Yeow Boo

What to do? This happens when the brainy and smart ones had already left the country to Australia, SIngapore, Hong Kong, NZ, US…..etc. The country is then left with the second or third best people who can’t think…. SO this is not unexpected.


It just shows where the heart lies with those fellas in that racist (news?)paper.


well, who says you need a brain to work in the media?


This is a new video footage when the tsunami strike.

If that umnoputar cartoonist were there , he will be shivering and crying for his mother.


Then we have this other clown in Penang who is trying to be a hero without a head. He has gone overboard.

Gerakan K

What about Zunar ???

They also poke fun at tragedies, criminal cases that the dead person pics being repeatedly presented at his works just to *speculate* without evidence that there is link to the political rival ???

Stop being hypocrite, can or not ???

There is no boundary in creativity. But old person minded like most of you just don’t get it….

Andrew I

Zunar’s cartoons only hurt the feelings of people like yourself, whereas this one seems to have pissed the world off.

Here’s some creativity for you: Gerakan K kena sambal belacan.


It must be a painful day for Gerakan K!….take it easy, don’t act like … knocking things all over. I am sure there are enough dang left over from your political masters to satisfy your needs.
Berita Harian, one of UMNO mouth pieces have crossed the line of human decency … not too surprising quite expected from these goofs!


Bizarrely insensitive to make fun out of another nation’s misery, but I suspect the world isn’t really ready for the outpouring of race-hate in the comments on the CNN report-it-yourself site. It would have been better to focus outrage on the error of judgement of the editor and cartoonist. Then again, I would guess tourist numbers (compared to some of our neighbours) would indicate that there’s not much international reputation to harm.


In Malaysia its not qualification that count. Its kulitfication or partification


Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2010/11

Looking high and low, mana dia universiti from1M’sia?
No world universiti ranking aah, how can1?

That’s why qualification is not important.

Rosley Abd Rahman

This shows the mentality of those UMNO (supporters)…


It proved once again that UMNOsaja really has got no quality in them! …

Just how low will they go? They are so used to belittling the minority races in the country, but, unfortunately, they got it all wrong this time, hurting the international community!

Why apologize…? Do not apologize, you can do anything in Boleh land and please continue to come out with such despicable cartoons, it gives a good picture to the world what your political masters are like! Congratulations, … you brought Malaysia to the limelight again, but, as usual for all the wrong reasons!


I really don’t think this reflects badly on Malaysians, just the newspaper that did it. But they (the paper) nonetheless will survive.


gerakan K,

Finally your favourite paper is in the world news. You should be proud of UMNO.


I am not too sure if it is OUR favorite newspaper. It certainly is not mine. Now that it is known all over the world, maybe it should start a world edition and get the taste of surviving globally out there with this type of journalism.


Being a PRO-GOV and UMNO newspaper they can be comfortably making awfully rude and negative claimants towards the opposition party. JAGUH KAMPUNG!!! Too comfortable until no one to point out whats wrong and whats not to be in the newspaper.. everything that is wrong seems to be so right for this newspaper the reasons being an UMNO news paper. So finally it proves them wrong. PADAN MUKA!!

Andrew I

If you think that by surrounding yourself with less intelligent people so that they won’t pose a threat to your power and position, there’s a downside to that: they say and do things that people of their caliber are prone to say and do, which, needless to say, will not be internationally case-sensitive and will ultimately lead to a lot of embarrassment for you…internationally.

Meanwhile, over at Anil’s blog…

Ho Ho Ho

Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜†
πŸ˜† SICK + RACIST newspaper…!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜†


According to Anifah, the Malaysian SMART team has been ordered to stand down after Japan declined its offer to aid search and rescue efforts, citing reasons that it was not required at the moment.

A reaction to the silly cartoon. The Japanese have pride in themselves. They colonised us during WWII. And Berita Harian has created “history” by coming up with this kind of cartoon. It reflects the mentality of those who have not been schooled with proper decorum. The world is has not stopped laughing at us.


What kind of mentality are those dudes in Berita Harian?
It smacks of utter distaste and insensitivities (perculiar only to morons) contrary to their upbringing in a multiracial-cultural society like Malaysia. Maybe their K-ego has gotten their rotten cranial voids to the edge of indifference to others as equal human beings but relegated to cartoons to be vilified or mocked.

Ong Eu Soon

The mentality of those dudes in Berita Harian match those dudes in China who make distasteful comments on the tsunami disasters. The Chinese fail to see how great is the Japanese. When confront with such a disaster, the Japanese people can be so resilient that they can queue for their turn to buy daily needs when stores are running out of food. The local secret societies instead of looting the people offered help and shelters to the people at an efficiency that shamed the government. No looting, no fighting. If GOD is punishing the people then it is punishing the… Read more »


Berita Harian must suspend the cartoonist Zoy alongside the editor for bringing shame to our nation.