Reminiscing about Pykett


Tunglang peeked through the front gate of 20 Pykett Avenue and shares with us what he saw.

tunglang reflects:

Where art thou, apple of my eyes? Timeless impressions are not easy to forget; neither are they conveniently buried. Circumstances beyond our guard sometimes commit despicable and cruel ravages on our cherished but fragile architectural heritage of cultured beauty, defenscless against the wanton minds of calculated insanity.

Not only is Madame Pykett a victim of circumstances, gone is her timeless soul from her abode turned empty wasteland in Pulo Panang. (When I took this soulless picture one late afternoon, I was overwhelmed with emotion, standing before the gate – the normally happy sensation of seeing afternoon light playing on trees, leaves and paths was absent. In the enduring silence was a sense of bereaved pain of loss.

The 20 Pykett Avenue pic of controversial demolished Khaw Bian Cheng bungalow site was taken from outside the gate on Friday, 15 June (three days ago). It is photoshopped in an old plate style.

The unidentified English lady is a 19th century portraiture painting by Hoppner or Reynolds. Also photoshopped with an apple.
Source: British Museum

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tunglang can form a ngo named PYKETTa to create awareness and fundings for conservation efforts.
Just look at ngo Pekida running parallel with umno to create “events” in Penang; may be a ngo can be more effective to achieve the means.


I think tunglang prefer to be ‘elusive’ to retain his ‘market value’ among Anil’s readers.

There is a conspiracy theory that tunglang is actually Anil in disguise, something like an alter-ego, as a way to generate alternative viewpoints.


This tunglang is both real & surreal – flesh & blood, & spirit, just like his art. And very Tham Chiak Kui too. I welcome any conspiracy theory about tunglang – even a theory that I may be from the 60’s & 70’s dimension replaying its past in the present Cosmopolitan Penang! Want to see me in this dimension? When (if) the Penang Street Food Museum becomes a reality, I will be haunting the corridors of gastronomical desires for surreal heavenly street food of Penang Ori-Maestros. For the time being, I am still searching the ruin for restless Madame Pykett.… Read more »


I was told that even Pykett Methodist School will also be gone soon. There goes my primary school where we had so much fun. The famous mee mamak at CRC was from our canteen.


cpl if u miss mee mamak; just attend PEKIDA functions and u can savour all sorts of mee !