Reminder – Penang Forum 7: #SaveJerejak


This forum on Saturday has received tremendous publicity in the media. It is the seventh major Penang Forum since 2008, this time speakers will lift the veil on Pulau Jerejak to unravel the secrets of this forgotten island. Is this green lung worth preserving? You be the judge. Admission is free. No pre-registration required.

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Maybe should think about saving Malaysia first then Jerejak!


Don’t be surprised if majority of participants are foreign caucasians expatriates or Msia 2ndHomers just like supporters of Penang Forum.


The Caucasians in Penang should take the lead to clean and tidy up the tombstone Sir Francis Light to appreciate the heritage to be on par with the prestige of Stamford Raffles in Singapore.


A chance to meet Anil in person?
Anil should get his readers to be there for a gathering.
May be free cooking oil will be distributed there by BN Youth?


Ben Wismen is trying to upstage Anil Netto in this Pulau Jerejak issue?


Frankly, such piece of meat looks very delicious !
To be shared by all Penangites ? I doubt it, very much doubtful the state will leave it alone !

Mat Jasun Bon

Terengganu reportedly to offer preacher Zakir Naik an offshore island to build his base there.

When BN ousts Pakatan out of Penang, they can offer another preacher Ismail Musa part of Jerejak as Islamic Studies centre for Northern Corridor people to better understand beauty of Islam.

Honest Creed

Another valiant effort by PF, but again sadly it will end with disappointment.


Penang Forum to seek public donation to pay off Ideal Properties to hand off Jerejak?