Historical bungalows off Kelawai Road demolished


A historical bungalow near the old Tenby International School site, off Jalan Kelawei in George Town, has been demolished to make way for a condo project.

The NST has a story on the demolition of one bungalow.

From what I hear, two of the three historical bungalows have been demolished. It is believed that these bungalows may be Category II buildings under a categorisation of old buildings – which means they should be retained but a little modification may be permissible. Is there any truth to this? The MPPP should clarify the status of these buildings in line with CAT.

You can see photos of the three bungalows on the Penang Heritage Trust website.

A heritage activist says a worrying practice seems to be emerging: allowing the demolition of buildings of a similar character in a row, leaving behind only one house in the row as a “sample” of what was once there.

Anyway, the NST report quotes an MPPP building department spokesman as saying he was aware of the demolition work currently taking place.

However, he said MPPP had granted planning permission but had not approved the building plan.

“The demolition was allowed to go ahead after the planning permission was given,” the spokesman said.

He confirmed that the site was for a condominium project but declined to reveal details.

The MPPP needs to give full details of this project and clarify: Are the demolitions to make way for the Setia V Residences project? (S P Setia has a RM170m project to build 67 super condos priced from RM2.5m each in the Gurney area.)

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Sorry for the deviation, just like to ask u- Any more detailed information on this?:

Where would the 20 million come from? Our own money?


for sure penang can cutdown debts by earning incomes from development’s project of 400K+ houses to 300K penang households without considering enviromental, economics, traffic congestions, etc factors. High land sales premium also can increase income meh… all of u are welcome the check the facts from Depatrment of Statisctics.


Wannabes from PJ (or self-elected wild talks on behalf of Penangites) want to see Penang gone to the landfills, ghettos and eventual destruction of the island’s priceless assets.
They neither live in Penang but want a piece of Penang’s action (from the safe comforts of their mothers’ cocoons) but in actual fact cheap wild talks of growth, prosperity and free market demands without consideration of anything worth the care and caution which to them are thrown to the wild winds.
Such minds are not worth any word of intelligent consideration. Even statistics or facts won’t satisfy such small minds.

Sze Tho

..better than senile attention seekers who rant endlessly, substituting substance with repetitive posts. Unable to debate on points and reduced to claiming special speaking rights as a Penangite. A sure sign of a man bankrupt of ideas and intolerant of opposing views? A classic case of sour grapes? Or perhaps a small minded soul ,unable to keep up, frustrated at being left behind in a fast moving world…..


Where is the Listerin?
Or better still factory-graded Hydrochloric acid in steel wool?
No. Too much of its advocate on some ‘entities’ and I will be ‘factually’ accused of overt slippery cleanliness obsessed!
Time for predawn Char Koay Teow, the sound of its frying which definitely heightens my appetite for good value street hawker food than some small cranial echoes still ringing desperately in the dark back lane of Lorong Gaharu!
“Good Morning” mini China towel, my hygienic, affordable and humble alternative to some overt-expensive LV towel (but made in China) of the so-called fast moving world of plastic wannabes.

Nk Khoo

Keep LGE as CM in next GE if you want to see more old buildings demolish, that is your choice.


Anytime better than UMNO pulling hanging ropes over MCA/Gerakan and talking about Sex and misamagement report from Audit General.

Or you and Ah Soon Khor go for election and start to build photo copy of “heritage” houses all over Penang including Penang in Butterworth, BM and other smaller towns.


To all Hindu readers of Anil’s blog : Happy Deepavali !

Tonight stay at home to watch TV2 9pm movie Enthiran (aka Robot) – a blockbuster surely bring cheers to the family.

May Rajinikanth’s spirits of fighting corrupted barang naik forces live among us for better world among the 99%.

All the best wishes to Anil’s blog to make significant progresses 🙂


I am looking forward to this Deepavali blockbuster on TV2. The movie is filmed in many famous sites including Macu Piccu in Peru. Worth watching as I can never afford to visit this places even after the much promised 2020 high income nation in Bolehland. Despite the gallant effort by Rajni on his ‘Sivaji The Boss’ movie, many local Indians failed to read the message and blindly chose to flock back to MIC/BN. May the spirit and the light of Deepavali cold awaken them to the fact that it is OK to receive/take handouts from BN but not to vote… Read more »


World’s Best Islands
Travel + Leisure readers pick the world’s best islands for your next warm-weather getaway.
They all have ONE thing in common: conservation of ‘priceless assets’ even without having to be visited before one dies.



I am wondering is UNESCO World Heritage a prize giving body without a monitoring entity worth the salt of purpose of conservation of world cultures.
They should take notice of what ‘funny business’ is transacting / happening in the ‘island to visit before one dies’.
Accolades comes with responsibilities, not transient popular leadership sentiments above all entrusted responsibilities.


Its charming but hardly really historical. Actually its possible to move the entire building or take it apart for the land. Its take some money but if the condo is that lucrative then it should be doable..


What about moving entire historical assets of Malaysia to Timbuktu?
If that is possible?
Are cultural assets worth as mere commodities to be sold, ‘uprooted’ and taken away like in supermarkets?


And so the rakyat/state should should buy off these heritage buildings for preservation. At market value. Else we are no better then the communist.


It seems money is turned into dirty tools for (certain) recalcitrant developers to break every rule with loop holes. What is a few million ringgit to offer these bungalow owners when a condo can sell for more than 2 millions (x the many units) and even if paying a fine of ridiculous few thousand ringgit. The temptation is greater than Adam & Eve ever encountered, both for the recalcitrant developers and heritage home owners.
There will be many more such ‘transactions of temptation’ to come.


FYI, the communist China and Russia are doing better than us free market economies in many spheres of endeavors including protecting their cultural assets. And with leadership vision, turning them into long term strategic tourism advantage worth the effort and strict legislations.
They will be reaping profits for many generations to come (and not for the few transient greedies).

Andrew I

I might get told off for this again. Off topic:

An eye-opening act by someone else. Need I say more?


Applies to all (especially smart alecs but brainless fools) who seem or think themselves having their mothers’ rights to tell others off in uncouth foul fashion, not knowing who’s blog they is in.
Need a Listerin wash!

Sze Tho

…same applies to obsolete smart Alecs who take potshots without facts…..same ones who act smart and know it all but incapable of managing personal finances or a simple credit card. How smart can such a person be?


There goes the mentality of taking cheap shots to show his irrelevance at anilnetto!
Who cares such personal attacks for anyone’s benefit of reading in anilnetto. Neither do I care such tirades of inflamation.
For I am financially free to live my life the way I like. No thanks to smart alecs from PJ.


Land and houses in the vicinity of Jln Kelawai command a premium and no surprise the many projected and current development in the area. In recent years, my brothers and I inherited granny’s house. Grant (in its original was written in Dutch) has the house titled way back 1790 and let me be forthright to say, the house is a money pit, and at the moment being maintained as a showcase. Here lies the contradiction, especially properties or home designated as Category II or whatever that exist under the ‘heritage’ code, stipulations or shall I say – limitations – need… Read more »

Monyet Kinig

Paris has very strict laws regarding protection of old buildings. They are guarded very well. On top of this, the building bylaws in Paris make it very difficult to change the character of the area or to build high rise buildings. The city is a haven for people who love historic buildings, gardens and have a preference for low rise buildings. Romantic isn’t it. As a result, Paris has one of the highest property prices in the world. Most people cannot afford afford to live anywhere close to the city centre – resulting in most Parisans having to commute long… Read more »

Sze tho

Anil, In making comparisons, let’s be fair. Look at the geographical aspects of Edinburgh ie population density, availability of land, and funds avail. In the UK, the political reality is different, and the funds for such infrastructure is avail.
You often use the term apples and oranges, so pls practice the same logic. Dies Scotland have the same population mass compared to Penang? No. You seem to overlook this.


Penang is unique in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites ripe for the ‘raping’! Unique to find loop holes small enough for the wanton developers to commit ‘crimes of carnage’ to cultural assets that are not well protected by legislations, no thanks to Boh Hoot MPPP.
And Penang is unique for demolition first, then pay fine and get off the hook!
Penang is now unique for excusable housing industry recalcitrance since 308.

Sze Tho

Again Anil ,fair comparisons please. The comparison YOU made is between Penang and Edinburgh. You mentioned 8th most populous in UK, and only 0.5 million?? Compare that to Penang and it is a much smaller population!
Of course they can afford lower densities! A totally different scenario in Penang because in Penang the population is much larger, thus requiring more units per given area. Also let’s not forget, Edinburgh has a larger surrounding land mass to expand . Penang is an island.

Sze Tho

Anil, again I have to stress to you the main differences. 1)Penang Island as of 2010 had a population of about 800,000 vs 500,000 in Edinburgh. 2)geographically the 2 cities are very different. Penang’s situation being and island having limited land places constraints on development. Edinburgh is placed in a comparatively sparse region population wise(compared to Penang).Land availability is less of a problem. In regards to planning regulations, please realize these are reflective of the needs and realities in place. Do we have the same resources, or abilities? It may seem that heritage preservation is better off there, but perhaps… Read more »


It looks like Penang’s UNESCO World Heritage Site status going the short term. It looks like the Gomen doesn’t understand nor appreciate the hard won award for its strategic long term prosperity and wealth of cultures. And it looks like the greedy nincompoops of greedy developers with superfluous money to entice a ‘crime-in-$$$$temptation’ found blady loop holes even the ‘virgin assets’ of heritage buildings cannot escape their lust for ‘wanton, incessant raping’ of Penang Heritage. And it looks like another CHANGE in the political landscape. Whether one is materialistically wealthy or not, the one thing money cannot buy or recreate… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

One want money another one is obsess with development, this type of demolition will go on until you change the state government. One of the bungalows is the residence of Thai price Svasti Sophon Vatanavisishtha. The other is the Tenby International school.
The residence of Thailand first Prime Minister Phraya Manaparkon is safe. LGe won’t give a damn to heritage. The SAP for George Town is no where to be seen.


I have an old heritage building I am very hard up now. The developer offer me 20 millions. Well what should I do. I have just become a millionaire and am going to enjoy my life. Ask those who keep talking of heritage whether they want the cash or preserve the heritage. Lets face the facts.

Sze Tho

True, but to what extent? It is easy for us all to just say keep the mansions as heritage sites but what about the owner’s right to profit/make use of his/her property…?
Having said that…..MPPP must clarify IF and WHY approval was given to demolish it. If the law was broken, action must be taken. In the meantime perhaps ppl like Tunglang can keep their mouths shut and get the full set of facts before shooting their mouths off again.


You manage your manners and anger.
This is not your mother’s blog. You are talking like a fool. Acting no better than nkkhoo (maybe worse than him).
People have rights to express what they feel.
If you are that civilized in mind and matter, act like one.

Sze Tho

Don’t presume to preach if you haven’t got all the facts in hands. The fools are characters like you who make accusations without basis and deserve a quick riposte. Talking about mothers it is obvious yours should have taught you some decency. Your grandfather’s stories deserve little more than contempt. Crass and nothing more
than an attention seeker. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen?


You don’t belong to Penang, so what birthrights have you to tell off other Penangites in such derogatory manners?
Trying to act like a Penangite in PJ?


By the way, no credentials to say anything worth the salt to lick but pooh-pooh in thin air!
nkkhoo is much more gentlemenly with some measured respect for others.
Anger management is a skill in social discourse which you have yet to master an iota at your age!

Nk Khoo

You have no brain to debate, and feel offended when people give you a hard punch.

Loser, stay at home and take care your household stuff is more suitable for you.


Take no offense any further, brother. My fault to mention your gentlemenly name. No such incidence in future.
BTW, my blogging name has been used by others in other’s blog to generate interest which I don’t care a damn!

Sze Tho

Pathetic as usual TL. When you can’t debate on facts , you resort to name dropping and the usual senile ramblings. Your only response is to rant about birthright? Only empty vessels like you would say such. So an imbecile like you has more right to speak because you were born in pen? Laughable …really


‘Honorably Factual’ Sze Toh. At least I know what is Penang in the palms of my hands. I know what are facts, what are half truths or no truths paraded by others in a futile or desperate bids to argue incessantly (not knowing how, where or when to stop) or in child-like uncontrolled amateurish anger. The key is to show some journalistic respect for others and leave the rest as it is. The key is to share thoughts or ideas, whether support by facts or hearsay or whatever. Let God be the Judge. If you think this is an investigative-to-sue… Read more »

Sze Tho

As usual TL, many words spoken but repetitively shallow. Somehow your pea sized brain is unable to come up with any justification except to spin and duck away from the issue at hand. How amusing to see you rant and ramble in anger yet accuse others of the same. Your right to express does not extend to making empty claims and baseless accusations. Typical coward to drop names and back down meekly when you are caught red handed by Nkkoo. Pathetic and spineless . Don’t presume to preach about manners or ethics when you have neither. And please don’t talk… Read more »

Nk Khoo

LGE’s crony (appears to be) SP Setia, tearing down a bungalow is a small matter compared to giving away … million(s of) rakyat money.

king kong

I saw a documentary show about Lebanon City. Lebanon City has many old buildings and does it mean that any arched buildings or pillared buildings are all heritage and cannot be made way for new buildings?

In this case if there is an old bungalow in a remote area, does it means it is a heritage as comparable to those defined in the heritage area? Just look at Melaka. There maybe some old private residential buildings which are way out. Any donations to perserve them?

Ong Eu Soon

you can take the RM20 million and let LGe decide what to do. After all it will be LGe that take the blame not you.



Please be practical. RM20 million is a lot of money.
It can solve your worry about affordability in every sense – children’s overseas education, new home, insurance for old age, and charity for the less fortunate…

Not every old building need to be preserved
Those who do not have one will cry for conservation.


Yang, I have a proposal to you. Use your beautiful heritage building, if it is well situated in the heritage zone for Penang’s first Street Food Museum or Penang Ori-Maestros Museum. As a museum site sponsor cum owner, you and your siblings will get a lifetime of income from entrance fee collections. And the sponsorship will come, when and if state Gomen is willing to chip in with investor sponsorship and state support. And there will be opportunities for Ori-Maestro street food business in the vicinity. And this will be your family’s legacy to tourism in Penang. Think about it… Read more »


Never in the history of historical Penang have such ‘wanton’ demolitions of priceless heritage assets been executed in such frenzy pace nor ‘wanton’ disregards to the sentiments of local voices against destruction or raping of history carried out by the greedy nincompoops. MPPP, don’t tell us you slept thro’ the Sunday night having wet dreams of local heritage intact like a virgin. Don’t pass the ‘shame’ buck. To say you granted planning permission BUT not approved building plan yet allowing the damn demolition job the green light is like telling the firing squad to shoot first before the appeal and… Read more »


Yeah…..sad but all things must pass…sad to see old bullock carts go, horse drawn carriages too, my slide rule, my 8kg hand phone, and soon my notebook ( my desktop gone already) to be replaced by iPad,…and it goes on & on….& I will be too, my remains in a 30cm by 30cm by 45 cm niche…


But Taj Mahal, India’s legacy is still standing and admired for its beauty and history by millions every year. Not everything has to go the way to the landfills to support our voracious appetite for all things new and trendy but fleeting and inconsequential. Cultural icons can still be preserved while we progress in lifestyle, work style and individualistic style of the digital age. The question is how to balance and sustain without self annihilation of our culture, identity, inheritance and legacies. BTW, iPad is Steve Jobs’ legacy. Not ours. And he carried this legacy with him to his grave… Read more »


I went to Agra last year primarily to see Taj Mahal.

For your info, majority of the Agra people after 16th century still not able to live comfortably. May be the entrance receipts (i think ~RM50 for foreigners) the gomen collect can help the living standards of Agra people BUT surprisingly not the case.

So what’s the point of having too many ordinary looking heritage buildings to marvel at at the cost of preserving/maintaining them if downtown Penangites cannot upgrade their living conditions ????

Just thowing my 2 sen worth of opinion.


Penang’s main strategic/competitive advantage is cultural tourism. Gone are the days of manufac. Without tourism assets, how is Penang going to survive the onslaught of globalization. Sell hifi, high priced condos for speculations?- which in all realities don’t help ordinary folks at all. At least tourism can bring in the much needed tourists dollars and generate jobs for the many spill-over streams of incomes. Too bad for Agra if that’s the real case of mismanagement as you mentioned. Hope Penang Gomen can do better than Agra, a misfortunate of tourism industry but not a major comparative excuse for not doing… Read more »


I watch a TV on perserving hertiage houses in Lebanon City. As there are many old houses, just because it has a arch or pillars, many people think it is a heritage house. So any goatie beard is a religious person.

How about old houses and buanglows in BM? Isn’t it under Penang but people are just blinding thinking that Penang is the ONLY Island State. Why no fusses about those demolition of “heritage” houses in BM or Butterworth?

It is better to perseve all houses in the heritage 100% than to shot at houses that are outside the zone.


can’t blame the owners who want these buildings to be demolished as not easy to get fund to maintain & preserve such old buildings.

some of these owners have plans to leave bolehland for good and hence better sell of such premium land to build condos so that they can live in comfort eg in Australia where their children’s education is not a concern !


Quaint, but hardly worth listing. Not every building over fifty years can or should be protected.