The fall of Penang during World War Two


In case you missed it, a documentary on the fall of Penang during World War II, screened over the History Channel.

Any war-time memories to share with us?

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One part of the history not mentioned by ordinary people was the Taiwanese in Penang before and during the Japanese occupation. There were Taiwanese teachers, business people and workers who turned out to be spy for the occupier. One woman teacher who help kill many students of CLHS were caught but somehow she managed to sneak back to Taiwan after the war.

Bob Shah

Saw it last night. My grandpa told me stories how the Japs made their life hell for 3 years during their occupation. He lost most of his Chinese friends as they were branded as china spies. Everytime the Japs came in the kampung all the women and girl would go lari lintang pukang hide in the thick jungle scared of the Japs more than the snakes and tigers. He too kena sepak terajang for not bowing too fast. Scary times indeed.

Stylo Logan

I think the fall of Gerakan Penang on 308 at GE12 is more memorable to people today.


If Nat Geo or Finas or BBC is to make a documentary of the fall of Gerakan Penang 308, the producer can engage Anil as advisor.
May be Tunglang can provide vivid interviews especially the HanChiang Rally event prior to the fall of Gerakan in Penang.


Sorry, my wife, daughter of my Gerakan worshipping father-in-law threw away my Red T-shirt with a hole many moons ago. I couldn’t do it but someone did it for me. I have more passion sentiments for Belum Rainforest, Botanic Garden, Penang Hill, Air Itam Dam Forest Reserve, Pantai Keracut, Macalister Road, Madras Lane & all the living + dead Ori-Maestros of Penang street hawker food than take unnecessary risk & be swayed again by a Boh Bak Chew Kua. Many are blinded in some ways by 308 Tsunami bringing with it Gurney Drive cosmopolitan mud that can cover any Change… Read more »


Forget Belum rainforest for a while, Pantai Keracut is a gem many cosmopoiltan islander don’t seem to appreciate (good stay that way as i can hike in peace away from typical kiasu islanders you can see at weekends on penang hill).
Pantai Kerachut monkeys one day can be dressed up as Minions if Penang Tousirm run out of ideas to promote the island 🙂
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70+ years plus. the jap wound has healed ? younger generations knew zero about the torture; and they only get tortured playing japanese-creations like nintendo games day and night ?

even the apanama look east policy in the 80s mudah lupa like to engage jap to create cars no wonder the curses of the tortured souls still haunt the success of the local car industry ???


even latest Proton Perdana fitted with Japan’s Honda engine ? Malaysia Boleh collaborative Tak Boleh make own engines after so many years ?????

Jit Seng

The Japanese never acknowledge their wear atrocities and rewrote the history book for their people. Somehow that has given Umno Baru folks the same idea to rewrite our history for the school Sejarah syllabus.

Jit Seng

Sorry, I mean war atrocities.


I was told that when the Japanese planes first bombed Bayan Lepas Airport (just an aerodrome then) on 10th or 11th December 1941, they shot down two Buffaloes ….one a British RAF Brewster Buffalo and the other was a Malayan Water Bufallo …..


My mother is 77 years old. For no reason, my grandfather was arrested and tortured by the japs for a month during the occupation. He died soon after his release. My mom said she heard the british not only abandoned Penang but left behind their own children to the japs atrocities. The japs swang these small babies by their arms, threw them upwards into the air and landed them onto rifle knifes.


People tell stories, share their personal experiences & their feelings, recall the actual accounts of what actually happened. In this case, the nightmarish horrors of Japanese occupation & Sook Ching (systematic massacre of Chinese). Some who have had gone thro’ the hardship & terror will never forget, maybe forgive the shortie but evil-cruel Japanese soldiers of WW2. And also won’t forget the cowardic British colonialists who saved their own trembling skins leaving unaware Penangites to fend for themselves in the coming morning terror. In any war, the ordinary civilians are the helpless victims, not the statesmen or commanders of the… Read more »


rajraman. In future I want to see the falls of UMNO who divided Malaysian with their racist politics.

Batu Ferringhian

No war time memories to share here but just a time, they should rename the documentary:

“The Fall of Penang in WW2:How the English conviniently dissappeared and reappeared out of thin air after the Japanese surrendered”