Penang identifies more affordable housing sites


In an attempt to allay growing concern over rising house prices and the lack of affordable housing in the state, the Penang government has identified several sites for low- and medium-income housing.

The first, the Jalan S P Chelliah site, is owned by the MPPP and it will probably be developed by PDC.

  • Jalan S P Chelliah (2.8ha)
  • Teluk Kumbar (2.4ha),
  • Bukit Mertajam (4.8ha),
  • Ampang Jajar (7.6ha),
  • Kampung Jawa, Butterworth (4ha) and
  • Juru (8ha).

TheSun reports:

The affordable housing project in Jalan S.P. Chelliah, located just on the outskirts of the city, is expected to be launched by year-end. The 2.8ha project will provide a total of 1,320 affordable housing units with prices starting from RM72,500.

Komtar assemblyman Ng Wei Aik said the project will consist of a 50-50 mix of low medium cost (LMC) and medium cost units.

He said facilities for residents will include a multi-storey car park, rooftop garden, futsal or badminton court, community hall, a kindergarten and more.

I hope when planning for these sites is carried out, adequate green spaces and access to public transport will be included.

Besides this, controls need to be imposed to curb speculative activity that appears to have driven up house prices in Penang.

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Gerakan K

Anil, I see following strange text again in this article:

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ong eu soon

Lim Guan Eng’s madness seem to be unstoppable! So were all the stupid sycophant supporters who blindly support him!

Sze Tho

Boh Hoot Soon, got your comeuppance for spinning the hill slope development, now running here to start another round of nonsense.


ong eu soon

Rifle range you can not tahan now you want a density triple the density of Rifle range! Congratulation! Lim Guan Eng you are the best!

ong eu soon

All Gerakan or Teng Chang Yeow need to do is copy and paste my comment and make a lot of fliers and let it fly. You can defeat Lim Guan Eng easily.

Gerakan K

Wow, you can read my mind, buddy !!! Last 2 days and till now, I’m busy with photoshop and MS WORD creating the masterpiece for next GE usage and you are one of the content contributor !!!

Great job Mr. Ong Eu Soon of saving Penang !!! Your hard work surely will be recognized and added to the history of change in Penang !!!

ong eu soon

i give you a theme song which almost every mandarin educated voters would know how to sing; my future is just a dream converted from my future is not a dream. you want the lyric or not ?


Available in YouTube?

ong eu soon

go to my blog http;// to get the lyric

ong eu soon

Mad ! This is mad! 2.8ha projectwith a total of 1,320 units of housing. Do you know what is the development density? Development density=1320/(2.8×2.47)=190 units per acre. No public transport! Any proper access road? What kind of infrastructures and amenities provided?

Mad! Mad! Mad!


come on man, eu, don’t s… here. Penangite will support the SP Chelliah project. There is no way it will triple the density of Rifle Range. Density may be lower by 25% against Rifle Range

Sze Tho

Old dog trying new tricks …this Boh Hoot Ah Soon. Barking up the wrong tree again.


Throw him a bone.

Gerakan K

It is 4 years too late. What they are doing during first 4 years in power ??? Yeah, you got it, pushing high end housing. And now it is near the election time, suddenly they say they are caring for poor penangites. Do you believe it ??? Are they sincere or just fishing for poor penangites votes ???


But 54 years is far too late. RM 500 after 54 years and its far too late making it only 9.25 per year or 78 cents per months. Not enough for a kopi or ais
How cheap can this UMNO Barang Naik and Nachip go.



I am now based in SP and may not be able to travel to Hang Chaing Rally prior to next GE13.
I hope you and tunglang can rally on my behalf then.
I shall buy you both SP special brewed “kopi o kow kow” when both of you come over; beside a SP specialty not available in Penang island (cannot reveal otherwise too many flock over causing the price to hike LOL).


Han Chiang Rally?
I now have my reservation. Boh Lat, Boh Thua Khi, Boh Gian Liao!
Before 308, my cherish 50’s & beyond was to spend time in a CHANGED Penang. Now, I am preparing financially, mentally & emotionally to leave for Belum rainforest come end 2013.
Life as an explorer camper is much better with free water & free wild food. What’s more I get my inspiration for my artistic avocation.
SP is also a nice place, not too frenzy.
Hope to cheers SP Kopi-O Kow2 with you one day.


Sure and thank you


This is probably not relevant here but I have received information that the state plans to evict residents of Kampung Genting, Balik Pulau which is about 40 hectares. The land is owned by the residents and they are not squatters. The state has agreed to give compensation. The land is to be given to an organisation called AWLU (Asian women’s leadership university) in order to build a university for women. I strongly support education for women but what I can’t understand is why the university must occupy that specific piece of land when Penang and even Balik Pulau is so… Read more »

Sze Tho

Kevin, Let’s look thru the issues one at a time: – why not an empty piece of land? Why this particular locale? For a project of this scale to be viable, the infrastructure must be available, or not too far away. Ie: power, water, roads, etc. The land is acquired , compensation is paid, and the society benefits. – you asked why can’t the state gov build it themselves? Seriously…..are you that naive? How much do you think it will cost? Does the state gov have the resources? The expertise? The experience in setting such a Uni on its own?… Read more »

Sze Tho

By the way, let’s not make a fuss about tuition fees being quoted in USD. The US dollar is the most widely accepted currency in the world. It only makes sense to quote it in USD, so that prospective students can convert it into their respective currency to ascertain the cost.

It’s a non issue.


The problem in Penang is not inadequate low-cost housing. In fact there is an excess of it. The problem is unregulated sale of low-cost housing to ppl who don’t deserve it. The state should have a stricter way of enforcing rules and regulations as to the eligibility for low-cost housing. In sg, HDB does a good job at ensuring only ppl who qualify are given units. If u go to any low-cost housing in pg u find ppl with two or three cars, u see astro, LED tv, Mercedes, Camry. Some of the units are even rented out by the… Read more »


Bolehland(TM) just never failed to give me good laugh.. Is Penang land “scarce”? If Penang people are not so stupid, they should go calculate the total landscape “occupied” by the highway and excessive road. Go check how many hundred hectares of land is “used”/wasted by all sort of highway. Malaysian live in a hallucinating lifestyle that try to imitate people living in United State of America, which landscape is vast and thousands times abundance than Bolehland(TM). Car eccentric culture is not sustainable for Bolehland, but yet, everyone still want more road and keep complaining house too expensive, too few land… Read more »


Anil, You wanted the govt to solve road congestion and yet you complain expansion of road is a waste of space. Further more, monorail and other transport decentralisation will also take a lot of land and space. Now what do you expect the govt to do. You people always talk like ”’ Head I win tail you lose””. Come on man be a little boit more reasonable. As I have said before follow Singapore way before the people will start using public transport. 1. Make sure public transport is efficient 2 Make car more expensive 3. Limit the number of… Read more »

tuakee[email protected]_proposed_free_public_transport_during_peak_hours.aspx

“If successfully implemented, chief minister Lim Guan Eng said, the public will be provided with free ride on Monday to Friday, from 6am to 9am and 4pm to 8pm, to reduce number of cars on the road.”

I sincerely hope this can become a reality. However, the Federal gomen may not support for fear other states demand the same priviledges which not many can deliver, taking into account some entities’ cash cows will be at stake.

If there is free bus from 6am-9am etc, then i might consider moving back from SP to penang island 🙂


Minus the foreigner buyers & speculators from the equation & we actually don’t need that much dizzy housing development.
Give the local housing need first priority than MMH2.


It is reported on SinChew today that 30% of the buyers of Kulim housing is from Penang.

Penangites should seriously consider moving to mainland to enjoy lower cost of living.

Andrew I

Gherkin, your wishes are coming true.


Just like his Gelakan, he won`t be satisfied

Gerakan K

4 years too late = insincere, and now just talking only, like September 16 frog project. Remember “manusia mungkin tipu” ??? Even if LGE able to defend Penang, I do not believe he can accomplish any low cost housing project as mentioned within the next 5 years because he has no heart for penangites.

Andrew I

Better than 53 years too late.